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Bang Bang

Shooting Games

Bang Bang is a shooting game on in which you will escape from the enemy’s base as a gorilla. You are named A Ton. You can bend iron chains and is so powerful to break the prison door. Nothing can block you. And now you are ready to escape from the underground base. You have a machinegun and can move forwards by using arrow keys. You must hide behind some walls or cases when you are reloading you weapon. On your way to escape, you may shoot some wooden cases to find more powerful weapons, like bazooka and blaster. Kill all robots blocking you. Be careful! It’s not easy. Some big robots can release many small robots hard to eliminate. Avoid being shot by missiles and bullets from the enemies, or your health will decrease. You can use some liquid gas storage tank to create some explosions. Anyway, you must escape from the base as soon as possible. If your health reduces to be zero, the game is over. Do you want to have a try? Go.

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