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4 Wheel Madness

Racing Games

4 Wheel Madness is a sport game on in which you drive a truck to show your own performance in rocky path. It’s a fine day and thousands of people have gotten the information that you will have a crazy performance at the foot of the mountain. So they come to watch your skill and applaud for you. You will steer the improved truck along a clean river. You should try to reach the finish line as soon as possible. There are many small rocky hills on your adventure. Some old cars, minibus, and vehicles are set for you to be crushed by your truck. Thick smoke is spouted from your vent-pipe. Then you start your mad action. You can use arrow keys to move and lean your truck. But be careful – if your health reduces to be zero, the game is over. Don’t turn over your truck, or it may crash. Are you ready? Good luck.

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