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Bloody Blade

Action Games

Bloody Blade is an action game on in which you kill as many Evil Ninjas as you can before they kill you in a ghost forest. You are a well trained warrior and you obtain a sharp sword in the monster valley. After you return back to your hometown, you find all your parents have been killed by the mobster Ninjas. You swear that you will revenge on the enemies. So you run fast towards the ghost forest which is the den of the mobsters. There are strange trees growing in this forest. And you have to kill all the enemies before darkness falls. All evil ninjas hide on the trees. You must fly and jump from one tree to another for hunting enemies. You can use the arrow keys to move around. Press A to attack or cut and hold A for a magic ball attack. Don’t fall down on the ground or your health will decrease. You can collect light balls for bonus. Good luck!

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