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Beer Tapper Gone Wild

Skill Games

Beer Tapper Gone Wild is a skill game on in which you will serve with beers as an employee in a small bar. You have to serve all customers fresh beer in time. You can hold the space bar to fill your mug with beer and release the space bar to fling your beer. And you must catch the empty mugs. At the beginning, there are only few customers. But as levels progress, more and more customers come to drink your beer. You will wear working clothes with a bow tie. You must offer beers before the customers reach you. And empty mugs must be caught by you in time, or they will fall down to ground and break to pieces, the game is over. When you finish a mission, you can drink a mug of beer happily and break this mug to give vent to pent-up emotion. And then you can move to the next level. It’s an opportunity to challenge your skill. Are you ready? Work now!

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