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Agent Footy

Skill Games

Agent Footy is a skill game on Your task is to step in the shoes of Paul Footy, football agent of the year for three consecutive years, 1998-2000. Famous for his greed, he is hated by all and despised by many, the stuff that legends are made of. But you must push your emotions to the background and help Paul to fill his need for greed before time runs out and his super modern, automated timelock safe closes leaving him to carry the cash all the way home. Once the game starts, you can use arrow keys to move and press space bar to deposit cash in the safe. You can collect wads of money, cigars, and changes for points. But beware of the football. Symbolizing the purity of the sport, the football knocks out our agent if on the path. Pocket the required amount of money and deposit in the safe to move on the next level. Are you clear? Play it now.

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