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Chao Faction

Fighting Games

Chao Faction is a fighting game on in which you will choose a character and fight with various opponents. You can press left or right arrow keys to move left or right. You can attack the enemy by pressing Z or X. If you want to jump, you can press up arrow key. When you need to shield, you can press down arrow key. You can set the background of the game as you like, such as mountain, space, volcano, swamp, desert, canyon, metropolis, sky, field, ice, ocean and so on. There are 3 kinds of games for you to choose: Campaign, Deathmatch and Survival. If you choose to play in the campaign, you will go face to face with a boss and fight with him. If you plat the deathmatch, you can select game type at the beginning. Then the fight begins and you have to survive under the rule of the game. If you come to the survival game, you should kill as many enemies as possible and win points. Play now.

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Chaos Faction 2

Use arrow keys to move left/right or jump/shield. Press Z/X to attack and D to drop weapon. Hit other players 5 times without being hit to get RAGE. While jumping upwards without a weapon, press Z to uppercut and X to backflip kick. Side-swipe is used as a quick mid-air attack, to escape an enemy, to save you from missing a ledge etc. Chaos Faction 2 is an action game on Learn more moves and weapons in the Help. Have fun!

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