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Army of Destruction

Shooting Games

Army of Destruction is a shooting game on in which you are going to kill enemies who want to destroy our world. You can aim and shoot with mouse and select weapons with number keys or mouse wheel. Gun, rifle, laser, rocket and nuke are ready for your fight. Your life value will be 1000 and you are told that the invaders are attacking us again. This time they are sending their troops against the main cities of the planet. When light infantry units approach, use your mouse to shoot them and you shall shoot three times at one enemy to kill it. Don’t let invaders get into the city. The surprise attack happened in a night. Flying missiles and bullets are shot from different directions. Eliminate all the enemies before they touch the defense. The light infantry soldiers may crouch or lie down to fire. Afterwards suicide squad may run to your base in rapid speed. Kill all the invaders and then pass the level. Difficulties increase when you play higher level. Go to fight now.

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