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Agro Vacations

Adventure Games

Agro Vacations is a shooting game on in which you should help the little boy to collect all diamonds and avoid the animals such as the hedgehogs, the snails, and the worms hurting him. The boy is in the place where like the forest. There are twigs of the chaste trees here and there. Move using the left and right arrow keys, and jump using the up arrow key. You can shoot by pressing the spacebar. The animals are walking on the green grass where they stay originally. They won’t get down to the base ground. You have 20 bullets and three lives each time only. If you shoot all the bullets, what you need to do is jump up and down to get the diamond and avoid the hedgehogs, the snails, and the worms. If you die one time, the bullets can’t reload until you game over. You can check your condition on the top of the screen. The red heart means how many lives you have left and the yellow bullet stands for your fire.

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