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Arkanoid Flash

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Arkanoid Flash is a skill game on in which you use a ship to destroy the barriers. You move your mouse to control your ship, and you can move it only right and left. You destroy the bricks above by hitting them with an orb. When your sphere falls down, you have to use your ship to bounce it. If you are slower than the ball, it may leave the game area which will cost you one life. So try to be more nimble. Don’t forget to take bonuses turned from broken bricks. Good luck!

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2048 Flash is a free puzzle game provided by Your objective in the game is to get the final number of 2048. Use arrow keys to move the number blocks. When two blocks with the same number touch, they will merge into one and the number will be doubled. Once you get the number of 2048, you win the game. Tips: try to avoid big difference between neighboring blocks. Good luck!

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