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Armoured Assault

Shooting Games

Armoured Assault is a shooting game on in which you will drive a tank to defeat your enemies. When the game starts, your tank will be at the foot of a mountain. There are a number of jeeps, trucks and armored cars moving towards your base. You must eliminate them all for survival. You can use the arrow keys to move the tank and make use of your mouse to shoot out bullets and bombs. As levels up, your opponents will fire at you, so you should learn how to dodge the attack. Once you kill some vehicles, you can get some extra weapons, like missile, mines, and so on. Use the number keys to switch your weapons. The more enemies you can kill, the more points you can get. But you shall use different power to attack enemies in different distance, or you will waster your ammunitions and lose your target. Are you ready? Shoot now.

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