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2D Paintball

Shooting Games

2D Paintball is a shooting game on in which you shoot the smiling faces as more as you can. Once the game starts, you will be holding a special gun in an office. Four clerks are working. There are several computers, desks and chairs. And it’s so quiet and clean. Suddenly, some little colorful smiling faces come out from waste bin, pencil vase, the clothes of workers, and the windows. These faces want to disturb the workers. You must shoot them with your gun quickly and accurately. They wink at you and run away quickly. You must achieve at least 70% efficiency to advance to the next level. Good luck!

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Paintball Racers is a shooting game presented to you by It is totally free! Join it to feel both of the fun of shooting and racing! You are going to drive a red car. Race it forward with the up arrow and tilt it with the left and right keys. Shoot other cars with the space bar. Press X to jump and Z to make turbo attack. Collect the coins and bonus items along your way forward. Kill all your enemies to win!

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