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Online Action Games

Action games are most popular games in the world. Kida and adult play Online action games in free time on the internet.

Crazy Action Joe

Move the cannon with the mouse. Hold down left click for power release at the highest point. Use WASD to control you while in the air. Keep an eye out for thing to land on and be aware of things that might stop you. Click on item to use it. Collect cash and buy some stuff at the shop. The shop keeper has a family to feed. The action game Crazy Action Joe is free and is provided by


You are the white sticker in the action game Zassin. You are surrounded and attacked by your enemies, namely the black stickers from all the directions. You are supposed to avoid their attack by using the arrow keys. You must act very fast or else you will die. Press the space bar to reset the game. There are more free games presented on Visit this website to entertain yourself!

Brawlin Sailor

Come to to play the action game Brawlin Sailor and join the sailor to save the kidnapped! There are hooligans attacking you and you must kill them all and make your way to the castle. Walk with left and right arrows, jump with the up key and press A to attack. Don’t be afraid when you are facing a lot of enemies and very strong enemy! There will be a surprise at the end. Enjoy yourself!

Battalion Commander

You can use the mouse to control your movement and move the mouse to set the shooting angle. You need to shoot the enemies to collect money. Avoid opponent’s attack, try to escape the airplane’s cannon and get your partners along the way to enhance your fighting force. You can see your health index on the left of the screen. This action game Battalion Commander is from Enjoy yourself!

Wolverine Tokyo Fury

In the action game Wolverine Tokyo Fury, your target is to eliminate all the ship on the screen. Press A/D to control the direction, and long hold W to keep accelerating and S to decelerating. Hold down the left mouse to fire and move the curse to aim. Use the Space to possess the ship and left click to follow an allied one. There are more free games on Just enjoy yourself here.

1 Screen Hero

Join the action game 1 Screen Hero on! You are going to play a knight in this free game. The goal of this game is to run the knight to the green portals. You are also supposed to kill enemies and protect the weak. Move the knight with the arrows or WASD. Left click or use the space bar to attack enemies. Collect coins and power-ups on the screen. Run to the portals before the time runs out!

Battlefield Medic

In the action game Battlefield Medic, your task is to drive the medic car through the battle field as far as possible. Tilt with left and right keys, accelerate with the up arrow and drop with the down key. Press X to use rocket so as to kill enemies. You earn money by killing enemies. The distance you covered also affect the money you earn. Buy extra fuel in the shop. Now, drive as fast as you can! More free games on are waiting for you!

Sparta Fire Javelin

Sparta Fire Javelin is presented to you on This is a free action game. Your objective is to kill all the enemies. Click at the hero and hold and then drag to adjust the shooting angel. Release the button to shoot. The spear will bounce for three or four times when hitting the edge of the screen. You should make use of that to kill more with less shot. Mind the shots you have at the bottom of the screen!

Rescue the Pirate

Rescue the Pirate is brought to you by for free. Play this action game to entertain yourself. The objective in this game is to join the pirates to rescue their leader from the enemies. Move your heroes with the mouse. Press the left button of mouse to fire. Collect the power-ups in the game to strengthen yourself. Do not be afraid of the challenges. Wish you good luck!

Clicker Heroes

Visit to enjoy yourself in the free action game Clicker Heroes. The objective for you is to kill all the monsters merging on the screen. Click to attack them and earn money. The money can be used for upgrading your weapon. The monsters you killed will be succeeded by new ones. The bars under them represent their health points. Now, are you ready? Let’s play! Have fun!


Stickman is an action game provided by for free. Your objective is to kill all your enemies with red eyes. Your character has green light around him. Control the stick-man’s movements with the arrows. Press the key L to pick up or drop objectives and press K to attack. Collect the bonuses and the power-ups to strengthen your hero. Collect the coins by walking er them. Wish you good luck!

Jogging in hell is a website with all kinds of free online games. Jogging in hell is one of the action games here. The aim of the game is to run a long distance and to get diamond. Press Up to jump and Down to slide. The distance and diamond will produce your total scores. Tip: keep the balance. Be careful: do not fall off. Otherwise you have to restart the game. Wish you good luck! Just have fun here!

Castle Kaboom

Play free game Castle Kaboom on

Jonny Backflip

Welcome to visit There are various kinds of free online games here. Jonny Backflip is one of the action games. Challenge the adventure with Jonny Backflip together now. Press right and left arrow keys to lean, down arrow key or space bar to dive. Do flips to get nitro boost. Save gas by making bigger jumps and try to get as far as you can. Dive to make perfect landing. Rider goes by himself.

Ninja Mafia Seige 2

Your aim in this action game Ninja Mafia Seige 2 is to break the enemies. Press arrow keys to move. Press A and S to attack. Use spacebar to open skills and items. Press number keys to switch weapons or select skills. Press M, B and Q to toggle music, blood and quality. Your enemies will try to attack you. Avoid them. Otherwise you will be false. This game is provided by All games here are free!

Cathode Raybits

Challenge this action game Cathode Raybits on! Your goal is to kill all the robotic enemies and get out of the room. The higher level you upgrade to, the more fun you will enjoy. Use left and right keys to move, S to jump and A to shoot. Avoid enemies’ attack otherwise you lose your life. Collect bonus after you kill the enemy. Enjoy the free games here!

Ruthless Pandas

Ruthless Pandas is an action game free on In this game, you are supposed to fight against the bears to defend your flight. When the five lines at the top of the aircraft all turn into green, the missiles are ready. Left click at the missile and drag to link the missiles with the target. Release to fire. Enemies turn into rubies when dead. Click to press the green button on the aircraft while over the rubies to pick them. Enjoy yourself!

Escape To Hell

Escape To Hell, an action game, is free for you on Your mission is to help the little one-eyed to kill all the enemies and get out of the hell. Move the hero with the WASD and click at the left button on the mouse to attack. Long hold the left button to strengthen the attack. Collect the leftovers of enemies you killed on the way forward. Enjoy more free games on the website to have fun!

Kings Rider

The action game Kings Rider is provided by Press the up arrow to jump, and down arrow to squat. Left arrow is for shooting and the right arrow is for sword. You earn money by killing enemies. Avoid being knocked off from the horse. After each level, you can go to the shop to upgrade your equipment. Be careful of the bosses showing in the final wave in each level. Good luck!

Knight Mighty Run

Knight Mighty Run is brought to you by This is a free action game. You are expected to control the hero to run as far as possible. Press the up key to jump. For higher jump, press it consecutively. Press the down key to sled down. Press the right arrow to use the lance to attack zombies and press the left to use the shield to resist fire balls. Reach the bonuses on your way forward to strengthen yourself!

Mario in the Jungle

Play free game Mario in the Jungle on

Snowman Destroyer

Action game Snowman Destroyer is here for you on Come to play it! Your goal is to explode the snowman off. Move the mouse to adjust the direction, click at the left button on the mouse and hold to choose the power of the throw and release to throw. If the bomb bounces to the snowman, you can get a small bonus. If you achieve the goal with less bombs than required, you will get a big bonus.

Comic Book Movie

Comic Book Movie is an action game on In this game, your objective is to control the hero to arrive at his destination. Move the mouse on the screen to guide the movement. Press keys 1 to 4 to shift among different weapons and press the space bar to use the special skill. Avoid touching your enemies and collect coins and other bonus items. You can upgrade yourself after each level. Good luck!

Nunchuck Charlie

In this action game Nunchuck Charlie, there are one-player mode and two-player mode. Choose one as you like. Follow the hints and then you will get the mission: rescue the queen. In one-player mode, use arrow keys to move and Z or M to attack. In two-player mode, use WASD and number key 1 to move and attack. Press P or Enter key to switch the modes. Visit to play more free games!

Ben 10 Shoot Out

You can use A or left arrow keys to go left. Use D or right arrow keys to go right. Press W or up arrow keys to jump. In the game you can see your health index, use the power up and increase the ammo. Move your mouse to set your shooting angle and click left mouse to fire. Avoid opponent’s attack at the same time. This action game Ben 10 Shoot Out is from

Yoda Battle Slash

Yoda Battle Slash is an action game. Your aim is to destroy the attacking droids. Move your mouse to aim and click to jump. You can also use the special attacking. Attack your enemies as many as possible in limited time. You will have good scores. Let’s start fighting now! This action game is provided by All games here are totally free. Wish you good luck! Enjoy your play.

Planet Wars

Planet Wars is an action game provided by The target in this game is to reconstruct the image by clicking on the tiles to make them scroll to reach the right place. You can check out the XBOX version with co-op multiplayer. Press WASD arrow keys to move. Use mouse to aim and click it to fire. Move your mouse to set your shooting angle and power. There are all kinds of games here on this website, and they are free!

Crush The Castle Adventures

Crush The Castle Adventures is an action game provided by In the game, your goal is to throw rocks to crush the castle. Left click to sway the wood cannon. When you think the angle is right, left click to shoot. You have 6 rocks to start the game. The time is limited. If you fail, click at continue to retry the game. Now, are you ready? Remember, this website has more free games!

Ben10 the galactic enemies

Ben10 the galactic enemies is an action game. Use left and right arrow keys to move. Press spacebar to attack. Use shift to block. Click ctrl key to switch form. If the enemies got the best of us one time, you don’t give up so easily. Let’s start fighting now! Challenge it at There are all kinds of games here on this website, and they are totally free! Just enjoy yourself and have fun here!

Viking Warfare

The action game Viking Warfare is free on Join the game to entertain yourself. While building defense tower, you also need to build and manage archers’ boats to win the battle. Click to choose setting and then the game starts. Click to choose towers from the items at bottom and then drag and release to set them at where you want. Press the button Go to start the wave. The money you earned by killing enemies can be used for upgrading.

Sonic RPG Eps 9

Sonic RPG Eps 9 is a free action game on In the game, there are easy mode, normal mode and hard mode. Choose one as you like. There are many combined skills. use them properly to finish your game. Control your movements with arrow keys, use Z to attack, press C to avoid hits and V to use your killing skill. You can use S to defend yourself, and D to beat your enemy heavily. Are you ready now? Let’s fight!

Awesome Tanks

Join Awesome Tanks on to have fun. In this free action game, your mission is to destroy all the enemy tanks and turrets to win the game. Your tank is red. Move it with the arrows. Or you can use WASD alternatively. Aim by moving the mouse and shoot with the left click. Shoot wooden boxes for bonus. Fuel tanks are explosive. You can upgrade your equipment after each level. Good luck!

Bobby Da Arrow

Bobby Da Arrow is a free action game provided by Your mission is to kill your enemies by shooting arrows. Move the mouse to target and press the left button on the mouse to shoot. When the hands on the clock point 12, your enemies will move and you have to pause for a while. Your arrows are limited. Try to finish the battle with as less arrows as possible. Have fun!

Strike Force Heroes 2

W/Up - Jump A/Left - Move Left S/Down - Crouch D/Right - Move Right R/Right Click - Reload Q/Shift - Switch Weapons E/Ctrl - Killstreak Mouse - Aim and Shoot

Paranormal Shark Acfivity

Paranormal Shark Acfivity is an action game provided by Move with the left and right arrow keys. Press the spacebar to jump. Say no to shark fin soup. Remember: make sure away from the shake. Run away as soon as possible. Don’t let the shark around you. There are all kinds of games here in this website, and they are totally free! Just enjoy yourself and have fun here! Good luck!

Gun Game Redux

Visit to have fun! There comes a new free game Gun Game Redux. This is an action game. Join the game to enjoy the fun of firing! The goal for you is to shoot all the moving targets as fast as possible. Move the mouse to move the gun. Left click to shoot. You can also use the key Z to fire. The gun should be kept in the green area. The five hearts represent your HP. Now, let’s fire!

Swordsman Steve

Swordsman Steve is an action game. Use D key to jump. Press S key to attack. Click left and right keys to move. You can press any keys to revival when you fail. Go straight ahead. There will be more and more challenges waiting for you. Tips: avoid the enemy's attacking, you will get a better score. Wish you good luck with a harvest! provides this free game. Have fun here!

NY Rex

NY Rex is an action game on Control the dinosaur to kill all the preys to complete your mission. There are hints about your action. Act according to the hints. Move the character with left and right arrows, jump with up key and crouch with down key. You can bite with left click and move your head with the mouse. Damage things and kill to earn more score. Remember you must get your preys in limited time!

Blade Rush

Blade Rush is an action game presented by To win this game, you need to think strategically and act with skill. Move your character with the arrow keys or WASD. The keys K or X are for attacking. The green circle around you turns into red when you are close to enemies. During attacking enemies, you will be empowered to kill more or jump to a higher platform. You can upgrade after you clear all the enemies.

Sift Renegade 3 Defiance

Press left and right for movement. Use up to jump. Some enemies might attack you in the confusion. Click X to kill them. You have five enemies. They will try to attack you. Attack them from behind before they see you. Just fight with them now! The target in this action game Sift Renegade 3 Defiance is to kill the enemies. Wish you good luck in this classic game. Enjoy more free games at Have fun!

Ninjago Ninja Code

Select a ninja to start the action game Ninjago Ninja Code. Use arrow keys to move and jump. Press A to attack and S to spin. Space bar is for super attack. Do not fall off; otherwise you lose your life. Collect orbs along the way. The more orbs you collect, the more score you get. The combo of weapons will bring you surprise! This game is totally free from Just have fun!

Bob The Robber 2

Welcome to visit and enjoy the free game Bob The Robber 2! The target in the action game is to reach the specified location and complete the task. Press right or left arrow keys to adjust the jimmy. Click up or down arrow keys to go downstairs. Press up to search for loot. To switch Laser gratings off, you need to cut the right wire in the electrical control unit. Use right and left arrow keys to choose wire and spacebar to cut it.

Planet Dash

Planet Dash is an action game on for free. The objective of this game is to get the hero back to the home planet. Move your hero around with the left and right arrows. Jump with the up key. Press the space bar for launching your hero off one planet. Collect the cosmic energy on your way. With enough of energy you can open a wormhole to bring you home. Avoid dangers! Enjoy yourself here!

Rise of the Titans 2

You are a monster in this action game Rise of the Titans 2. Control the monster to destroy things! Use WASD to control the movement, and left click to attack. Press number keys 1 to 4 to select skills. Use space bar to roar. Smash things and buildings to earn points. Try to avoid people’s attack. If your health HP goes 0, you lose the game. Visit to play this free game. Have fun here!

Awesome Tanks 2

The action game Awesome Tanks 2 is free on Play free games here to have fun! To win this game, you are supposed to kill all your enemies first. Move your tank around with the arrow keys or WASD. Aim by moving the mouse and press the left mouse button to shoot. Shoot boxes to get hidden bonuses. You can upgrade your equipment after each level. Enjoy yourself!

Another Planet 3 New Weapon

Play free game Another Planet 3 New Weapon on

Super Battle City

Super Battle City is a free action game free on Join this game to enjoy yourself. Your mission is to protect your base form enemies’ attack. Move your tank around with the arrow keys or WASD. Target with the mouse. Fight will be automatically. You earn money by destroying enemy tanks and round barriers. Capture the turret by touching it first. Ready? Let’s fight!

Power Of Love

Action game Power Of Love is free on The mission for you in the game is to help the knight to rescue the princess. Move the knight with the mouse and beat the castle with left click. There are coins falling off every time you beat the wall. Collect them as many as you can. At the left of the map, there is a shop. Left click at the Enter button to buy things you need. Have fun!

Hobo Prison Brawl

Hobo Prison Brawl is a highly appreciated action game on for free. You can choose difficulty. There are three levels to choose. Fight to prisoner like it in the game. Press left and right arrow keys to move. Press Double-Tab to run. Press Q to toggle quality. Press p to pause. The other people will try to attack you. Attack them from behind before they see you. Have fun here!

Ninja Mafia Seige

Press arrow keys to move. Click A and S to attack. Use spacebar to open skills and items. Press numeric keys to switch weapons or select skills. Press M, B and Q to toggle music, blood and quality. If you want to be victory, please avoid the enemies’ attacking and fight with them. Keep an eye on it. provides this action game Ninja Mafia Seige. Just have fun and good luck!

Royal Warfare

Royal Warfare is brought to you by This is a free action game. Join it to kill enemies and protect your kingdom. Click at a unit to set them and click at a place to move them. If you want to select a group of soldiers, click to draw a frame. Click at one figure twice to set all similar units. Click at enemies to lead your soldiers to attack them. Just enjoy this game and you will find more surprises! Good luck!

Battle of Heroes

Action game Battle of Heroes is brought to you by for free. Your mission in this game is to kill all the enemies on the screen. Keys 1/2/3 are for different routines. Shift among keys Q/W/E to choose different weapons. Rotate the map with A and D. Click on the screen to move your soldiers. Collect the bonuses to strengthen your own defense. Enjoy yourself in the fighting! Good luck!

Skull Rider Hell

Action game Skull Rider Hell is free on Join the game to entertain yourself! You are expected to control a zombie on a motor to run as long as you can. Move with the up and down keys, and tilt with the left and right arrows. The space bar and enter key are both OK for direction change. Turn all the big skulls on blue fire and touch things on your way to make money. A flip is worth of 500 coins!

kungfu rabbit

Kungfu rabbit is an action game provided by You can use WASD to move. Attack with J and jump with K. Cast skill with UIO and dash with AA. A rabid lions led the army to attack the city, he intends to put here as a base. There are two rabbits with superb sword, use sword to defend the city. We need to help them to defeat the lion and save the small animals in the city. Have more fun here!

Chaos Faction 2

Use arrow keys to move left/right or jump/shield. Press Z/X to attack and D to drop weapon. Hit other players 5 times without being hit to get RAGE. While jumping upwards without a weapon, press Z to uppercut and X to backflip kick. Side-swipe is used as a quick mid-air attack, to escape an enemy, to save you from missing a ledge etc. Chaos Faction 2 is an action game on Learn more moves and weapons in the Help. Have fun!

Rise of the Titans

In the action game Rise of the Titans, your objective is to damage the villages. Move with WASD keys and target with the mouse. Use the space bar to attack with skill 1, which is for killing adjacent enemies. Left click to attack with skill 2, which has a long range. Smashing things and buildings earns you credit points. Try to clear the area in the limited time! More free games are on!

Commando 2

Action game Commando 2 is free for you on The mission of this game is to kill all the enemies. Select your hero and weapons before start the game. Move your hero with the keys WASD. Shift among Q/E to change your weapons. Target with the mouse and press the left mouse button to attack. You earn points by killing enemies. Collect the leftovers of the dead enemies to win better score. Avoid enemies’ attacks!

Bomber at War 2

This action game Bomber at War 2 is from You can use the right key to go up and the left to go down. Then use the up key to accelerate and down key to decelerate. Shoot with the space bar and boom with the Ctrl key. What you need to do is to shoot the enemies and avoid opponent’s attack. Try to escape the airplane’s cannon. View your health index on the top of the screen. Just enjoy yourself!

Gravit Eye

Play free game Gravit Eye on

Plazma Burst

You can use A D arrow keys to walk left and right in this action game Plazma Burst. Press left mouse button to fire. Use shift, S, down arrow key to crouch. Click spacebar, W and up arrow key to jump. You also can choose nine weapons by the numeric keys. Press P to pause. Click Enter to use grenade. This action game is provided by All games here are free! You will like it.

Cyber Chaser

Visit to play the action game Cyber Chaser! Your objective is to clear all your enemies and run to the destination. Press the up key to jump and the down key to slide. Press twice to make double movement. You are supposed to stomp the boxes on your way and collect all the coins. Use the keys you collected to open the containers. The bigger a container is, the more useful it is. Upgrade yourself after each level. Enjoy it!

Skyward Ninja

Join Skyward Ninja on to have fun. In this free action game, you are supposed to control the ninja become stronger by killing enemies on his way soaring to the heaven. Move the hero with the left and right arrows. Jump with the up key. You can press the up key consecutively to jump higher. Press the key Z to attack and the key X is for special ninja jump. Are you ready now? Let’s jump. Good luck!


Play free game Chisel on

Top Naut 2

Play free game Top Naut 2 on

Champions of Chaos 2

Champions Of Chaos 2 is an action game. Your objective is to kill all your enemies to finish the adventure. Choose two characters with different skills to start the game. Each time there will be a menu of actions. You can choose to attack, defense, use special skills and so on. You can upgrade your equipment after each level. Keep an eye on the two items at the bottom of the screen showing your status. This game is on Entertain yourself!

Stop Gmo 2

Your goal is to help todd and maurecia reach the top floor while avoiding myron’s (the cupid of the love goddess dana) love. Only by reaching the top floor can you hope to aboid a fate worst than rampaging cows.

Rogan The Swordmaster

Rogan The Swordmaster is an action game. It tells a story about a warrior fighting against zombies to collect 4 pieces of a diamond. Control your character’s movements with arrow keys and left click to attack. You have 100 health points and it decreases by 20 if you are hurt. Collect coins after you kill an enemy. On the left corner is an item showing the number of your enemies. Click the shop to upgrade your weapon. Play it on luck!

Sonic Snack Dash

Play free game Sonic Snack Dash on

Vile Steel

Vile Steel is an action game provided by Your mission is to eliminate the enemies. Move with arrow keys. Use WASD to attack. W is for recover, A is for chaos spear, W is for weak attack, and S is for strong attack. Double press attack keys to make combos. The bar at the top stands for your health status. You have a shadow and he will help you in fighting against the enemies. Good luck!

Cat Bat

Yet again the medieval castle is infested with unwanted cats. You have been drafted by the king to rid the castle of all the pesky little pussies. Cat Bat is a skill game on in which you gently coax the cats over the wall to freedom. Try not to hurt the little blighters on the way. Points are obtained by keeping the cats in the air. If you can keep two in the air at the same time, you will get more points. If the cats fall from too high they will meet an unpleasant end. Also if two cats meet on the ground, head to head fighting ensures which means one dead cat. That’s not good. Have fun!

Battle Bots

Battle Bots, a shooting free game on BattleBots is an American company that hosts robot competitions. BattleBots is also the name of the television show created from the competition footage, and a nickname for the combat robots which compete. BattleBots Inc. is headquartered in Novato, California and holds most of its competitions in San Francisco. In a BattleBots event, as in other combat robot competitions, competitors bring remote-controlled, armored and weaponed machines which they have designed and built, and put them in an arena to fight in an elimination tournament. The purpose of the fight is for one robot, or "bot", to dominate or disable the other. In the game characters, you are the good guy, your mission is destroy the bad guys in your area, we will afford you some extra shells and batteries, and you must very be careful that when your batteries run out, you will die.

Angular Momentum

Use the arrow keys to get the ball into the hole.


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


Your neighbor is not a nice guy. Every night, he throws bombs to disturb the tranquility of the night for some reason you don’t know. This is terrible because without enough sleep, you and other neighbors can’t perform well in the day time! It has driven you crazy! So you decide to do something…Kaboom is a skill game on in which your mission is to catch the black bombs before they fall to the ground. Try to avoid the red bombs which can hurt you. Collect “kaboom” to get an extra life and bonus points. Good luck!

Stickman steve 2

Stickman steve 2 is a fighting game on in which you will experience high risks and must survive at the foot of a mountain. You are alone and nobody help you because you lose your way on a trip. At the moment you come into a dangerous valley with terrible sounds around you. After a while, scribble beast, doodle bird, and squiggle worm creep slowly to you and they want to eat you. So you must protect yourself and survive. You can press space bar to kick them into pieces or use the I key to jump over them. Avoid being bitten by them. Sometimes, ink bottles will fall down from the sky; you can try to catch them. Use ink to gain double points. An extra life will be awarded for every 25 points. In one word, kill all monsters or enemies and try to survive and walk alive out of the valley. Do you take the point? Fight now.

Black 2

Play free game Black 2 on

Young Lee

Amazingly, Young Lee, the game is an action game which merely mastered by your mouse available on, for your spare time relaxing. Move you mouse ahead him or behind him will make him advance or withdraw. Punch and jabs, kick and dodge will all perform in a simple and easy way by just click the LEFT MOUSE button. Your master has been brutally murdered by the Dragon King. Fight your way to Dracorp City and exact your revenge on the Evil King and stop him from refining the essential power of Dragon Blood before it is too late. Good luck!

Caravan Toss

What happens when you mix high powered launch machines and caravans? You just need to play the game to find out that answer.

Mobs Down

Help Michael Thorpe avenge his brother's death by taking down the mob.


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Super Fly

Super Fly is a skill game on in which you change your favorite food to be flies and try to eat as more flies as you can near a pond. In the morning, you crouch down among the tangled foliage. Numerous insects fly over your head. Use the mouse to click on any insect in the screen to stretch out your tongue and catch them. You try to eat a fly for ten points, a dragonfly for 20 points, and a fairy for 30 points. After a while, a frog may come beside you and steal your flies. Beware of the bees. Once you eat three bees, the game is over. Your hunt will go on for all the day, from morning to noon, from afternoon to night. Try to get your best score within the time limit. Do you want to experience how to catch a fly? Play it now.

Stick Dodger

Collect all of the green numbers, Stay away from the red numbers, Get the score goal before the time runs out. Stay away from monsterous ball and blade boxes. Game Controls: a to roll left, d to roll right, 3 lives per level and you can choose a power up.

Comet City

Comet city, which is an action game on We ever watched or heard a movie called <>, it was describing the comet getting close to the earth...etc. In the Harlley city, the same story happened. The citizens of the Harlley city, everyone are afraid of the comet will destroy their home and they all are going to dead... They need someone to help them and fighting the comet to keep their city, house and life. Would you like to help the Harlley city and the citizen? You are their only hope! Please don’t make them keep fearing. Let’s save them and their home!

Doraemon Fishing

Doraemon Fishing, which is a skill game on As we known it, Doraemon is a cat machine which has many magical things in his pocket. He is a very cute cartoon character, everybody likes him, no matter adult people or children. Fishing is the activity of catching fish. Fishing techniques include netting, trapping, angling and hand gathering. The term fishing may be applied to catching other aquatic animals such as different types of shellfish, squid, octopus, turtles, frogs, and some edible marine invertebrates. Fishing is not usually applied to catching aquatic mammals such as whales, where the term "whaling" is more appropriate, or to commercial fish farming. In addition to providing food through harvesting fish, modern fishing is both a recreational and professional sport. But have you ever see Doraemon dooing fishing? Let’s do him a favor!!


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Gare Aux Microbes

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Alien Cave

Alien Cave is a classic game on in which you will drive a flying saucer. Image you are driving in the outside outer space, all the scene in your eye is yellow. Though broad it is, your flying space is limited. The roof is anomalous and there are so many floating obstacles in the air, you must be care of them. To control the spaceship, you can hold the UP arrow key to go up, and release it to go down. The speed of the spaceship is very high, if you want to drive it well, you should do much training. The objective of this game is to see how long time you can stay in the air without hitting the roof, or an obstacle.

Turtle Game

Turtle Game is an arcade game on in which you will act as a lovely turtle. The scene of this game is so beautiful. It takes place in the deep sea. You are a lovely turtle which usually swims in the sea water in good mood. There are a lot of seabed plants swinging with the rocking of the sea water. They are so beautiful and colorful. The sand in the seabed is yellow. And there are so many kinds of conches and shells on the sand. But the seabed environment was getting more and more bad. Many kinds of rubbish are fluttering in the seawater. They may be drinks bucket, glass bottles, and even wasted shoes. Be care of them in your journey. And there may also have other things which you should be cautious of, just like fishhook, sea mine and so on. If you can reach a huge yellow conch, it is your home, and the level finish.

Punching Trainer

Fight happens almost in every minute at every place. To win in a fighting, you need excellent skills such as boxing, wrestling and skills of apprehending invaders. Try Punching Trainer, a skill game on in which you can practice your skills. There will appear boards of different people randomly. You get points by punching the one representing armed enemies. Don’t hit those standing for innocent people and if you do that, you will lose your scores. If you want to beat further targets, just hold on the fist longer for more power. Good luck!

Cyber Swat

The mission of this game is to operate the robot to keep the order of the society and save the hostage out of the building. To control your MECHA UNIT, move the mouse cursor in the area of this window, click the mouse to jump. It is a well-designed game.


Imagine the scene: one summer noon, you could have a sound sleep but thanks to the annoying mosquitoes, you have a totally sleepless period—you are busy killing those mosquitoes that try to suck your blood! Mosquito is a shooting game on in which your mission is to kill as many mosquitoes as possible. The rule is very simple. All you need is to click every moving insect you see—you get points by that. If you miss some mosquitoes, they will land on your arm and such your blood which may make you itch. Good luck!

Hungry Bob

Hungry Bob is an arcade game on in which you will be BOB who is a very hungry boy. You are stranded on an island. The scenery is very beautiful. The sky is blue and white clouds are floating. There are two coconut palms on the island. You are so hungry that do not have the mood to appreciate the scene. You are only care about food. There are some kinds of food falling down from the sky. You can jump to catch them. Using your mouse, click on BOB to make him jump up and grab the food which he likes. Apple, banana, strawberry and drink are good food to you. Cake, Hamburg and ham are bad. The longer you hold down your mouse, the higher BOB will jump. You can also move him left and right while holding down the mouse. You have 5minutes.


Your mission in this brutal online game is to move your barbarian through all 15 stages and kill all ancient greek warriors and defeat each Boss at the end of each level.Use the ARROW KEYS or "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to walk around. Press "T" KEY or 4 to swipe and hit "Y" KEY or 5 to kick. You can block spars and arrows with your shield by pressing down key. Disable enemies temporarily by kicking them. Good luck!

Chiken Head Dinner

Chicken Head Dinner is a skill game on in which you will cut off the heads of 12 chickens very quickly by using a sharp axe. Today is Gramma’s birthday and you want to have a good dinner with her. The chickens are running amuck around Gramma’s farm. And it is almost dinner time. Using your hatchet, you have thirty seconds to get twelve chicken heads for Gramma’s Famous 12 piece Chicken Head Dinner. Success means you feast! Failure means you have nothing to eat for supper. The chicken are very naughty and they may hide behind haystack, fly from windows, run here and there, and fall down from the tree. You must be very quick and skillful to catch them. Try to get some fat hens but not thin cocks. Are you ready? Good luck!

Yankee go home

It is true that some people, especially those from Middle East countries, don’t like Americans very much. But they can’t start a war to release their resentments—their countries are less powerful than America. However, people hate Americans still find ways to vent their emotions. Yankee Go Home is an arcade game on in which your mission is to throw the Yankees as far as you can. Your target will fall off a straw pile, and before he hits the ground, you’d better hit him with your hammer. Then he will fly and fall to some point. The computer will tell you how long he has flied. Try to summit the distance. Have fun!


Air attack plays a very important role in the war. Do you want to experience being a battle plane pilot? Blitz is a shooting game on in which your mission is to destroy all the buildings you can see in the game. You have several rounds to advance, which will become more and more difficult gradually. Every time you blast some building, you get some points. You click the aircraft to drop the bomb, and you’d better do that when you are over the buildings because you have to consider the dropping time and acceleration. Try to get more scores. Good luck!

Sheep Jumper

Sheep Jumper is a skill game on in which you are in control of a dog to jump over sheep. It is a fine day and the dog is running on the grassland. The distant scenery is covered with thin fog. Suddenly a group of sheep dash towards the dog. You must help our dog to dodge the dash. Once the dog is hit by a sheep, it will lose a life. There are totally five lives for the dog. When the lives are run out, the game is over. It is easy to play. You can use the space bar to get the dog jump. Once it encounters a crazy sheep, just jump over it. The more sheep you can help the dog jump over, the more points you can get. Are you clear now? Try it.

Vent Game

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Battle Ball

Battle Ball is a fighting game on in which you are a fighter. At first, you can choose play single player, or challenge a friend. Click “meet the players”, you can click the player icons to learn more and select your favorite. If you play single player, you need choose the team that you want to play on. Click a team button below to continue. There are two teams, one is black harts and one is iron wolves. After clicked, you can select your desired according to speed vs. power to establish your strategy. Remember, the higher the bonus factor, the more points you get for a tackle. Advance your player to the end zone. You can gain extra points by tackling other players, if you dare. Click the roll now button to determine your roll. You may move that many spaces using the arrow keys to set direction and then move. A tackle-off occurs when your player enter a square next to a player from the opposing team. Both players roll and the lowest number win the tackle-off. Lose 3 and the game is over. If both payers tie, both are destroyed. Your goal is to get higher score.

Wheels of Salvation

Wheels of Salvation is an arcade game on in which you control your character escape from the underground. Once the game starts, you are located in underground. The hot and red magma are raise to the ground. There are also some rolling wooden wheels. Your only way out of the underground is based on those rolling wheels. Your character will move from side to side. Hit the left mouse key to jump and grab the wheel, when you near to the wheel. Here are some colorful ball hang on the wall. Try to collect them to get points. The rolling wheel can help you changing direction to collect the item easily. If the wheel is rolling too fast, you can use your left and right arrow keys to make them slow down. And escape from the underground before the hot magma flush the ground or the game will be lost.

Dog Game

Dogs love bones, and they are sensitive to their favorites. But do you know how dogs find bones? Dog Game is a arcade game on where you help a dog detect his bones. When you are walking the puppy around the square, pay close attention to its nose. It turns red when the dog is near a bone and a flashing nose means you are over the bone. Just dig it out. Collect as many bones as you can within the limited time. Don’t let your pet dog down.

The Skullkid

The skullkid game. Simple, entertaining and bloody action. Control the skullkid and make his way out by destroying everything. Game control: arrow keys for movement. spacebar for action.

Bug on Wire

Bugs are afraid of crows because crows will eat them without hesitation. There is a bug wanting to survive from crows and make a travel on the wire, would you help him? Bug on Wire is a skill game on in which your mission is to move the worm forward and jump over crows on the wire. Don’t forget to jump over connectors between two wire poles. When seeing a crow, jump over it or change to another paralleled wire. Try to survive as long as you can. Good luck!

Dragon Tower

Welcome to Dragon Tower, an action game on In the ancient continent, there was a devil king controlling the peak tower. A biggest treasure of hope was locked at the top of the tower. Also monsters and devils were locked with the treasure. In order to get back the hope, millions of brave warriors were fighting forward. With the summer coming that the power of monsters and devils were weaken. Any way no one succeeded ever. A true warrior filled with guts has step on his adventure: master the heroin with KEY A and D to move and press KEY W to jump, KEY S to defend herself, and when you press SHIFT you will perform a swift running. By the way, Magic bar when the bar is full of player’s attack can raise magic effects. Good luck!

Invasion 1

Invasion is an arcade game on that you need to get as much gold as you can to test you intelligence. In the beginning of the game you have 2000 gold to build a few units including Infantry, Archers and Rams by clicking on them in the Pre-Battle screen. Then press “play” to enter the frontline. From there, you can click on the units in the toolbar below to deploy them into battle. When you clear the first stage, you will plunder 2000 gold from the castle you destroyed. Next time you will get 4000 gold and so on. You should remember to plan your strategies carefully; sometimes even the weather is an important factor in your battle. And don’t forget about the upgrades on your Barracks, Fletchery and Workshop to make your ability of fight better to defeat your target. Good Luck!

Robot Warrior

Robot Warrior is a shooting game on in which you try to shoot as many Turkeys as you can to gain your point. It is a small village with snow everywhere. The sky is blue and there is a smiling sun shining at the village. You stand behind a yellow barrier, staring at the path in front of you. Beside the path there is a snowman and two small houses. The yellow turkeys jump from every direction and the target become bigger and bigger when they come close. It is really hard to shoot them and once you shoot one there would be a drumstick dropping down. Shoot the drumstick one more time to get more points. Remember your bullet needs reload if you miss too many turkeys. Good luck!

Evil Minion

It’s a sad story. You are controlled by the Evil who will ask you to do something bad otherwise you cannot get back your freedom. And the sadder thing is that your justice and kindness are all deprived by the devil, so you are a living dead unless you finish the evil mission. Evil Minion is a skill game on in which your mission is to capture enough children. You will meet guards who will try to kill you, so you need to attack them by slashing or throwing weapons. You’d better get the heart which will help you heal your wounds, and the umbrella which can help you fly over gaps. Watch out your health. Good luck!

Watch It

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


Jumpball, which is a skill game on Balls are objects typically used in games. They are usually spherical but can be ovoid. In most games using balls, the play of the game follows the state of the ball as it is hit, kicked or thrown by players. Balls can also be used for simpler activities, such as catch, marbles and juggling. Balls made from hard-wearing metal are used in engineering applications to provide frictionless bearings, known as ball bearings. You have to use your keypad to control the ball positin on the screen, you have to avoid those arrows. Watch Out!!


Flipshot is an action game on in which you are going to collect diamonds and protect yourself from a powerful ball. You are a warrior sent out by the King to collect some valuable diamonds for the nation. Going through a lot of difficulties and risks, you finally find the treasure. But you can not get close to the diamonds for some great dangers. The king has given you a powerful ball to help you solve the problem. The ball has elasticity and can bounce back to you once it picks a diamond up. You must use a shield to bounce the ball, and avoid being hit by the ball or your health will decrease. There are five fish bones behind you that are your food. If the ball hits one fish bone, that fish bone will be destroyed. Once all five fish bones are destroyed, the game is over. So you must control this powerful ball well. Collect all diamonds and move to the next level. Are you ready? Good luck!


Paparazzi is totally addicting arcade game fun. You are beloved paparazzi photographer. Keep in mind that the celebrity hates being photographed in public. She will take steps to prevent you from doing your job by trying to throw things at you to slow you down. Your mission is to capture exclusive photographs of the celebrity. Chase her and when you get close, hold down the Spacebar to snap your photos. You must capture enough photos to fill the yellow bar at the top of game screen. Use the arrow button to jump over these obstacles. If the celebrity gets too far away from you or if you run out of film, the game will be over.

Snow Blitz

Snow Blitz is a skill game on in which you and your friends throw snow balls on each other. When game starts, you are walking on the street. It’s in winter with snow covering everywhere, some of which is heaped at the roadside. Suddenly some of your friends who hide behind snow walls will throw snow balls on you or someone assault from behind. You must duck or throw them down. You can use the A and D key to throw left and right for fighting back. Press the W and S key to jump and duck. Your walking directions are controlled by up 、down、left and right arrow key. If you beat all of friends down, you can move on. This game is very funny, play now!

Fat Santa

Use the arrow keys to move. Avoid the scrooges, or else you will lose health and may die.

Black Knight

You are the Black Knight and you must collect taxes for your good king. This play lays out is of a childish jouability since which it is enough to press on the bar of space to give blows of bludgeon which will permetront you to collect under-under. Looked after graphics, a music which agrees to your actions and the possibility of buying items at the end of the part make a game of it sympatic.

Happy Rabbit

People will be happy when they are engaged, promoted, appreciated, etc. How can a rabbit be happy? You will find it’s easy to satisfy a rabbit in Happy Rabbit, an arcade game on In the game, your mission is to help the cute rabbit get food like grapes and carrots. The fruits appear above the hungry cony and are arranged in different layers, some are at higher place while some are at lower position. Use your mouse to move the hare and jump it up to collect food by pressing the left mouse. The longer you hold your mouse before releasing it, the higher your hare leaps. Grapes add you normal score while carrots give you double points. Don’t eat strawberries for they will reduce your score.


Petshop is a skill game on in which you try to buy food for your lovely dog within the time limit. You have a lovely pet, a puppy named Xiao Bai. One day, Xiao Bai is very hungry and you find you did not put dog food into its plate for a long time. You must do it now. The pet’s food is on sale in the shop now. You only have thirty seconds to complete this task. Xiao Bai is waiting for you at home. You buy the bones for your pet and return home immediately. But you can not touch the sides of the road, or you have to start it over. You will also have to go through a spinning windmill safely. Don’t hit any pedestrians or other obstacles on the road and streets. Try to get home before time runs out. Good luck for you and your dog.

Snow Throw

Snow Throw is a mini game for Christmas. The goal of the game is simple: You are on the North Pole and a battle of snowballs starts between the yeti and 3 Martians. You are the Martians and must kill the yeti by launching snowballs to him, for that click on one of the Martians with whom you want to draw, move it with the mouse and click on the left click (a bar of power appears) to launch a snowball. But attention, the yeti can him also you launch snowballs and at the end of a certain number, one of your Martians dies. On each following level, the number of yeti increases (with the first level, there is 1 yeti; with the second level there are 2 yetis etc?) and their speed with launching snowballs increases too. The goal of the play is well on doing an utmost of points. Veiled good play and aim well.

Mystic Training

Mystic Training is a classic game on in which your mission is to train with the Power Rangers by completing a series of five challenges – one for each Mystic Ranger. Master all five to unlock the ultimate challenge and defend Rootcore against an attack by Morticon and the Hidiacs! Each challenge has two levels from which you can choose: Practice for the easy mode and Power Up for the more difficult mode. You can play all challenges by using the left mouse button. When you train with the Yellow Mystic Ranger, his task is to shoot as more targets as possible by using a bow and arrows and his symbol is a crane. When you train with the Green Mystic Ranger, you shall protect him from mystical attacks by growing a protective wall of brambles and his symbol is an ox. The Pink Mystic Ranger can be transformed into a butterfly, a snake or a bird. When you train with the Red Mystic Ranger, you can infuse his fire sword with power by blocking attacks. At last, help the Blue Mystic Ranger cross the aquatic ravine by creating magical pillars of water for her to leap onto. Good luck!

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom is an Arcade game on in which you will become a hero in looking for some special gems. It originates from an attractive story that, Freakshow, the evil, demented circus maniac, has escaped with the reality gauntlet. To maintain the world’s sanity, this weapon of great power can not remain in his freaky hands. Luckily he has not found all the gems to fully operate it, but it is only a matter of time before he does. So you should go ahead at once to find the precious stones quickly. In this adventurous trip, you will encounter various risks, such as flame volume, robots with powerful gun, creepy ladies, and jump over different obstacles, like houses, cabinets. The red flame is harmful to your health and can reduce your energy; you should become a ghost when meeting this kin of light. The green flame can hurt the ghost, so at that time you shall return back to your human-being body. You can attack the robots in many manners by controlling the keys like spacebar and G. But the creepy lady is hard to kill, pay attention to her weakness and use different method to eliminate her. You have three lives in total and a life is lost when its red energy is run out. When you lose all the lives, you fail to win the game. There are many levels to play and whenever you pass one level, you can find a gem. What do you doubt about? Do it now to protect the world.

Rapid Retreat

Rapid Retreat is a game of adventure. You must cross a river where balladent of dangerous pieces of ice, without the touch, if not, your search is finished at this precise moment, all that to escape the Wolves from the White Witch!

Ice Cold Getaway

Ice Cold Getaway, which is a skill game on Batman always a hero of childrens, teenagers, even some adult people. This day, batman receives a mission is that to the Icy space to destroy his enemies. He has a lot of hard missions though, this time he is still need some helps from other people. Would you like to help him? Just use your keypad to control his traffic tool, be careful of those barriers, those things would detroy your traffic tool and you probably die in it. Be safe, good luck!

Fly Boy

Fly Boy is a skill game on in which you will steer a fighter to go through the skies of occupied France. You are an elite pilot and are assigned to transport a famous singer to get to the destination safely. You can use the space bar to gain the height of your Flyboy’s plane. There are numerous aerial mines in the air. Once the plane hits the mines three times, it will crash and the game is over. The flight takes place at a bright night with a full moon in the sky. Don’t pilot your plane to hit mountains. And beware of the hun on your trail. The farther you can pilot the plane, the more score you get. When you get to the target position safely, you can move on to the next level. Do you accept this challenge? Join now.

Flying Squirrel

Use keyboard arrows to walk, press down to stay still on the floor. Use space bar for turbo moves. You may get some items for bonuses, and stay away from the hedgepigs and snakes.

Star Wars Skywalker

Star Wars Skywalker is a fighting game on in which you kill all invaders with a laser sword in a space station. Have you ever seen the famous film, Star Wars? This game is closely related to that film. You are a space warrior here and named Skywalker. A number of enemies and aliens have broken the shield of space station of your country. They want to conquer the station. Your soldiers are all fighting against invaders. And the whole spaceship is on fire. You must save the station and your fellows. It is easy to play. You can click your mouse to kill enemies by a laser sword. Invaders may be robots, mafia, skull soldier, ghost soldier, and ogres. Try to kill as more invaders as possible for a high score. Usually the enemies will appear and disappear very quickly like ghosts. You have no time to think about it, just hit them. Are you ready? Join it now.

Bat Outta Hell

Bat Outta Hell is a skill game on in which you will be a bat flying in the dangerous forest. Once the game begins, you are flying in the nights. You will meet lots of difficulties. You can press the mouse button to unleash the demonic bat. You can hold the mouse when you are near the people or evil animals. If you are hurt, your health score will decline and you will be in danger. You can shoot guano-bombs to defend yourself. You should pay attention to your HUD by which you can gauge your health and energy. You should fly over bugs and birds to chomp them down. Resting at the mouse tower will replenish your energy. Feeding on people and animals is the key to survival. The more you feed, the more you grow. Pay attention to the red line in the screen. If the red line becomes shorter, your life is in danger. If you fly across the dangerous forest successfully, you will win. Move on.

Big Head

Use the Big Head to destroy the buildings shown in the objective screen in the upper right hand corner within the allotted time. Destroy as many ground and air units as possible for additional points and to prevent them from taking away your energy.


Fire Spawn is an adventure game on in which you fight against a dragon in a valley. Once the game starts, you are riding a horse and holding a bow. When the evil dragon appears over your head, you shall fire arrows at it at every chance you get to defeat it. You must dodge obstacles and the dragon’s attacks. Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Beware pointy cacti, hard rocks and burning flames! Remember that an arrow in the mouth is always more painful than an arrow in the hand, even for dragons. You will become invulnerable for a short period of time when you get hit. Your color is brighter as long as you are invulnerable. You “level up” each time you take 500 HP off the dragon. There are fire arrow, water arrow, trident arrow and bomb arrow for you. Chase dragons and see how you compare to the greatest dragon-slayers who ever rode across the barren valley of Smoke Mountain. Good luck!


One of the ways for people to challenge themselves is to climb high mountains such as Mount Jolmolangma. Hopper is a skill game on in which your mission is to lead Hopper to the top of the mountain. There are several levels in which you need to guide Hopper to the star which will add you points. Try to avoid touching enemies and dangerous objects otherwise you will lose one life. Can you get to the top of the mountain? Good luck!

Elite Forces Pakistan

Elite Forces Pakistan is an adventure game on in which you are an elite soldier to fight. You will move forward along rock bridge and steps at the foot of a mountain. Mage and Thug are ready for your selection. Mage is a spiritual unit of Elite Forces with 220 HP, 0 Armor, 5% Evade, 115% Run Speed and 101% Jump Power. Thug is a commander of Elite Forces. He was promoted after successfully surviving in the jungle. He has 200 HP, 5 Armor, 95% Run Speed and 98% Jump Power. Use arrow keys to move the character. Shoot rock-enemies, or they may fire at you. Pick up weapons in the way to improve your attack. Collect medicine box to recover your health. You may use rifle, rocket, laser and other weapons to move on. Try to kill enemies as more as possible to get a high score. Do you want to experience a real gun-shooting adventure? Join in now!

Super Fish

Super Fish is a skill game on in which you help a super fish to catch treasures and avoid dangers in water. There are also other little fish living in the sea. A lot of seaweeds grow at the bottom of the water. Once the game starts, you can use the arrow keys to move the super fish. Then use space bar for turbo moves. When in the middle of the sea, press space to dive and double press the space bar to jump over the water for catching bonuses points. When on the bottom, you can use the space to jump, or press the down key to stay still on the floor. There are some little fish, white stars, yellow stars, and hearts in the game. Try to catch them for bonuses. You can also get the chest full of gold at the bottom of the sea for super points. Beware of the shells and ghost faces in the water. Once you hit one of them, you may reduce one life or five lives. Are you clear now? Join it.


Ogg is an action games on in which you will swing your bar to finish your task. There is a tree and a log which likes a stump in the game scene. To move around, you should press the LEFT and the RIGHT arrow keys. To jump, you should press the UP arrow key. The goal of this game is to hit squirrels with your awesome stick. Throw it with the SPACE BAR. Squirrels will pop out of that log. You can hit as many as you like, and notice your score goes up foe each hit. In the game, the health bar will constantly drop, and if it runs out, it is a life lost. So to keep yourself going, you must collect some food which will fall down from the sky. You will have 10 seconds of health to start with. Since we don not want you dying in the tutorial, losing all your health will not kill you. To beat a level, stay alive and hit enough squirrels, and you will move on to the next round. Remember to watch out for fake squirrels and poison!

Dolphin Dash

Dolphin Dash is a skill game on in which you help a dolphin collect as more coins as you can within the time limit. The dolphin will swim and dash in water at high speed. There are numerous coins floating in the sea and among the seaweeds. You can navigate the dolphin with the arrow keys. Try to collect some Event pills. Some pills can double the size of the dolphin. Some pills can change the angle of your sight. Sometimes the dolphin has to swim through a narrow channel for picking up coins. The more coins you help the dolphin collect, the more points you can get. Finally you shall enter your name and get your ranking. Are you clear? Join now.

Flames of Fury

Flames of Fury is an arcade game on in which you will be act as a dragon. You can move dragon by pressing the arrow keys. If you want to shoot fireball you can aim with mouse and click to shoot. You can change the type of fireballs by rolling mouse wheel. If you want to stop the game, please press P. There are 12 levels of the game. You can choose tower, factory or control center before the game. Your dragon must return the nest to create fireballs and restore endurance level because if endurance ends flight speed will decrease. You should be aware of the fact that enemies will try to destroy the nest and you must protect the dragon’s nest very carefully. You need to fly over blue volcano to get some hydrogen and so on. You should fly back to the nest and click on fire creation. During the flying, you should pay attention to the health of yourself and take as many points as possible. Good luck.


1-i is an arcade game on in which you try to catch as many green blobs as you can to gain a high score. The object you control is an orange head looks like a rabbit but only has one blue eye in the middle of its face. It jumps on a white flying disk which can move from one side to another of the screen. There are green and blue blobs flying across the sky. The head is always jumping without stops. Try to time your jumps well and only grab the green flying blobs and not the blue ones. Every time you get a blue one you will lose health points. The more green blobs you get the higher your score will be. Have fun!

Sofa Bash

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Little Loki Escapes From Hell

You’re Loki, a diminutive devil who can’t stand the underworld. You’ll have to outrun a raging river of lava if you want to escape Satan’s sanctuary. This game is really hot, lol.

Sub Commander

In World War Ⅱ, submarines played a vital role which affected the result of the war. Good guidance is necessary for controlling a sub well. Have you ever thought that one day you might be a commander of a war sub? Sub Commander is a skill game on where you are an experienced commander of a sub. To an attempt to get reinforcements to the allies at Henderson Field you have to guide your sub and navigate your way through dangerous waters which have rocky seabed, icebergs, floating mines and Japanese warships. Try to avoid all of them by climbing, accelerating and braking. And the bonuses will help you.

The Fisher

The Fisher is an arcade game on in which you try to catch all the fish from the lake. The bigger fish is, the more points you get. But remember, it is harder to pull out heavier fish, it takes more time. You can buy additional bonuses in the shop or fish them in the lake. One special item is dynamite. You can blow up unwanted items with it, and press spacebar to use it. One special item is salt, which you will earn more on small fishes. One special item is shoe paste that you can clean shoes and make them worth more. One special item is a barrel, which you can store big fishes in it, so that they will not get dirty. The other item is lucky coin, which will bring you more luck.

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle is a fighting game on which designed base on the movie of KONGFU directed by Xingchi Zhou. The background is in the town where appears in the movie. You can also watch some movie fragments at the beginning. The town was called Zhu Long Cheng Zhai. You are controlling the character to fight for the guys who belong to the FUTOU BANG, which you may also call ax faction. You must fight for fifteen guys at the first level. You have three lives. You can use the fist to hit them, or your foot to kick them. Move the mouse up and down so that the character can jump and fall too. The guys will hit you by hand at the beginning, but ax after one moment. So you must beat them down as soon as possible.

Billy Genocide

Billy was a normal person who felt his life meaningless, and then one day, everything changed. In Bily Genocide, a fighting game on, you can help Billy beat the ghosts. In the beginning, Billy’s weapon is his guitar and he can attack enemies only when his stamina is in good state. Don’t let those dead people touch or you will be hurt. When seeing a question mark, you’d better search for items such as magic liquid. They will be helpful in an all-around way. If necessary, you can switch weapons to have a better fight. Good luck!

Killer Whale

Killer Whale is a skill game on in which a brown murderous whale with big white eyes and yellow sharp teeth will eat and swallow different fishes in water world. There are many levels in this game. This grampus is controlled by you. Every time the whale escapes from an aquarium, you pass the level. You can move forward and backward or jump in the air or jump from one fish tank to another. Eat and kill can increase your health and power. The grampus can eat jellyfish, sea horse, shrimp, Piranha and other living creatures. Sometimes there will be steel obstacle between two fish tanks. The killer whale can dash strongly to break this steel wall. Dash can also increase its power and rage. The more fishes it kills and eats, the more scores you can get. And also the whale can spin to push away the creatures around it. In one word, it’s the king in water world. But you should pay attention to how to control it will for it is always not an easy work. At the end of the aquarium, there is an exit for the grampus to get out. Thus you pass the level and move into the next level. Want to experience the terrible killing and rage of this big grampus? Play it now.

Forest Warrior

Forest Warrior is an Adventure game on in which you will be a hero to prevent the whole forests from being destroyed by an evil. Dracula has an evil plan to destroy the beautiful forests. But he forgets one important person, you. You will be dressed up in green clothes, and red shoes. Two knives are held in your powerful hands and purple hair is bunched together to be like a grisly sword in your head. You will start the trip to kill this evil guy in a bridge, with lovely houses and great mountains in the far place. And you will meet rabbit soldiers shooting bullets and strong guards with rods. You can kill them by using your sharp weapons or throw bombs to eliminate these enemies, or jump over them to avoid being hurt by their shooting. But the most terrible obstacle is some circumvolving awls that can reduce your blood quickly if you touch them due to carelessness. At the end of the journey, you will see the robot-like Dracula and make your efforts to kill him. Remember it is not easy. You have three lives and three bombs in total. Try to finish this task in shortest time and get you best score.

Rolf's Adventure

You are Rolf, an intelligent monkey which travels by plane; but the plane with a problem and you jump in parachute before it does not explode. You move with the arrows of your keyboard and you must recovers a maximum of banana and to avoid the parts of the plane which fall.

Sint Nicolaas

Sint Nicolaas has been robbed! The thieves have taken his big sack full of presents and gingerbread cookies. In their run however, they were not careful and gifts started dropping out of the sack. In Sint Nicolaas, a skill game on, your mission is to collect the fallen presents and candies and put them back to the right chimneys. During your journey, you will see golden coins, catch them to get more points. Don’t fall off the game area or you will lose your game. Try to use everything available to make a higher or farther jump. Have fun!

Warthog Launch

Long ago, scientists have launched a program: cultivate aliens. Seems unbelievable, right? But it’s true. Recently, some aliens have escape from the lab and want to take over the world… Warthog Launch is an arcade game on in which your mission is to hit all of the aliens. According to the place where the aliens are, arrange your car’s placement and grenade piles’ placement. You can also decide how many grenades you need to use. More grenades mean more powerful. Good luck!

Polar Express

Polar Express is an arcade game on in which you run, jump and dodge obstacles on the moving train to get your ticket back. In this game, you are on a trip by train, your ticket was swept out by the wind and you have to get it back on the other side of the train. The weather is terrible outside and there are big trees above the train. You should be very careful to jump over the branches so you will not been pulled off from the train. Use the arrow-keys to control the person’s actions. It’s really a perfect game with its nice frame and entertaining substance. To win the game, you need to pass two levels, and player with the best time and the least tries getting the highest score. If you are ready, click “Play now” to start. Enjoy yourself…


Piggy, play of action, are really very simple. Modelled well graphically, you will be pleased to play there, which is already a good point. The goal is to help our hero (a pig!) to recover the cases of pharmacies which fall from the sky. For that, it is necessary to click at the time or those arrive at the level of the small potel?s and tended arms small pig. With you to make the best score?!

Free Run

Free Run is an action game on in which need to keep running. In this game, you must be interested in free run. There are a lot of barriers you can meet. What you should do will be point out. Do this. React to key prompts and don’t stop running! You need to Faster your time and try to get the higher score. Free run means you must keep running. So, if you stop or do the wrong actions, unfortunately you’d better replay this game. When this game point out what you should do next, you must do it right now, not do it in front of the barriers. You can practice your competence through this game. Free run must be a game you shouldn’t miss.

Hands Of War

In a land divide to civil war, a single action can sway victory, but for whom, two main factions struggle for power, the Alliage, the shadow runners. All factions have their own beliefs and morals. It is up to you to decide who you will aid. And who will make your enemy. And there are three characters for you to choose one is warrior, who are strong melee hero, with high health recovery as well as armor and health, another is a wizard who are ranged magical attacking and high energy recovery with heavy damage to his opponents. The last one is a archer, who are ranged bow attacking with average in health and energy but fast speed moving and dodging! Hands of War is an action game, available on, for your spare time relaxing and entertainment. Good luck!

Catch a Fish

Catch a Fish is an arcade game on in which you try to catch as many fish as you can. You are a small boy locates on a boat, wearing a red T-shirt. In front of you is a clear river and many fishes are swimming in it. Sometimes there are baskets of numbers of fishes that if you catch it you will get big bonus. The tool to catch the fish is not normal fishing tackle and fishhook but black bombs. The fishes are rather smart that their direction of swim is not from one side to another more likely they are wandering. So it is hard for you to see their positions clearly. The boy is controlled by the mouse and he can move the range of the boat. Now try to throw the bomb to catch your fishes. Good luck!

Alien Bounce

Alien Bounce, it is an action game on Alien which as some people from the foreign land, whom has different culture, language, food…etc with us. One day, you took UFO to another heavenly body, but people there do not like you. They are looking for some fun on you. They even put you in an elastic big spoon and try to bounce you out. When they shooting you out, you would not know what animal will you meet or what will happen on you?! We can just pray that hope you will not meet any shark, otherwise it will eat you. If fortunately you did not meet a shark, it will just show your total distance which meaning how far you had been shot. Best of luck, hope you are lucky enough to avoid the shark.

Robot Flipper

Almost every one has toys. Children may have easy-played toys while adults will own some intelligent toys. Have you ever thought that toys might have their own thoughts and were longing for freedom, just as human? Robot Flipper is a skill game on in which you have to prevent little robots from fleeing. On their escape path there is a piece of unfixable floor with which you can bounce those little robots back to their box. You rotate the floor and when the robots are on it, you release the floor. Just like a catapult. Take control of your shooting power so to make sure the toys will fly back to where they belong. Have fun!


Birdy is a skill game on flash games .net in which you are acted as an eagle. Once it starts, you will be set in an air which is full of temptations and danger. Your task is to feed the eagle and stay alive. There is only rule: bigger birds eat smaller ones. But in order to grow, the eagle must eat. You can control the eagle with keyboard arrow keys you can use ←、→、↑ and key to turn left、right、up and down for avoiding being eat by other birds which bigger than you or cat in the ground. As more you eating, you will grow bigger and eat bigger birds instead of being eaten. You totally have four chances to continue the game. Are you ready? Play now.

Super Raccoon

Super Raccoon is a skill game on in which you help a kitty to survive in the forest. The cat lives in a big forest with various plants and animals. Once the game starts, you can use left and right keys to move this cat. Press space bar for turbo moves. When on the ground, you can use space to jump. When in the air, you can hold the space bar to stay and jump in the air. You can press the down key to make the cat stay still on the ground. There are some butterflies, white stars, yellow stars, and hearts in the game. Try to collect them for bonuses. You can also pick up the acorn on the ground for super points. Beware of hedgehogs and snakes in the forest. Once the cat hits one of them, its health will decrease. Then join it now.

Fly on Drugs

A small fly finds itself in a laboratory and a scientist gives him drug to see the effects which they make on these insects. It you, you direct the fly, puts in a place filled with difficulties to test you. It is necessary for you to go further to gain a maximum of points. The keys are simple: fleches left and right-hand side to move and fleches high and low for monter/descendre! Recuperez water bottles to have more points! Good game! (Google Translation)

Ice Breaker 1

You are running with full of energy in front of walls made in ice, for no reason it seemed... You need to click on the right moment to break the ice walls on your way, you have to find out the exact timing, because if you don't, you will get a lot of pains...

Atomic Rain

Atomic Rain is an arcade game on in which you collect the turn plates with the pail. Once the game started, you can use the arrow keys to move the pail. it can only turn left or right. More turn plates will bring you a higher score. If you are careful enough, you can easily find a health and turbo counter at the top left corner, it shows your health state. Press the space key will help you reduce the turbo; you can also find your real-time score or level at the top right corner. The game is easy to play and feasible at your spare time. The frame is perfect. If you are ready, click the “Start game” button, and begin to enjoy yourself.

Donjon Bomber

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


Monsters is an adventure game on The object of the game is to rid each level of all of its monsters without losing all of your health. The monsters will predictably chase you wherever you go. To send them to another realm, you can guide them into the goopit. It is harmless to you, but not to the monsters. To keep your lifepoints, you can not let the monsters come into physical contact with you. If you do, you will lose one of your life points, which are shown in the top left corner of the screen. After you clear out the monsters, you shall enter the door to complete the level. You can move across the screen with the arrow keys. There are four types of items in the game you can earn for bonus. To open a locked gate, you can just stand next to it after you have acquired its key and press enter. Do you want to know more? Join now.

Swords and Sandals

Swords and Sandals is a fighting game on It is a mini-epic gladiator game. You will create your hero and battle your way to fame and fortune upon the sands of the arena. Tooltips will guide your way through the specific game, but the basic pattern of the game is as follows. At first, you should build up your character. You can select skin color, hairstyle and stubble for him, and distribute skill points to his strength, attack, defense, agility, vitality, stamina, and charisma. Secondly, you shall buy weapons and armor. You can buy various swords, knives, and shields in the related shops. At last, you try to defeat gladiators to win experience and gold… and then do it all again. Your ultimate aim is to defeat all seven arena champions and reign as champion yourself. If you find yourself struggling, try a different strategy. Your adventure will start in the town square. Good luck, gladiator!

Sea Monster

A freak wave came along and made all the people on your boat fall into the sea! You are the only one left on board and it is up to you to save them from the monster lives in the sea around here. See Monster is a skill game on in which you have to save all the 25 persons to win. The monster particularly enjoys a bit of human flesh to munch on for his lunch! So you have to click on the people in the water to save them. Don’t miss anyone. Life is the most important. Good luck!

Ninja Reincarnation

As we know, ninja is a class of 14th century Japanese who were trained in martial arts and were hired for espionage and assassinations. Now through reincarnation, a ninja has turned into a sheep, but his skills aren’t lost. So you will a sheep with excellent fighting skills… Ninja Reincarnation is a fighting game on in which your mission is to defend yourself by defeating enemies. You can use front kick, front punch, high kick, critical hit to attack. To defend, you can jump to avoid attacks or use magical shield. Watch out your health bar as well as other indicators. Good luck!

Soulmech Shinobu

In Japan, ninja is a group of people with excellent Kongfu skills. Are you curious about their life? Soulmech Shinobu is a fighting game on in which you will be a ninja to fight with others. During the fight, you can attack, jump and defense. All the actions you make will cost you some energy which can be recovered after some rest. You can perform haste and kage slash to defeat your enemy, but only under the condition that you have enough energy. Try to win before you are killed by your foes. Good luck!

Frog It 2

Use the arrow keys to eat the bugs and get to the next pond before time runs out!

X-Tract Paperclip

X-Tract Paperclip is a shooting game on in which your job is to clear all the three levels by hitting Clippy with the office supplies. You move left, right, up and down to aim the Clippy which may appear at random place. Throw office supply at them to catch them. Each level has different requirements so read specific instructions when necessary. You can increase your throw power by holding the mouse longer. But more powerful shot doesn’t mean better, you need to adjust the power according to where the Clippy is. Have fun!

Merlins Christmas

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


A game for all ages, use your mouse for game control. You need only to click on the missiles the fastest possible, to make them explose on the air and avoid damaging the ground units. If you miss too much missiles, your ground base will be demolished and the game will be over.

Gladiator 2

This game is in the category ?action?. The history: You are a slave who was selected to fight with the Colossus. You must kill all the challengers (they are small men in armour which has either a sword or a lance) then that will be with the turn of the Champion of the Gladiators (an enormous gladiator which has a gauge of life). With you of all to kill them. This game includes 3 levels: the first one goes from 0 to 1000points, the second level goes from 1000 to 2500 points and the last level from 2500 to 5000 points. To win the game is necessary to arrive at the last level and to gain it. You lose if your life bar (in bottom on the right) arrives at 0. Controls: arrow the left and right-hand side to move, the arrow one top to jump, the bar spaces to serve to you as your weapon. You have the choice of 2 weapons: a sword and a mass, the key M enables you to use the mass and NR the sword touches.

Killer Affairs

Killer Affairs is a shooting game on in which your mission is to shoot those moving heads dead. You have several weapons: knife, pistol, rifle, machine gun, sub machine gun. You can change weapons when necessary. You can go right and left, jump to higher places and crouch to protect yourself. Don’t let those damn head touch you, thus will consume your health and once you have no health, you will be killed. Only when you enter higher levels, can your guns be upgraded. Have fun!

Tower Defence

This game is based on the popular Warcraft 3 ?Element Tower Defence? and the Starcraft ?Turret Defence? gameplay. The object of the game is to prevent the hordes (waves) of monsters from getting to the castle by building element towers near the path. Your menu is located at the bottom of your screen. You can choose from a number of different elements to build towers from. When you click on a tower that has been built, the build menu becomes an upgrade menu, allowing you to make your tower stronger. The monsters will spawn (appear) every 20 seconds. Their health will be multiplied by 1.25 with every wave. If your towers fail to kill the monsters, and they do get the castle, a civilian of your castle will die. When all your civilians die, the game will be over.

Mad Shark

Mad Shark, which is an adventure game on As everybody know it, a shark is a very ferocious animal which living in the sea. Shark is also a king of the ocean animals, they also eat other kinds of small fishes, so under the sea, everyone,every kinds of fishes and other animals are afraid of sharks. At here, you have to pretending that you are a shark, you are going to kill those people who are coming to disturb the ocean peace people. Use your keypad, the spacebar is bite, be careful, do not let any one to kill you, cause you are the king of the ocean!

Spider Man

Mary Jane has been captured by Venom! Help Spider-Man reach her in time by swinging across the building tops before time runs out.

Super Bug

Super Bug is a skill game on in which you are in control of a super bug to gain points. Once the game starts, you can use arrow keys to fly and press spacebar for turbo moves. When in the air, you can press space bar to dive. When on the floor, you can use space bar to boost up. Make use of the down key to stay still on the floor. When flying in the air, you should try to collect stars and heart icon for bonus points. There are fruit plants on the floor. Get them for super points. But beware of the crabs and light ball. Once you hit one of them, your score will decrease. Your total life is 50. When you run out of your life value, the game is over. Are you ready? Fly now.

Nanaca Crash

Nanaca Crash is a game similar to the Penguin Throw game (one of the Yetisport serie), but this time you are throwing a guy in the air. The game is build in a manga style, very easy to play and have great fun.

Sammy the Salmon

Sammy the Salmon, which is an action game on Salmon is the common name for several species of fish of the family Salmonidae. The fish is pink and silver. Several other fish in the family are called trout. Salmon live in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Great Lakes and other lakes. Typically, salmon are anadromous: they are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce. However, there are rare species that can only survive in fresh water habitats. This is most likely due to the domestication of these certain species of Salmon. Folklore has it that the fish return to the exact spot where they were born to spawn. Sammy is a cheery salmon fish. She signed up a competition for testing how quick can she swim?! Let’s help her, just keep clicking your “left keypad” and when she meets the stone, click your spacebar, then she could finished her race. Thanks from Sammy.

Robot Run

Robot Run is an adventure game on in which you will run for survival as a robot. You will be located at an evil base. For survival, you have to run forwards as quickly as possible. Because you are running on an electric belt that is moving at your opposite direction, you will be dragged back if you stop moving on. You can use arrow keys to run and press space bar to jump. For there are so many stone blocks on your way, you have to jump over them. Terribly, an evil fire is chasing you. Don’t let this fire touch you, or you will be burnt into ash. And many stones fall down from your head. Avoid being hit by them, or they will reduce your health and slow down your speed. So that’s all risks you have to face. What will happen in front? Nobody knows. What you have to do is to run. Run now!

Straw Hat Samurai

Welcome to Straw Hat Samurai, a skill game on Here, your mission is to stall the construction of the enemy gates until friendly forces arrive. To finish the mission, you need to get to the gates, and there are many guards on your way. You need to clear the stage one by one. To slaughter them, you need to draw a line along enemies’ bodies to slash with your sword. You can move your mouse to the edge of the screen to scroll. Have fun!

Core Salvage

Five years ago, there have burst a war between virus and human beings. At last, brilliant scientists won the battle and they kept the virus into some balls, so the world was in peace again. But now, the virus wants to take revenge! What would you do? Core Salvage is a skill game on in which your mission is to prevent the ball with virus as its core from exploding. You do this by keeping the ball in the game area or it will blast and the virus inside will drain your health. You lose your game when you use up your health. Good luck!

Virus 2

Virus is an arcade game on in which you will enjoy yourself very much. You can see a red ball with two eyes on it, that’s your character and use arrow keys to control or direct it. Gray spiders creep in the arrow roads between the stone walls. Collect them for fraction while avoiding touching the blue electric balls. The electric balls will disappear in limited time, and spiders move very fast, so you should try to make your steps more quickly and move carefully between streets. When you bump with the electric ball, your energy decrease and you can see the green energy meter on the top of the screen turn red partly, it will rise with the number of balls you have touched. When you use up your energy, the game is over. Use your skill and energy to make a high score. Play now.

Pizza Delivery

The goal of this game is to delivery pizza for the people of a building. It is enough to click on the people to give them pizza, but attention has not to dissatisfy those which requires soup by sending pizza to them. To take again pizza it is necessary to press on the Espace key on your keyboard. More one arrives far in the game, more the building becomes big. Our pizza deliver has 5 lives which it loses by not serving customers or by giving pizza for someone waiting for soup. On the menu (in Korean) the first button explains the game instructions, click on the second to play the game.

Ragdoll Avalanche 2

Ragdoll Avalanche 2 is a skill game on in which you will help a stickman to avoid being hurt by sharp peaks. When the game starts, you will see a stickman lying on the ground. It has no bones, so it is very soft and can not stand up. You can use the arrow keys to make him up, down, left and right. When you are watching his performance and dancing, dangers come. Numerous sharp spikes fall down from the top of the screen. They are all deadly weapon. You must move the stickman back and forth to avoid being cut by the spikes. Once the stickman is cut by the falling spikes, it will break into several parts and that will be cruel and bloody. The more spikes you help the character avoid, the more points you can get.

Claque Beignet

Here, we play by hitting to lyric singers. On the line of the screen, the gauge of the sound volume is; if it is filled, the unbearable one is reached and the play is finished. Easy way: click on the green trick which appears in top of the screen of time to other to make go down again the gauge.

King of Hill

A castle defence game. Build your army to protect your castle from enemy attack, click on a target to attack it.

Rebel Noel

Rebel Noel is an arcade game on Your name is Noel and you are one of Santa’s elves. You have just pissed off your boss (Santa) by calling him a “slave drivin”, beer drinkin, womanizin, out of shape pile of crap. Needless to say, he is not too flattered. Your objective is to get away from Santa before he clobbers you. Accumulate points by jumping and hitting objects. Some of these objects can help you get Santa off your back as well. Santa is chasing behind you with a big wood hammer. You must ceaselessly jump and get something to slow him down, like apple, pear, hammer, ropes and so on. His room is decorated beautifully with colorful lights and many small toys ready for sending to children in Christmas Eve. Your action will cause chaos. But you have no other choice now. Ready? Run.

Fright Club

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Ben 10 Ultimate Harley

The action game Ben 10 Ultimate Harley is provided to you by, a free game hub. Join this free game to have fun. Your goal is to drive the Harley motorbike as far as possible. Drive forward with the up arrow and balance with the left and right arrows. Press the space bar to jump and the key N is for Nitro. Try to collect the coins along your way as many as possible. Do not drop the hero off the motor!

Fly Girl

Fly Girl, which is an action game on Sexual harassment is unwelcome attention of a sexual nature and is a form of illegal and social harassment. It includes a range of behavior from seemingly mild transgressions and annoyances to actual sexual abuse or sexual assault.Sexual harassment is considered a form of illegal discrimination in many countries, and is a form of abuse and bullying. Girls easy to meet some rude guys in the club, let’s fight with those easy guys, girl!

The Lone Ninja

In a miserable land far away, the world is ruled by a tyrant who slaughters people and collects treasure by all means. As a brave ninja, you decide to save the people with huge mercy. The Lone Ninja is a fighting game on in which your mission is to kill all the enemies at each level and destroy the final boss. You can move left and right, drop down and jump, and when facing gaps and enemies, you can dash across them. But shadowdash can only be performed on the ground or while hanging from walls. Attack the foes by throwing dagger to them, but don’t be touched by their weapons or you will lose one life. Have fun!

Adventures Of Ryuken Hadouken

Adventures of Ryuken Hadouken is a fighting game on in which your mission is to defeat all the opponents. You can choose the battle stage from the beach to the forest. To attack, you can punch and kick and try to give combo tricks to consume the energy bar above your enemy’s head. Try to avoid getting hurt. There are many levels for you to survive. Good luck!

Dark Matter

In the night when all the creatures gone to sleep, devils will wander around in the city, murder the homeless. You are taking a part in the union whose duty is to defeat the night, watch it until the dawn, keeping the city from chaos. You are good at melee and long-ranged pistol whose bullets are made of silver, and of course it is limited. In this case, don’t waste your finite ammo, try to use your blade. Dark Matter is an action game, available on By the way, there is a little difference in the game against the instruction. And this is the exactly correct keyboard for KEY D to jump and KEY E to shoot, saving your time from checking the key one by one and enjoy the game!

Sewer Surf

You are a big mouse surfing through a river. There are many dangerous objects that you cannot touch except the candy; otherwise you will lose your lift. You totally have 3 lives.

Sparks And Dust

Play free game Sparks And Dust on

One Man's Doomsday 2

One Man’s Doomsday 2 is an adventure game on in which you will control your character to come across those difficult challenges and fight against his colorful enemies. There is a tuition level before the game starts. After the stage, you are located in a high cliff. The sky is blue and the sun is hanged on the sky. Use the arrow keys to move ahead. And your enemies will come towards you from the two side of the screen. They are in different colors and those color stands for your enemy’s level. Some of them are difficult to defeat. And you can pick up the gun and press A to shoot. You can also use D to enter a tank. Watch out your energy bar at the bottom of screen. You can fulfill it by pick up Red Cross sign. Your score will be shown at the upper left side of the screen.

Vorticube 3d

Collect cubes, Avoid mines, Watch your time/lives. Game Controls: Arrow keys: move up/down/left/right, WS keys: to/fro, p: pause.

Doc Ock Rampage

You were a good and normal person, and one day, you were attacked by some aliens who turn you into some bastards that had the power to destroy the whole world. Now you are out of control… Doc Ock Rampage is a skill game on in which your mission is to destroy all objects on the screen. You will meet the police who want to kill you in order to rebuild the peaceful world. Try to avoid their bullets which will reduce your health. Destroy all the buildings, cars, etc before you get caught. Good luck!

Adventures Of Gyro Atoms 2

Gyro is a gorgeous civet cat, adventuring in the forest to collect various atoms. There is a plutonium puzzle piece, which is hard to find and when 5 are combined they make a rainbow atom, which is Gyro’s favorite item and he wants to collect all 10! Blue atoms can appear when 20 of these rare atoms combine. Gyro letters hidden collectables in each world, collect 4 for a free life. Locked gateways mark the portal location, but you cannot use the portal when it’s locked. Portal keys open the locked gates. Open portals suck you into the next level. Green atoms are the most common item. Collect 100 and earn a 1UP. Adventures of Gyro Atoms 2 is an adventure game on Good luck!

Minefield Of Death

A minefield to be crossed and 4 possibilities are offered to you: to advance of a step, to jump, make a great jump and? to request! Good luck!

Bockade Bitz

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Tile Ball

Tap arrow keys to keep the ball in the track. Here you'll meet some basic tiles. The level is large but there are checkpoints.

Snow Ball Warrior

Snow ball fighting has been started, x’mas is coming, Christmas trees are decorated with candles, stars, socks and piled up with gifts--it is time for us to enjoy the best time of the year. Joy of festival, tasty feast, kinds of gifts and the freezing snow greeting ball, all of which wish you merry Christmas and a splendid future year. Snow Ball Warrior is an action game in which your goal is to knock down as many people as possible, who is different individually judging from how big he is. You can master the character to move using UP and DOWN ARROW KEY to move forward and backward. Use RIGHT and LEFT ARROW KEYS to rotate, then press SPACEBAR to shoot. It is regret that you cannot option to add stones and ice into the snow ball for a higher earnings. You can find this action game on Have fun.

Boomerang Mayhem

People have been talked about protecting endangered species for a long time, but fewer have been done. Now kangaroos will have their revenge, they will take you to the end of the world and hunt you! Boomerang Mayhem is a skill game on in which your mission is to defend yourself and collect bonuses. Try to keep away from those thrown boomerangs which will hurt you, and try to gather all the bonuses you meet, they are useful. Attack those angry kangaroos to tell them a lesson. Good luck!

Serpent Pass

Serpent Pass is an adventure game on in which you will play the role of Toph and try to rescue her friends kidnapped by the evil serpent. Toph and her friends need to reach on the other side of the dreaded serpent’s pass. Beware, the force of the engaged sea serpent’s ear-splitting cries will shake the rock walls and crumble the pass. You should use Toph’s earthbending skills to repair the rocks so all her friends can safely cross. You can move by pressing the left/right arrow keys. If you want to jump you can press the up arrow key. You can hold the down arrow key to destroy blocks. You should tap 1, 2 or 3 rapidly to create or repair one block. Blocks can be created when Toph’s chi is full. You should save all your friends before time runs out. The faster you are, the higher you score will be. Be quick—if you take too long to clear the path, your friends will become frightened and run away. You can add an air rescue to increase your power. You can get bonus points if you can find freeze time under rocks. If you can’t find the pass in the limited time, the pass will crumble, and then the serpent will eat Toph and her friends. Play now.

Nuclear Fart Bear

Help this farting bear to catch the butterflies. Make bigger fart to jump higher, if you fall from too high, you will loose a life. Each butterfly caught will give you points.

Ghost Hunter

It is said that in Halloween, ghosts will come out to scare people, especially children. So, in order to scare those fearsome ghosts, people will lit up pumpkin lamps which are carved into grimaces. Now there comes a ghost catcher who can catch and drive out all the unpleasant spirits. Ghost Hunter is a skill game on in which your mission is to hunt as many ghosts as possible. You hit them with your mighty hammer. Try to be more nimble in that specters and skeletons will appear quickly. Different ghosts worth different points. Good luck!


Snow, which is a skill free game on In this winter season and a snowy day, you and your best friend looking for some fun games outside. You both were thinking long time, suddenly you found a stick on the floor and suggest him that you both can play baseball, but you could not find any baseball there. Your innocent friend says that he could be a baseball and he will jump down from a deck of observers, then you strike him out and see how far you can strike him away. Every hit appears your record and it will take down your top meters. It seems fun to you, so good luck and God bless your friend.

Conquer Antarctica

Conquer Antarctica is an arcade game on in which you try to get as many points as you can. The name of the game is “conquer Antarctica”. The name sounds interesting. In the game, you should command your penguin squad in order to gain power over the Antarctica ice territory. You have to eliminate all the enemy penguins on each level in order to advance with your campaign. When you play the game, there is very nice music nearby your ears. In addition, there is a very beautiful picture in the game. For example, there are lovely penguins. The background is the beautiful blue color. It has two levels in the game: the low level and the high level. If you play very well, it is possible to promote. Are you ready? Good luck and conquer Antarctica.

Slashing Pumpkins

Are you scared when seeing a hand, old, weary and impaled upon a pipe of steel, sitting above a graveyard some place scary? Stop screaming and take it easy. It’s just a game—Slashing Pumpkins, a Halloween game on In the game, the only pain the hand can feel is when he moves both left and right. It is armoured only with a knife, whose purpose is to take the life of every pumpkin that doth annoy him, as this is his only joy. Move the hand right and left then drop the dirk. If a pumpkin you did hit, your score will go up a bit. If you miss the pumpkins, your dagger will just disappear. You know your time is running old when the small hand starts to mould, when it doth turn red and sore, you will see your final points.

Jellyfish Shuffleboard

This is a submarine cartoon game. You choose a character you like and pick a play mode: high-score mode or versus mode. The rule of this game is a little like curling. Use the mouse to control the strength of your push by lengthening or shortening the arrows. You should also be aware of the vane and the currents. Hit those starfish can obtain bonus.

Shoot Flyers

Shoot Flyers is a skill game on in which you kill mosquitoes with the beat. Before each level you will see the require number of mosquitoes you should kill in limited time. Once the game started, you will see a mosquito on the glass window Just move your mouse, point at the mosquitoes appearing in the screen and simply click. If you hit the mosquitoes, there will be blood leave on the place where the mosquito had been, if not, click again until you hit it. The game is funny and full of joy. You can see the residual time and the score you made in the lower-right corner of the screen. So are you ready now? Have fun!

Kitten Cannon

A long working day? Remove your shoes and ruez you on this play as sadistic as jouissif! A small adjustment of the angle of the gun with the directional arrows, a small pressure on the key spaces and you will have happiness to see our charming pussy addressing as tu pious out of metal and other sticks of dynamite inopportunely forgotten by the programmers (but useful to beat a record, the goal being of course to catapult pussy as far as possible). Rhhh???? that it is good... (Translated by Google)


Darkcut is a skill game on in which you will finish three important operations on injured persons. You are a military doctor in the battle. Your first operation is to remove the arrow from Captain Herold’s right leg. The soldiers need him on the battlefield by the second morning. So you must hurry and create the least pain as possible. If you make too many pains and the captain’s health decreases to zero, the game is over. Your second operation is to remove the weird boils from an individual. Maybe it is a kind of new disease, so you must use any means necessary to clean, remove and solve the problem. You third operation is to take care of ridding the vampire in the correct fashion. One false move will most likely be your death. Try it now.

Columbus Pirate

Columbus Pirate is an arcade game on in which you will fight against some fierce enemies at the same time. There are some casks floating in the sea. Three opponents are in the casks. At the beginning of the game, you will find you have to face three cruel enemies who are all carrying with broadswords. They will attack you ruthlessly. You can click the mouse to fight with them. If you think that you can’t win, you can click on a cask and hide in it, waiting for a chance to defeat them. You should be prompt enough, or you will be attacked to death. If you are attacked by them for five times, you will lose the game and the game is over. Play now.

Night Exorcist

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Dexter's Bubble

This game is inspired by the series the laboratory of Dexter. You are the young scientist Dexter and you have a bubble of chewing-gum in the mouth. On your left, your sworn enemy Mandark shakes a rack and makes fall from the objects. On your line your sister Dee Dee. The goal of this play is that you move (with the arrows of left and right-hand side) so that the objects which fall rebound on your bubble of chewing-gum. You will have then to bring them to Dee Dee by making them rebound on your bubble. Once arrived until it, leave and it will catch the object automatically. To make rebound the objects put quite simply below. Pay attention to certain things which can bore your bubble of chewing-gum (candle, screwdriver?) With each time you make fall an object, the pink bar is emptied and once completely vacuum the part is finished. Good luck!

3 Foot Ninja 2

The land to the south has been overtaken by armies of dead and evil worriers. Towns were burnt, people were killed. The king of the southern land had lost his daughter in a siege of the castle. As a famous worrier, you start your journey to save the princess and the land. 3 Foot Ninja 2 is a fighting game on in which your mission is to kill as many enemies as possible. Play different tricks in different situations. Don’t forget to defend yourself. Some items in the game can be broken. They may reveal content such as health or stamina. Collect the golden scarabs for a Bonus at the end of the game. Good luck!

Dragon Ball 2

Dragon ball 2, which is an action game on I think many people ever watched the Japanese cartoon "Dragon Ball"- made by Akira Toriyama. There are so many missions for Goku to collect his dragonballs together and make a wish. So many people are fighting for those magical dragonballs. Goku has many good friends and mates, their mission is find those dragonballs out. Let’s see Android, Bulma, Kami, MR. Popo...and some of Goku’s friends how to get the dragonballs back and fight their enemies!

Stickman Sam 2

Stickman Sam 2 is a shooting game on in which your will have a gun to shoot your enemies. Before the game starts, you will have a conversation with someone. He will introduce your playmate to you. And tell you that you are going to have an encounter later. Once the game begins, you will be located in a room; you can move the mouse to move the crosshair in order to fire at your enemies which are spiders, weird plant and ghosts. Maybe the exploding debris hit you. Your task is run into the room as far as you can. And in the process, do your best to protect yourself and kill your enemies.

Astronaut Throw

Astronaut Throw, which is a skill game on We ever heard about Mr. Armstrong ever landing to the moon. After it, every country are looking for people who can landing to the moon again and offering a very grand money to find the volunteers. One day, there are many astronauts landing to the moon. The Moon monster like them very much, and decided to send them back to the shuttle by a very special way which is throw them by a stick... let’s see how can the moon monster do it or not?!

Pepsi Race Caps

The game play of this game is very similar to the classic Frogger game, you need to cross a road with high traffics, but this time you are taking the role of a Pepsi Coke deliver, you need to pick up bottles of Pepsi and give them to the clients on the other side of the street, be careful of the cars!

Return Of Papulatus

Return of Papulatus is a skill game on in which your mission is to kill the Time Sphere to spawn Papulatus. You have many ways to attack such as strafing and soul arrow. You jump to close your target—a shinning big ball, and then attack it so as to turn it into the Time Sphere. After that you can kill your enemy. Don’t forget to defend yourself against the enemy’s attacks which might be violent. You can get recovery only once. Take warrior pill and jump pill to regain energy. Good luck!

FatB Midget Tossing

FatB Midget Tossing is an arcade game on in which you toss midgets from one side to the other side of a valley. It’s a fine day. Your friends, a group of dwarves, want to play at the other side of a valley. Only you can help him since you are so strong and powerful. Yes, you will toss them across the valley using your arm and hands. You can move the mouse to change the angle and press the space bar to toss. Several kind strangers have prepared to catch midgets when they land. If the midgets land in the kind guys’ basket, you can earn 5 points. Land in a bigger basket carried by two guys for 10 points. Your target is to reach 100 whilst hurting as few little people as possible… or whatever. You must be careful, or the midgets may fall down into the deep valley. Are you ready? Good luck!

Bubble Struggle 2

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Fishing Game 2

Fishing Game is an arcade game on in which you catch fishes in a boat on the lake. To pass each level you must catch the same kind of fish in a row to reach that level’s fish combo goal. At first your line will not be very long and you will not be able to catch the big fish. You can upgrade the fisherman’s line length and strength by catching lots of fish. Be careful if you see a shark. If your line is not at full strength the shark will attack you. If you try to catch a shark twice it may even try to eat you. The bigger and rarer a fish is, the more points it will be worth. You will get bonus points for catching the same kind of fish in a row. You can move the boat back and forth by moving the mouse and click the mouse to drop your line. Fish now.

Story Of Arado

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

From Space

From Space is a skill game on in which you turn aggressive humans into pacifists. You are a peaceful alien from planet Zethra. Your mission on Earth is to make people stop killing each other and to teach them to live in peace and harmony. After years of studying human psychology and physiology, your nation has created a device that turns aggressive humans into pacifists. Your flying saucer is equipped with 3 devices of such kind. Abduct soldiers on the battle field and release them once they are turned into pacifists. Remember that pacifists are humans too and can be killed by a random bullet. You can move your space ship with arrow keys. Stop your flying saucer precisely above a soldier to abduct him. Once an abducted soldier is converted, press space over an empty area to release him. A mission ends when all soldiers are either dead or abducted. Good luck!

Take To The Streets

Take To The Streets is a fighting game on in which your mission is to defeat all the loafers on the streets. Be careful not to be hurt by their axes, sticks or knives. You’d better kick them first and then use various punches to consume their energy—they will die if their blood goes to zero. Pick up first-aid kits to recover your health. Try to make combo attacks if you can and that will give you more scores. Knock down those big guys within the given time. Good luck!


The goal of the game is to navigate Hopper to the top of the mountain. While Hopper is traveling he must look out not to fall of the mountain and he may not touch enemies and other dangerous objects. In each level Hopper has to find the golden star, before he can travel to the next level. How higher Hopper travels up the mountain how challenger the levels become! Hopper 2 contains more levels and more challenges! Controls: Move = arrow buttons, Jump = space button.

Spank The Monkey 1

Your neighbor gets a new pet—a monkey. At first the monkey behaves well, but as time went on, the little creature showed his natural shortcomings. He broke your window, steal the fruit in your yard, what’s more, he screamed at night! How terrible! So you decide to teach the monkey a lesson. Spank The Monkey is an arcade game on in which your mission is to spank the monkey with as much strength as possible. You drag the palm to gain power. The more you turn the palm the more powerful the spank will be. The computer will tell you how nice your spank is. Have fun!

Lumber Joe

Lumber Joe is a skill game on in which your mission is to get to the other side as fast as you possibly can. To control Lumber Joe, you can use arrow keys. Watch out for the logs, you will hurt yourself if you swim into them. Try to swim to safety at the bottom of the map. If you see any colorful objects, try to catch them, they will add you different bonuses like more time, score or even extra life. Good luck!

Unholy Island

In Unholy Island, your mission is simple: kill all the invaders and use their blood to revenge on Kraken. You can handle the cannon to defeat the pirate ships coming near the island. And when the enemies land, you can fight with them with your dagger or shoot them. You can plan your strategy and place your worriers and defenses. If you get hurt, you will lose health so be careful. This game is updated on Good luck!

Sink or Spin

Sink or Spin is an adventure game on in which you play as a pirate and try to pay the debts as fast as possible. Use your arrow keys to navigate round the whirlpool in which the strength of attracting is rather strong. Be careful not to get sucked into the middle, or you will sustain damage or will eventually get sucked in. You need to collect 100 lost souls to pay your debt to Davy Jones. You must collect gunpowder for your cannons to fire at the Kraken when it surfaces. Use the space bar to fire your cannons and you will need to hit the Kraken 3 times to make it go away. Steer your ship straight and true and watch out for the mines, they will make matchsticks of your ship. Join now.

Ghost Wrath

Ghost Wrath is an adventure game on in which you will help Ghost Wrath to fight for his own way escape from destroying by other ghosts. Once the game starts, your ghost is in blue hair. Use arrow keys to move around and press A and S key to attack your enemies. The grey and the brown stone constitute the border. Your enemies are those ghosts in different colors. They will spit their long tongue to attack you. Avoid be attacked and contact with them. And sometimes, a huge spider will drop from the stone. He will also hurt you. Collect the blue small ball and watch out your healthy bar at the bottom of the screen. Collect the red small ball at the same time. It will increase your LP. And after you have beaten down a ghost, go through quickly. Or it will revive again to attack you.

Cat Vac

You have been assigned once again to rid the Medieval Castle of the pesky cats, but this time you're armed with the patented Cat Vac... more points for keep-ups and multiple cats vaceed. Use the mouse to control the Cat Trampoline and the two wall mounted Cat Vacuums...

Sag Way

You friend want to take his girlfriend to a romantic sag way ride through the park. But they can barely go anywhere with all these stupid old people getting in the way. So he asks for your help. Sag Way is a skill game on in which you will be a sag way ride pioneer. Your mission is to ride in front of your friend and his girlfriend and make sure none of the old people will ruin their romantic date. You can move around and punch those geezers. You are like a barrier whose duty is to prevent anyone from passing you. Have fun!

Bullet Dodge

Bullet Dodge is an adventure game on in which you are supposed to fight against the terrorists. The terrorists are located in the building. You are dropped off there. You should watch out the terrorists. After enter this game, you, as a soldier, can see a building in front of you. There are three terrorists in the building. These terrorists will shoot at you incessantly. You should avoid the bullets. You can’t move, but you can head-duck, torso-matrix and legs-jump to avoid the bullets. Choose which way to avoid the bullets according to the height of the bullets which the ambushes shooting at you. You can gain one super dodge every time your dodge meter is full. The dodge meter is on the left of the screen. You avoid one bullet, the dodge meter will increase. If the terrorists hit you, you will bleed. You have to replay.


Knight was a very distinguished mark for middle ages. When talking about knights, people will relate them to gentleness, braveness, and loyalty. Do you know how knights fight? Stagknight is a fighting game on in which you will be the gallant chevalier defeating enemies. You can move and jump to attack, duck to avoid arrows. Killing boyscouts or picking up chests will earn you money with which you can buy normal weapons such as axe and Elven sword, and also electrical weapons like Laser sword. Different weapons have different functions. Use them smartly. Good luck!

Sam from Mars

One day, the Mar was invaded by viruses and the only Martian who could save their planet is Sam. Sam from Mars is a skill game on in which your mission is to help Sam clear all the stages. You press the arrow buttons to control Sam. Try to avoid the Lovebug virus, the Kornakova virus, they are dangerous. Also, you should keep Sam away from Spinners which can freeze Sam. Don’t touch wires. To trigger the virus destruct sequence, Sam has to walk over the blue chips in numeric sequence. Good luck!

UFO 101

UFO 101 is an arcade game on in which you will act as a character driving the UFO and fly as far as possible. You can start flying by pressing the left arrow key. The direction of your flying can be changed by pressing different arrow keys. Your points will increase rapidly as you fly ahead smoothly. The sky is blue and the scenery is beautiful. There are numerous obstacles in the sky to baffle you. You should pay attention to them and keep yourself away from them. If you crash with them, you will die. But if you manage to evade them, you can survive. Moreover, if you fly higher than the baffling obstacles and hit them successfully, you can win 10 bonus points every time. Enjoy yourself.

N Game

This time you are a ninja, you has only 30 minutes to pass all the 30 levels in this game.

Donjon Bomber 2

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Mole's Revenge

Mole’s Revenge is a skill game on in which you strike the head of moles by a hammer, but they revenge on you. For years and years moles in whack-a-mole games around the world have been taking it on the head day in and day out. Whack! Whack! Whack! Well they have had it and now they are fighting back. Whack the moles on the head with the hammer if you dare, but don’t be surprised if they don’t take it too kindly. Proceed at your own risk and don’t say we did not warn you. You can earn points if you whack the moles successfully. Their teeth may break to pieces and they may feel a bad headache under your whack. Unfortunately, they may snatch your hammer and whack you back on your head, then hide back into the holes again. They may also shoot you by using a rifle. Then you will lose a point. Try to get as more scores as possible. Good luck!

Energy Champions

Collect the recycling dropped from above by the selfish workers and place them in the correct recycling bins before your carbon workprint becomes too big.

Stickya Adventurya

Stickya Adventurya is an adventure game on in which you would be a brave boy to join an adventure. Your only weapon is to fart. Your fart can kill sheep and bad guys on your way. Bake Bean Replenishing Cans are a good source of gas. You must pick up as more bean cans as possible. One Bean Can will increase five farts for you. Once you lose all farts, you will lost power to fight, thus you put yourself in danger. You may also encounter little bunnys on your adventure, fart on and kill them. When blocked by a door, you can press E key to break it. Be careful to avoid being killed by sharp peaks when you fall down. And you must kill all hoodlums by your fart on the way for getting a high score. Begin this adventure here!


The gasoline is too expensive! You then decide to catch the cans to make decrease the price until it is null. But attention has not to catch an oil can (oil) which makes increase the price of 50cents! If you bring the price to 0 you gain, if it exceeds 5$ you lose. It is just enough to move the mouse towards the left or the right-hand side to move the personage.

Ice Slide

Catapult your favourite polar animal as far as you can. Avoid the snowy hazards.

Knight Of The Dead

Knight of The Dead is a fighting game on in which you, the knight of brave, need to fight with enemies and go through as many levels as you can. Your foes are coming close to you, and you can attack them with your knife. Also, if you are attacked by them, you can use your shield to avoid damage. But pay attention to your health bar and shield bar, if any of them was used out, you lose your game. You can buy amulets with your money between levels. Have fun!

Turbo Cyborg Ninja X

Play free game Turbo Cyborg Ninja X on

Old Angry Wizard

Old Angry Wizard is a fighting game on in which you endeavor to kill as more ghosts as you can. The Ring Wraiths want to harass you. You must keep them away by hitting them with your sword. Eventually they will feel violated and fly away, but new ones will come. And you can not hit them while they are attacking. Once you begin the game, you are getting weaker every second. Every time you jump or attack, you lose even more stamina. If you don’t take your medication (that constantly falls from the sky) you will die of a heart attack. Once in a while, a little hobbit will run by for no apparent reason. You can do whatever you want with it. The wraiths will stretch out their bodies from the soil. They will follow you and attack you consecutively. Once you lose all your health, the game is also over. Good luck!

Mission to Mars 1

Mission to Mars places you as an alien detective on the surface of the red planet itself trying to unravel a mystery of cosmic proportions. Can you solve each of the increasingly difficult levels and uncover the final secret in Mission to Mars?


You have entered a place where is taken bay darkness. There is no one to save and you are isolated from the outside. But you have to leave this hell alive! Desolation is an adventure game on in which your mission is to get out of the house. You start from the first floor. There are many rooms waiting for you, some of them contain the items which is useful for you, so pick them up and equip them. There are arrows on the top right corner which help you to move. The map can help you situate yourself and to make deplacements. Use your items wisely, they are really helpful. Good luck!

Shoot Salmon

Shoot Salmon is an arcade game on in which you try to get as many scores as you can. Once it starts, you will be located on a bridge with a harpoon in hand. Your mission is to hunt the fish which jump out off water surface. You should shoot enough fish before time is out. You can use (←) 、(→) and spacebar key to turn left、turn right and attack. In each level, you need to catch the specified amount of similar fishes in a row. If you pass the level, you will automatically send to a new level with higher degree of difficulty. The game will last until you can’t finish the task. Are you ready? Have fun.

Gates Vs Jobs

Gates Vs Jobs is a fighting game on in which you try to beat your opponent down. Both of the heroes in this game are tycoons in nowadays field of computer, one is the father of Microsoft, Bill Gates; and the other is the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. This fighting game is between the two persons, you can choose Gates or Jobs as your role. Just move your mouse around to attack, and hover to block. Use left and right arrow keys to walk. During the game, try to fully fill the bonus attack to get a bonus move. Here are the health matters hanging on the top of the screen, the one whose power goes empty first will lose the game. Are you ready to be Gates or Jobs? Move now.

Front Page Nuisance

Jack wrote a gossip column about Adam in the school newspaper. As Adam’s good friend, you decide to help Adam get out of this. Front Page Nuisance is an arcade game on in which your mission is to collect the papers and knock Jack off his flagpole before the story gets out. When in the catch mode, you help Adam grab the paper before other students read them or you will lose your game. In the attack mode, you will help Adam throw papers at Jack. You can switch between modes. Don’t forget to collect bananas to get extra time. Good luck!

Let M Roll

The principle of this game is rather easy: You have a basket and must catch the cat heads falling down from the 5 guillotines above you. Your objective is to catch as much heads as possible to get the highest score. But take care! You shall not drop more than 5. Just move the mouse to move below the guillotines. Small additional difficulty: The heads rebound in the basket so that if you are not long enough in position, there is a big risk that they jump out of your basket! Good luck...

Sea Strike

Sea Strike is a classic naval battle game, you can move your ship with the arrow keys of your keyboard, and shoot by pressing the spacebar, you can shoot vertical and horizontal missiles to attack your enemies.

Girl Power

Girl Power is an arcade game on in which you will finish your game with a wood hammer. In this game, there are a lot of little bags crawls back and forth. You don not know what is hiding in these bags. Just imagine it. There may be a little worm in a bag and it wears a red hat. These bags vary from size. The one to you recently is the biggest one. The one which is farthest to you is the smallest one. Different size bags indicate different scores. The size is bigger, the score is less. You just use your hammer to heat the bags. To use the hammer, press the left button of your mouse. If you hit a bag, you get the score that the bag indicates. Remember, you have only 30 seconds. Wish you good luck!

Treetop Trouble

Emergency! The dam will be destroyed by some bad guys! You have escaped your captor, and now you are in a race against time to save an entire village! Seems exciting right? Treetop Trouble is an adventure game on in which you are the hero Sokka. You will have to use all your warrior skills to navigate the precarious perches high in the treetops, all the while dodging archers’ arrows and the relentless pursuit of the freedom fighters’ leader, Jet. You can climb on ropes or crouch to avoid attack. Moving forth and back quickly can free you from Jet’s grasp. When in danger, you can throw boomerangs to kill enemies. Try to be quicker, all the villagers’ lives are in your hand. Try not to lose any of your tries because every time you need to start from the beginning. Good luck!

Space Escape

Space Escape is an arcade game on in which you guide your ship through the space in the least time with the slightest damage. Don’t hit the wall or any of the obstacles since they will lead you to death, but there are also plenty of extra points, time bonus and power-ups along the way, you can check the instructions section to get more information about them. Once the game started, use the up-arrow key to thrust, the left or right arrow key to rotate into the right direction, down-arrow key or the space key to brake. You can check your level, residual lives, coins and score in the top-left corner of the screen. The number of bonus and time you had used are shown in the top-right corner. The game is exciting. Are you ready? Play now.


When people talk about pilot, they almost mean the guys control planes. Have you ever thought that besides flying, pilots can also build rockets? Cosmopilot is a shooting game on in which you will help your character assemble his rockets. Different parts of the missile are laid on upper shelves so you should help your aviator jump to get them without being hit by wandering rockets. You can walk left and right and shoot those dangerous big stones into pieces. You have only three lives so cherish every chance. Good luck!

Blue Shift

Blue Shift is a shooting game on in which you try to evade enemy attacks and attack the enemies. An oil rig near the North Pole has been attacked by an unknown enemy, Radar has detected numerous unregistered flights in the area; be careful, they could be hostile. You are an elite soldier in the game. Once the game starts, you can use the arrow keys to control the fighter. You can use the A key to fire and D key for avoiding being shot. Make use of D keys to switch weapons. Press F key to discharge EMP. If you kill some enemies, there may be level-up appearing in the screen. Once you are attacked too much, the game is over. Do you want to be a hero? Play now.

Martial Tricks

Martial Tricks is a fighting game. In this game, your target is to defeat your opponent round by round. When game start, you will see an arrow in the middle between you and your opponent, when you see the Up arrow, you should quickly press the Up arrow key on your keyboard, when you press the Down arrow, you should quickly press the Down arrow key on your keyboard, when you see the Left arrow, you should quickly press the Left arrow key on your keyboard, when you see the Right arrow, you should quickly press the Right arrow key on your keyboard. The arrow will appear one by one, and you must press one by one, don’t wait too much time, or else, it will cause miss, if you totally have 5 miss, and game is over. Wish you good luck!! Game start now!!

Eternal Red

Do you ever imagine that your home is crowded with waves of aliens, no? It is time for you to have the feeling, never lie to you, it is terribly shivering scene. Eternal Red is an action game, available on Prevent the waves of shadow creeps from getting from one portal to the other. Build sentry guns, set floor traps, and arm yourself strategically to survive 70 waves of enemies. Clicking on the various floor panels and sentry mounts will bring up menus to build and upgrade your equipment. You can also click on your own character and arm him with various weapons to help defend against the oncoming enemies. Be prepared. Every 10 waves a boss will appear. They move slowly, but have a lot of health, and will take off 5 HP from your portal instead of 1. Flying enemies can not be harmed by floor panels. Don’t get caught without sentries when they show up! Try different combinations of weapons and traps. Place them strategically to do the most damage. Have fun!

Sift Renegade

Sift Renegade combines western and oriental elements in the fighting, boxing and swords and blades. You are on your way to revenge, for the Japanese kidnapped your bro and brutally murdered him. Your fury polishes the sharp blade which has been lust for blood for a really long time. Sift Renegade is an action game, available on You can sneak around by pressing KEY WASD, while double tapping them will perform a blitz run. It is easy to swipe your sword just simply click the LEFT MOUSE. There are other weapons in the game, and lots of vehicles. Be alert of your back, they are back stabbing bastards.

Loki & Cat Invaders

Cats and dogs are born enemies, so when they meet, an inevitable war happens. LokiandCat Invaders is a shooting game on in which you will help Loki the dog fight against the fatty cat. You throw bones to attack, and try to avoid the “bullets” thrown by the cat. You need to aim accurately so to teach the puss a good lesson. You can move right and left to make better aim. You have several levels to pass. Have fun!

Woman Throw

Woman Throw, which is an action game on In baseball, batting is the act of facing the opposing pitcher and trying to produce offense for one’s team. A batter or hitter is a person whose turn it is to face the pitcher. The three main goals of batters are to become a baserunner, drive runners home, or advance runners along the bases for others to drive home, but the techniques and strategies they use to do so vary. Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith are lovely couple, they do everything together, no matter where they are, one day they got bored of life, they got an idea is that being a batter to throw Mrs. Smith as a baseball away. Let’s see how far he could strike her?!

Street Avenger

Street Avenger is a fighting game. In this game, your target is to kill all the enemies and the level boss. Attention, you totally have 3 lives for challenge. You can firstly choose a character form the give 2 (Herty and Adam). And then start your challenge. For the movement, you can press the “W” key to move upward, press “S” key to move downward, press “A” key to move leftward, and press “D” key to move rightward. For the attack, you can press the “J” key to kick enemies, press “K” to jump kick, press “L” key to ground sweeping. More over, you can find other special attack skill (like use flash power, quick seriate kick, and so on), you can combine the attack key and the arrow keys by yourself, and you will find more powerful attack. What for the health bar and power bar in the lower left corner of your screen, when the health bar fall down to zero, you will use another new life, when the power bar fall down to zero, you can not activate special skill again. Remember, pick up some aid box can help you to re-fill your health bar. Good luck!!

Sheep Race

Sheep are running experts especially in the warm sunlit spring. But have you ever seen sheep jump? Sheep Race is a skill game on in which you will help your lovely sheep jump over fences rushing to the finish line. Before every fence you will see a red mark which tells you that you’d better jump at this exact point. Both an early jump and a late one will kill your running sheep. Try to be nimble. You have only three tries. When you use all of them up, you have to restart the game. You have three levels to enjoy yourself. Good luck!

Dart Game

Dart Game is an arcade game on This game is made to take revenge on your mathematics teacher because he or she gave you an extra exam. There is a big target in the middle of the screen and your mathematics teacher is bound to the center of the target. He closes his eyes and is still very supercilious. You have prepared three darts to throw at him. When the dart shoots the body of the teacher, his shot part will bleed. But once you shoot any part of his face, like nose, mouth, ear, eye and so on, a jet of blood will spout out badly. When you use all three darts, you can press the Replay button to play it again. Don’t have a pity on him or feel bad, it is just a game and not real. So just enjoy it, and with no matter of conscience. Join in and play now.

Fire Storm

Fire Storm is a classic game on where you are the brave and wise fireman armed with a hose to rescue a blazing building. The object is to keep the office building burning to the ground. As the game plays, the top four stories of the office will start on fire, and you the fire fighter, should put out the fire before it destroys the top four floors. To put fire out, just click on the floor and the fire will go out (which will reset time for all floors). Each time you save a floor, you will receive 10 points. No way to lose, you always a winner!

Megaman Zero

Mega Man (known as Rockman in Japan) is a series of video games from Capcom, usually starring the character Mega Man. The first series, now known by fans as the Mega Man Classic series, began in 1987 and over time has evolved to include several spin offs: Mega Man X Mega Man Legends MegaMan Battle Network Mega Man Zero.

F18 Strike Force

F18 Strike Force is a shooting game on in which you are in control of a high performance F18 Hornet fighter jet. From a carrier launch you face off against a non stop barrage of enemy fighters, watch your back and dogfight your way to the top. You can pick up powerups as they appear and keep a close watch on your fuel gauge. The items on power up may be Health, Air to Air Missiles, Fuel, Weapon Upgrade, Shield, Smart Bomb, After Burner, Turning Boost and Bonus Multiplier. You can use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, steer left and steer right your fighter. Press space bar to fire gun, M key to fire missile and B key to shoot smart bombs. And you will be given many missions. Mission one is Persian Gulf. The radars have picked up fifteen unknown bogeys entering friendly allied airspace. You should identify the intruders and engage if hostile. The enemy pilots are often so skillful and flexible that you must so some tricks when steering the fighter in the air. This is an order. Do it now.

Yeti Snowball

You are the big yeti and you are running on a snowball ! The situation is very dangerous, the snowball is rolling down in full speed and get bigger and bigger, you need to jump at the good moments to avoid the ground obstacles, be careful yeti !

Thing Thing Arena 2

Thing Thing Arena 2 is a shooting game on in which you fight against different opponents and try to survive in various conditions. You can select sentry bomber survival, stinky bean survival, zombie survival, super survival, ultimate survival or practice mode. You can also create your own hairstyle, wears, and characters. Avoid being bitten, hit, or shot by your enemies. Once the game starts, you are located at a big machine factory. You will shoot zombies, gunship, terrorists, elite soldiers, stinky beans, or boss robots in different modes. You can use the arrow keys to move and jump for dodging the bullets from your opponents. As for the weapons, you can use or pick up Five-Seven, Automaq 44AMP, P-90, FN SCAR, SPAS-12, Auto 12, HK69, HF Laser Pistol, Gauss Gun, Mini-Vulcan and other machineguns and sub machineguns. Try to collect special items for bonus, for example, a clock item can froze the time within which enemies can not move. You can use that period to eliminate them. Are you clear? Good luck!

Protect The Fire

Protect The Fire is a shooting game on in which you shoot rafts with a catapult. There is a clean lake in the game, you and your enemies both want to conquer the lake, which causes a battle. Your goal is to sink your opponent’s rafts before he sinks yours. There is a fire in each raft. That’s why the game is called Protect the Fire. You can turn the wheel to raise your catapult’s launch intensity, press the launch button to fire away. And you can also adjust your catapult’s shooting angle according to the real condition. During normal rounds, you will take turns firing at each other’s rafts. During speed rounds, it is all out war. Try to go as fast as you can. Be careful not to sink your own rafts – you can try again if you lose a round, but you only get three extra tries. You may select your favorite character to play from Cat, Duck, Pig and Dwarf. Ready? Play now.

Mordor Mountain Madness

Mordor Mountain Madness is an arcade game on in which you try to get as many points as you can. The goal of the game is to avoid the rocks by running left and right. Duck under your cape for cover but beware of the dragon’s rocks. In the game, you should use the keys on the keyboard to control the small person. Press the left and right arrow key to move left and right. Use the down arrow key to duck the small person. There is a very beautiful picture in the game. For example, it has beautiful rocks and fluctuating mountains. When you play the game, you will feel occupying in a vast environment. This is a stimulating game. You will feel that you are doing a perfect thing while you play the game. Are you ready? Good luck.

Streets of Valhalla

Streets of Valhalla, which is an action game on There is a street called Valhalla, you can see people selling drugs there, whores...etc, anyway, it is a worst place security place, even the policeman can not handle those bad guy’s behavior. One day, a hooligan asked Alfie to join them and offering him guns, he wants Alfie to oppose with the policeman and kill all the innocent citizen, if he can not, they will kidnap Alfie’s girlfriend. So he can’t refuse them and he need everyone’s help. Would you like to help him?

War Time

War Time is a fighting game on which you are an excellent soldier in Special Forces and join in a deadly fight against your enemy. When the game starts, your teammates and other enemies have all been killed in the fierce in the war. Only you and another enemy survive in the battle. Both of you hide behind some thick bricks and prepare to do or die. You are holding an advanced machinegun. It’s your turn to attack your enemy. You can shoot bullets at him or you may choose to cure yourself with the medicine or defend. The one who is able to kill another one wins the game. So you must choose a perfect strategy to defeat your opponent. As levels are up, it will become harder and harder for you to win the game.

Shock Shock

Shock Shock is an action game on in which you try to eliminate all robots enemies within the time limit. You are a fully equipped robot-killer. There are numerous robots destroying our world. You are assigned to rescue the sand beach and the buildings around. There are many cactuses and coconut palms in the beach. You can use arrow keys to move around. When you meet a robot, you can use your electric shock to release electricity at it and kill it. Try to kill all robots enemies to move to the next level. There is a super electric shock in each level which can kill all the robots around you. But you must collect it on your adventure, or you won’t get it. If you can not kill all robots within the time limit, the game is over and you have to replay that level again. Good luck!


Lifebuoys is a skill game on in which you are life saver who manipulates the lifebuoy. There is a ship on fire in the sea. The scared passengers are jumping off in succession. There are some sharks swimming in the sea. If the passenger can’t be saved, he will be drawn or eaten by sharks. Your task is to manipulate the lifebuoy properly to save them. If 5 passengers can’t land on the lifebuoy successfully, the game is over. You should control the distance between the lifebuoy and jumpers properly and assure the safety of passengers. You should catch jumping passengers into lifebuoys and make their way to nearest shore. One lifebuoy can hold only three. The more passengers you save, the higher your score is. You can go to the next level if your score reaches 100. Move on.

Light Saber

In this Starwars game you are using a lightsaber to fight your enemies, it's a training program of being a Jedi. Use your mouse and click on the enemy to fight.

Cone Toss

Cone Toss is a kid game. We need your help! Bowls and cones are leaving the Factory without ice cream on them. Your job is to toss scoops into those bowls and cones. For extra points, toss one into the mouth of the boy. Use your mouse to play this game.


In this game, you will act as a wizard. Your job is to destroy those ghosts and generate ghosts, and then get the key to enter the next scene. The green poison can help you kill all the ghosts on the screen. Additionally, eating food and grabbing the treasure are good for you. You should also finish all your jobs within limited times.

Santa Smoo

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


Abadia is an adventure game on in which you will guide a little boy to get through various risks. The goal of the game is to help the boy find the exit of each level. But the premise is that the boy must collect all the gems and blue swords at first. You can use the arrow keys to move the boy left and right. Try to jump over the fire. Once the boy hits the fire, he will lose a life. He can also pick up some items for bonus points, such as speed, life, shield and so on. But there are also some items dangerous to our character. The boy may become a dwarf or slow down by them. You must also beware of the beasts, monsters and flying animals in the game. Once the boy hits one of them, you will lose a chance. Collect all necessary items, and then you will see the exit and move to the next level.

Rice Hat Warrior

Rice Hat Warrior is a fighting game on in which you are a warrior to revenge on your foe. This game is related to a long story. Once the bodyguard for a powerful and fair Shogun, it was said that he was the most skilled and deadly warrior in the land. His family was brutally murdered and he was framed for the hideous crime. Though his master knew his bodyguard was innocent, lack of proof meant he has no choice but to banish him. Not a month since his departure, his master was assassinated. Immediately the Daimyo of the Shimazu clan seized the title of Shogun. Although a fair and just ruler at first…over the course of several years the new Shogun’s cruel and oppressive ways became apparent. Though many tried to stand against him, they all fell. Then people started whispering that the banished one has returned. Whilst crushing a minor rebellion, the Shogun hears these rumours. Without hesitation he halted his army and started back towards his fortress. Eventually the horses and men tired, and he was forced to set up camp. Though he knew how deadly his foe was, he thought that, surrounded by his army, he would be safe. You should prove that he is wrong. Try to kill all the army by using a sword and a knife. Avoid being shot by archers. Kill the new Shogun. Are you ready? Good luck!

Power Copter

Power Copter is a fighting game on in which you steer a gunship to eliminate all enemy aircrafts. From the future, enemies are invading Power Copter’s time. It’s up to you, as Power Copter, to stop the destruction of the Earth. Our hero’s journey begins in the Arctic. It’s snowing and snowflakes fly down from the sky. All around is covered by heavy snow. But the battle is fierce in such a cold and frozen world. You must kill all invaders by using various weapons, like bombs, laser, missiles and machinegun. Press number keys to change your weapon. There are several types of enemy fighters. They shoot bullets, missiles and laser at you. So you must move up and down to avoid being shot. You can collect some shield item on your way to recover your health or become invincible. Pay attention to a kind of cuttlefish missile for it is invincible under the protection of a kind of protective layer. Try to survive in the war. Ready? Fire.

Batman gotham dark night

Arrow Keys Left/Right Move Left/Right, Arrow Key Up Jump Arrow Key Down To defuse a bomb, stand in front of it and press the down arrow.

A Parting Shot 2

Take command of Parthian. An archer made legendary by his skills with the bow. Controls: A-walk left. D-walk right. W-jump. Mouse- aim. Hold down and release left mouse button to fire arrow. Objective- To fulfill a promise.

Polar Boar

Keep the boar flying as long as you can, using the penguins.

Battlefield General

Welcome to Battlefield General. Here you are on a mission to accumulate as much gold as possible in each of your war campaigns in order to support your emperor to build The Great wall. If you fail to collect less than 5000 gold in any given mission, you will be punished by your boss. You need to select military unit or units and then tell them where to go, or guide them to kill enemies. You can put archer and cannon on tower if the situation needs you to do so. Soldiers in close proximity to the general will have their performance boosted. You can find this war game on

Island Defense

You are alone, fine and happy on your island. But some parachutists want to put their feet on your island. Thanks to god you have the gift to control the wind, thus allowing to prevent them from arriving. The direction of the wind is controlled by the mouse, more you lean your mouse towards the right-hand side (or the left) more the strong wind comes towards the line (or left). During the game of the no-claims bonus will fall from the sky for the assets it is necessary to arrive has to bring them on your island. The part is finished when a parachutist touches your island.


Croustibat is an adventure game on in which you will control your character fight against those monsters. The yellow one is your character wear blue clothes. And there are some tree and grass under him. Press arrow keys to move up and down. But not fly too low. Contact with those plants, you will die. There are some lovely enemies appear from right screen. Some time, it is a group of bird, or a group of small monsters. But be careful with those crocodiles. They will fall down from the upper screen. You can press space bar to shoot. Besides, if there appear a pie, eat it. It can change your weapon. Advanced to the next stage by defeated the Boss at the current level.

Defend Your Keg

Defend Your Keg is an arcade on in which you need to fight against those drunkards to keep the world last beer in your hand. Once the game starts, you are located in a pub. There is a white cask at the center of the pub. And there are 3 doors lead to the cask. Your enemies appear from the 3 doors and run to your cask. Your task is not let them contact with your keg and drink your beer. You can use arrow keys to move around. And press your left button to throw bottles to them. The more thirsty drunker you kill, the faster and the more numerous they becomes. At the right upper corner of your screen is your yellow beer bar. It will decrease while those drunkards have drunk it a lot. At the left side of the screen is your Molotov. Press the space bar to throw it. And once your keg is empty, the game is over.

Fast Attack

A fast 2d action game where you have to infiltrate deep into the enemy lines, in search for the secret rocket installation. defeat helicopters tanks and even take control of a minigun watchtower!

Bandit Kings

Bandit Kings is an arcade game on in which you can play with another people. You and one other people are player 1 and player 2. The day is sunny, the sky is blue, and clouds are floating in the sky. You are standing on a brown platform. There are some bags of gold falling from the sky. And some horse-drawn vehicles will pass through in side. The object of this game is to fill your castle fall of gold before your opponent can. Watch for falling loot and attack caravans to plunder their gold. Player 1 an attack by pressing the J key and move to left or right by pressing the K or the L keys. If player 2 wants to attack, just press the S key. If he wants to move to left or right, just press the D or the F keys.

Little Fat Ninja

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Tankopter 1

Tankopter is a skill game on in which you will control the helicopter in the air and try to avoid the obstacles smoothly. You can control the chopper by holding left mouse button to go up. Let go of left mouse button if you want to go down. You should control the distance between the chopper and obstacles carefully. You should also be cautious not to let the chopper fall down. If the chopper hits the roof or obstacles, the game is over. You can get a bullet by going over the symbol of a bullet barrel with the chopper. You can hit space bar to fire bullet and destroy an obstacle. If you hit an obstacle, you also receive 50 points. The objective of the game is to see how long you can stay in the air without hitting the roof, or an obstacle. Move on.

Hobo 3 Wanted

Play free game Hobo 3 Wanted on


Mr. Jitters, a stressed office worker, is afraid of elevators. Help him reach his office at the top of the building before the time runs out. Avoid getting hit by an elevator, as this will knock you out for 3 seconds!Use left and right arrow to start running in that direction. You can't stop running, unless you hit something! Getting across the floor without being hit gets you double points!

Beaver Dive

Beaver Dive is an arcade game on in which you are a diver and your goal is to collect the pearls hidden in shells under the sea. It was in the deep blue sea, there are many dangerous creatures such as sharks, terrible fishes and jellyfishes which has a beautiful transparent coat, they can all decrease your life. The nice pearls are concealing in the closed shells which lay on the seabed and open sometimes to unfold the pearls. You should dive into the deep sea with limited oxygen. Do you see the oxygen meter in the top-middle of the screen? Head above the water when your oxygen is running out, if you use up it, you died once, you have two chances only.

Fly Eatin

Are you annoyed when there are many flies flying around your delicious food? Do you want to get rid of them at all? Fly Eatin is a skill game on in which a big fat frog will help you kill the flies over its head. The rule is very simple. You click the frog so it will stretch out its tongue to wrap up the fly—if there has a fly at the time. Try to keep clicking the frog to reduce the miss number. You get points by making the frog eat flies, and one fly adds you one point. Have fun!

Hacker 1

In this game you incarnate a robber. Your goal is to recover all the diskettes and of going to the ordi without keeps it stops you and before assigned time. For that move with the arrows. The guard stops you if it thus touches you made attention and good luck!

Flash Fodder

Flash Fodder is an adventure game on in which you are an elite soldier to shoot enemies. Once the game starts, you face a map of USA and have a chance to choose the battle field. Once you make a decision, the helicopter will land you quickly on the right position. You may hold machinegun, shotgun, laser, mini gun, pistol, rifle, and other weapons to kill enemies. The battle often happens in the snow field. There are many snowmen. You can hide behind bodies, trees, and snowmen for cover. Destroy all buildings using explosives. You can press and hold the E key near buildings to plant C4. You should also destroy enemies’ trucks transporting ammunition and supply for them. The terrorists may gather together to fire at you. So be careful and eliminate them part by part. Good luck!

Pig on Rocket

Pig on Rocket, which is a skill game on Rocket is a missile, aircraft or other vehicle which obtains thrust by the reaction of the rocket to the ejection of fast moving fluid from a rocket engine. Chemical rockets work by the action of hot gas produced by the combustion of the propellant against the inside of combustion chambers and expansion nozzles. This generates forces that accelerate the gas to extremely high speed and exert a large thrust on the rocket. But let’s see if a pig tieing on the rocket, what it gonna do?!

FPA World 2

FPA World 2 is an adventure game on which you control Brad Borne to run over the game world. The world space is connected by doors, starting from a door and ending at another door. The missions you finished can be played again at doors in game menu. During the fast-running travel, you can collect special coins, colorful clothes and trophies. However, Brad Borne must avoid spiders on travels, spiders will hurt Brad. Too often touch with spiders will kill him and the game will restart at beginning. The operation is also easy, press key S to jump, up arrow to enter into door you meet in game, left and right arrows to run and use down arrow to squat. Wise using the items, such as spring and canon, will help you complete missions. At last, have fun in the running and jumping world!

Dragon Gordy

In the myth, there are more evil dragons which will eat innocent people than good dragons. But now you have a very cute dragon, and you need to help him fight against the knights. Dragon Grody is a skill game on in which your mission is to help the firedrake gather energy and kill knights. You make the dragon jump to eat fireflies. If he has eaten certain numbers of fireflies, he could breathe fire which will kill all the visible things and the knight. Try to avoid the knight before your dragon has full power. Good luck!

Pest Attack

One of the most annoying situations is that when you are sitting on the couch comfortably, watching your best TV show, you suddenly see some pests creeping on your floor. What would you do then? Pest Attack is a skill game on in which your mission is to kill as many pests as possible each level and try to survive 10 levels of pests whacking! You can move and jump (of course you can step on those rats). Swing your mighty broom to kill those insects. Try to make combos to get more points. Have fun!

Crystal Land

As a precious gem, crystal is loved by people for a long time. Queens used to wear crystal necklace to show nobleness because it is not available to everyone at that time, especially to those ordinary people. Now though it has been seen everywhere, crystal is still cherish to people. Crystal Land is a skill game on where you use a red ball to collect crystals. You control the ball to jump to get crystals on different shelves. Be careful about the green brushy balls which will make you lose your tries. And when you use up your three tries, you lose your game. Try not to fall down and that will cost your tries. The more crystals you get, the more points you have. Try to summit your score.

Rabbit Punch

This game is in the category ?action?. A game a little bit bloody, so don't let young people to play it. The goal of the game is simple: rabbits ravel in bottom of the screen and you must be able to send them in holes. You are represented in the form of hand and must send them by a flick. Controls are simple: arrow directional the left and right-hand side to move your hand and the bar spaces to make the flick. You must manage to make return a maximum of rabbits in the holes in an assigned time, but attention you have only 3 hearts (thus 3 times where you can miss). The game stops when time is finished or when you do not have any more a heart.

Ultimate Down 2

Ultimate Down is an adventure game on In 2316, violence took a new turn in the Empire with the creation of a new reality show named “Ultimate Down”. The concept was simple: take prisoners condemned to death penalty and make them fight to death. There was one problem: they died too fast. They found a solution: the Z formula. This formula was able to stimulate the brain again with a simple need: killing. It was the perfect solution. Every prisoner who dies is revived using this new medication. He can be killed again but the new fighter doesn’t know the pain. You are one of them and you must try to change your future. Your goal is to survive. Zombies will come levels after levels. Try to hit the zombies in the head, you will deal more damage. When a zombie is on fire, do not stop shooting him with other guns, he will die faster. You should try to keep your grenades for when there will be a load of enemies. Using them only on one or two zombies is stupid. There are some ammo crates in the game. They will help you to keep your guns full. Use the medic kit crate to heal yourself. If you reload, all the bullets left in the current clip will be lost except for the shotgun. You can not reload the flamer. Good luck!

Hobo Brawl

Welcome to Hobo Brawl! In this fighting game, you, the hobo, will fight with the policeman. There is no certain rule, the only thing you need to do is to defeat your enemies. You can punch, kick and throw trash to the patrollers. Be careful not to be hurt by the truncheon, because that will make you lose your health. Pick up the items such as waste bottles along the road, and they can act as your weapon. Try to beat more guys before you use up your blood. You can enjoy this Hobo Brawl on Good luck!

Run Saddam

Run Saddam is an arcade game on in which you play as a soldier to save the world which will be destroyed by SADDAM. You are now walking around the desert and looking for the target people. There are green circles with three sectors in it is what you need to collect so that the man you look for will turn up while the red ones are the ones you need avoiding touching them. The ally flags can power up your speed so that you will not miss your mission in the limited time. The cowboys running through the screen is the man you should stay away or they will catch you. Sometimes they will drive a track to track you so just protect yourself. It is hard to save the world but you will be the hero.


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Tablet War

Final but unfinished looking jump, run, hack 'n slay game which could need some color!!! Use your arrows to walk, A to attack, S to block and D to jump!

Pang 2001

Pang 2001 is a skill game on in which your mission is to get as many points as possible by hitting balls. In the beginning you will see a big ball, shoot it, and then it will divide into smaller balls, and you continue to hit those smaller balls to divide them into smaller ones. Through this progress, you can get bonuses such as bubbles that will protect you from the attacks, special attack weapons, etc. Also, you will see money when you hit the balls, collect them to get points. Try not to be touched by those balls for one touch will cost you one life. Hold on as long as you can. Good luck!

Fish Hunter

You are hunting fishes on the border of river, use the arrow keys to move the character, and press the spacebar to throw spears. At the beginning you have only six spears in hands, and the time in game is limited, you need to achieve the most score possible within 2 minutes. But if you catch a fish, you win also one more spear in your inventer. The goal of this game is to catch three fishes, that's not easy at all !

Acorn Toss

Acorn Toss is an interesting game on in which you will try your best to toss the acorn as high as possible. There are two squirrels sitting in the tree and a squirrel tossing an acorn upwards under the tree. At the beginning of the game, you toss the acorn and then click left and right arrow keys to make the squirrels in the tree closest to the acorn. If the squirrels in the tree touch the acorn, you will get a score. If you can’t get any score in the first turn, you still have two chances to win scores. The game will come into end after the tossed acorn hit the ground. The goal of the game is to see how many times you can make the acorn touched by the squirrels before it hit the ground. Wish you have a good time.

Cloud Climber

Little guy had decided he wanted to touch the sun so he needed to climb some clouds. Help control him and jump from cloud to cloud. Have fun with this fun little cloud climber game.


Do you know Mashimaro, the fat lazy but cute rabbit? Do you love him? Now you have a chance to help him get more food and money. Mashimaro is a skill game on in which you will guard your Mashimaro to collect food such as bananas and sandwiches, as well as bags of money. Try not to touch shits and the fat ugly police because they will kill your Mashimaro one life. Each level you will have three tries to go through. As you enter an advanced level, the movement of the police will be quicker so you have to be more nimble. Good luck!

Egg Run

You are helping this running egg to arrive on his destination.

Cable Capers 2

When being kept underground, will you be afraid? Or will find out the way to go out? Cable Capers 2 is a skill game on in which your job is to help Arnold the Cable Fitter escape from underground. You can control the character to jump, move right and left, climb up and go down. There are ugly dinosaurs that try to prevent Arnold from fleeing. Try to kill them by throwing knives. Don’t let them touch you or fall down the game area because you may lose one life for that. Collect special colored cables for extra points. Fastest times are submitted to the Hall of Fame. Good luck!

Clown Killer 2

Clown Killer which is a shooting game on One night, you were gambling in Las Vegas, You won a lot of money by your skill, but a mafia knows it, he hires some killers to kill you and planning grabs all the money belongs to you. But there are too many customers in Vegas. Not wanting to fear them, those killers dressing like clowns to make you overlook on the alert. They have knives for killing you, and fortunately, you have two guns with you for protecting yourself and kill them. We will afford you some food for keeping your strength to fighting with them. You must very carefully that those clown killers are from everywhere, every side you never know...

Dunces Dragons

Dunces Dragons is an arcade game on in which you beat the enemy to save your princess. The princess needs help and only you can save her. Conquer every enemy to complete a level. Complete every level to save the Princess. You can choose one or two players. Player 1 uses the arrow keys to navigate and enter to activate his special power. Player 2 uses S, E, F to navigate and spacebar to activate his special power. Upon clashing with an enemy, the highest net/lance wins. During a level, pick up your bonus or more enemies will appear. After every level our favoured knights compete against each other in a tournament round to prove their worthness. In a tournament round, 100 points for hurting an opponent, while 1500 points for defeating an opponent.

Worm War

People don’t like pests because they are destructive, such as locust, which can destroy farmers’ harvest over one night. What would you do if seeing some creeping worms? Worm War is an arcade game on in which your mission is to stamp on as many insects as possible and kill them within one minuet. In theory, it is a very simple game. All you need to do is to find out where the worm is and control the person in the game to tread it. Once you kill a pest, you get one point. See how many points you can summit. Have fun!

Bowmaster Prelude

Bowmaster Prelude is a fighting game on in which you are a hero to protect your castle and defeat the siege of invaders. The two objective of this game are to either eliminate all enemy troops or capture the enemy flag. Each level there is a set amount of enemy troops. If you manage to destroy all of them before they capture your flag, then you are victorious. If you have purchased certain troop upgrades such as mounted units, foot soldiers, or the bigger foot soldiers, then these units can attempt to capture the enemy flag. Your allies will automatically try to take the flag and bring it back to your castle. In order to win in this way, you must have both your flag and your enemy flag at your base. If you do this then you win the round even if there are more enemies left to fight. There are also two ways for you to lose. If the enemy has both flags at its base, then you are defeated and must restart the round. If your hero dies, then you are defeated. There are several types of units in the game, like Trebuchet, Grunt, Big Grunt, Mounted Soldier, Priest, and Archer. You will lead your soldiers to fight. Fight now.

Artifact Catcher

Artifact Catcher is a skill game on in which you try to catch the falling antiques as more as possible in Egypt. It is in a big museum. Some robbers have broken into it and they are angry to create great damages. They throw various valuable bottles, antiques, and statues down from the second floor. You are the administrator of this museum. You have to save all the falling treasures and catch them, or you will be fired. You can use arrow keys or mouse to move left and right. If you fail three times within sixty seconds, the game is over. The robber is shaking the house now. Are you ready? Good luck!

Entrainement Batteurs

Entrainement Batteurs is an arcade game on in which you will act as a magician who is driving a broom and flying in the sky. Once it starts, you will be located in an old city, and you are driving a broom. There is another magician who is your friend here. He is also taking a broom flying in the sky. Under both of you, there is an old castle in which maybe a princess is living. Your mission is to protect him by using the magic stick in your hand. Because there will be balls hit on your friend, you have to hit the ball in order to avoid your friend being hurt. Your friend just has three lives, so you must do your best to protect him. The more time you can hold on, the more score you will get. Good luck.


Pol was captured by evil scientifists and subjected to all sorts of inhumane tests. but one day, pol decided he had enough. So he escaped! Use the arrow keys tohelp Pol avoid obstacles. Use the UP arrow to jump over land mines! Use the DOWN arrow to duck under the poisonous balloons! Use the left and right arrows to adjust Pol's speed!

Fish Hunter 2

This is the second version of the Fish Hunter game, now you have 30 spears instead of 6 in the previous version, the number of the spears increase each time you catch a fish. As in the first episode, you have only 2 minutes for your hunting, but in this nes game there are more than one type of fishes, some of them is very dangerous, who has poison on it, you need to avoid them, if you touched them, you may go crazy and you will lost the control of yourself... The goal of the game is always the same: Hunt fishes with your spears, good luck little hunter!

Yetisports Gore

Sometimes you will come home exhausted and frustrated, and you can’t just yell to your family to get relief. So what could you do then? Yetisports Gore is an arcade game on in which your mission is to throw the poor penguins as far as you can. Actually this is a very simple game. You wave the mace when the little creature falls down, hit it with all your strength and then it will fly forwards. When it touches the ground, it will probably not just stay where it is, it may bounce a little. If it touches the device on the ground, it can re-fly, which means it will go a further distance. Have fun!

Alien Hominid

Alien story has been told for years. Some people believed strongly that there exist aliens who were hi-tech armed and wanted to take over the Earth. Is that true? Find answers in Alien Hominid, a shooting game on In the game, you are on the alien’s side which means you help aliens to fight with FBI. You can move left and right to go forward, also you can jump and duck to protect yourself. Facing enemies, you should shoot them dead without hesitation. Your foes are bloody, so you have to be nimbler and smarter otherwise you are easy to die. You have many lives but not endless, so you’d better cherish your tries. Good luck!

Millenium Blizzard

Millenium Blizzard is an arcade game on in which you take PYUG safely home. It’s a millennium blizzard. But PYUG is in the outside and get trapped on the frozen lake. There are icebergs anywhere. Tens of thousands of hailstones fall from the sky and may hurt PYUG. Your mission is to move PYUG, the orange ball with two big eyes and ears avoid the snowstorm. Click inside PYUG for a jump, click on the white ball to earn 10 points of energy per. don’t let they hailstones touch you or you will lose your life. You can see the residual number of hailstones in the lower-left corner. There are totally 10000 hails in the game. Play now.

Alpine Escape

In this game, you are equipped with a rocket-launcher, sitting in a side-car driven by a friend of yours. Ennemy planes and a zeppelin are flying above your heads . You have to shoot the planes (1 plane = 10 points) but not the zeppelin that is on your side! Beside, you shall also rescue the girls falling down from the zeppelin, by catching them before they reach the ground (1 girl = 50 points). As an additional difficulty, you shall take care to avoid the bombs falling from the ennemy planes... Move your mouse left or right to move the side-car back and forth. To shoot, bring the pointer of your mouse on your weapon, click the left button, maintain it pressed to adjust your power (shown in the vertical bar on the left of the image) and release to shoot. To catch a girl, bring you side-car below her before she hits the ground. Your objective is of course to get as many points as possible. Good luck!

Dino Faster

Dino Faster is totally addicting racing game fun. This is prehistorical quick race. The Dino must be faster for runing survival and do not mistake for duck or jump. Get more points to be dinofaster. Arrow keys to control Dino.

Crazy Koala

Crazy Koala is an arcade game on in which you try to help more lost birds and guide them to the sky to get your scores. Use your mouse to control the heading. Left mouse button initiates combustion. Firstly you should try to find where the lost bird is. Use the thruster to go your way, remember the opposite direction of the thruster is the direction you go. It is rather difficult to head to the right direction. Once you find the bird, guide it to the sky to go to the next stage. You can never know how strange the place you should get into to find the bird. Be careful not to run into the cliff of the cave!

Stick Avalanche

Stick Avalanche is a skill game on in which your mission is to move your stick figure away from falling stuff. By touching the red objects you are awarded 200 extra points. Be careful or your character will be crushed. Don’t let your mouse go off the screen. For every level up you get 500 points awarded to your score. Be careful, each level gets harder and harder. Good luck!

Grizzly Tank

Grizzly Tank is a shooting game on in which you will rescue your fellows with a grizzly tank. There is a Bad news that Cobra Bats captured four of our men this morning. You are assigned to coordinate a full scale rescue. There is no time to wait for other rescue teammates, so you will steer the powerful tank named Grizzly to go ahead. There are many enemies holding machinegun behind houses. A number of armored cars and enemy tank will attack you. You can move the mouse to aim and click to fire. You can use both guns and rockets to shoot. Avoid the bullets from enemies. And try to kill all tanks and opponents around the factory to move to the next level. You can collect items for bonus points. Save your men before they are killed by Cobra Bats. It’s your duty. Move now.

Aqua Slug

Protect the Beach. Can you collect all 27 sand dollars?! Controls: Arrow Keys to Move. Down to Duck. S to Jump. D to Fire. A to Strafe. Space for Water Balloon. Enter to Pause.


Propman is an arcade game on in which you are a property developer who wants to get the land permits to make a great fortune. As a young ambitious property developer, you need land permits and cash to keep expanding your empire; you will need to avoid certain members of the legal community who are keen to examine your affairs. The game starts in the Dublin1 city area and you can see how far you can go. You can see some brown paper bags filled with money in the area. The land permit is in the middle of the area and is protected by both judges and polices. You should take care and avoid them. Otherwise you will be caught or sent to the tribunal, and then the game is over. You can use the arrow keys to move up/down or left/right. If you successfully get the land permit, you can smoothly go to the next level and win more money. Events portrayed in this game are not based on real life property developers.

Absolutely Hammered

Join other people from around the world to play a fun game of online sketching! The object of the game is simple. Each player gets a chance to draw a word which the other players will try to guess. You can play anytime for free, 24 hours a day!

Beer Monster

Among all the drinks, beer may be the one least cherished because it can be got everywhere. But have you thought that one day you might adventure to collect beers? Beer Monster is a skill game on in which you take pains to have your beer. In the game, your mission is to collect all the beers in the air. You can move forth and back and jump to touch the tins. Watch out the rolling fire ball which will burn you and consume your energy. Try not to fall down. You can climb the scaling ladder so that you can get your targets easier. When you collect all the beers you are allowed to advance to the next level otherwise you will lose your game. Good luck!

Turkey Target

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Sonic X Treme 2

Sonic X Treme 2 is an adventure game on in which your mission is to lead all the characters to survive the game. Try to collect golden rings to score points, and you’d better not miss any of them. When facing some obstacles such as knife boards, you need to jump over them, or you will lose one of your three lives. Play tricks to kill enemies. Remember that the journey is full of danger so you need to focus your attention and be as nimble as you can. Good luck!

Pup World

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Trojan Hero

Trojan Hero is a fighting game on in which a brave warrior with a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand will kill barbarians to protect himself. The barbarian may be infantry, spearman, or archers. Trojan shall make his way through barbarian’s land, for which he must kill as many enemies as he can. You can use arrow keys to control Trojan Hero’s move. Crouch to collect different items. Pick up bottles to become healthier and gold to become richer. The fight happens in a beautiful sand beach. Sea is in front of you. You must kill 5 barbarians in level 1, and 5 more barbarians increase when you play the next level. Pay attention to your life value represented by a heart. The hero totally has 100 bloods. When he is hurt by barbarians, he will lose some bloods. When all bloods run out, the game is over. Go to fight!

HollyWood Revenge

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you! If you want to send us a game description or if you find an error in a description, please contact us.

Holy Virginity

Holy Virginity is an arcade game on in which makes some jokes on the Bribe. When the angels came knocking to tell Mary about her receiving the holy sperm. Joseph was alarmed. When they came to the part about Virgin Birth his mind yelled “You will never get any ever!” now the angels of the lord will not let themselves be stopped by a mere carpenter, but what they didn’t count on was that old Jo knew ten ways to use a sheep, other than what you are thinking of. In the game press left and right arrows to make old Jo move. Press spacebar to swing Jo’s sheep to stop the incoming sperms. Within time, old Jo must not let more than two shots of sperm into Mary’s body. The old Jo does not move fast as you think, try hard and do not let old Jo down. Have fun!

Teletubbies Killing

Teletubbies used to be cute and lovely, but things are different in Teletubbies Killing, a shooting game on In the game, you will find annoying teletubbies showing here and there disrespecting you. So you have to shoot them dead. You have three different weapons: Chainsaw, Pistol and Sniper Rifle. You have to switch your guns in accordance with how far your targets are. Watch out your ammos! Reload them immediately when you are out of them. Word to be wise: place headshots which will earn you extra score.

Super Kaka

Super Kaka is an arcade game on The goal of the game is to help Kaka get the flying fuel. Every level has time limit, if Kaka exceeds time limit, Game Over. If Kaka bumps into other characters, Kaka will lose one life and it totally has 5 lives. You can use up key to jump and climb up. Press left and right key to move to the left and right. Make use of down key to climb down. Space Bar is used to start flying mode. Kaka also can use a gun to shoot. Kaka needs flying fuel to keep flying. Flying fuel is the winning goal of every level. Besides, you can help Kaka to collect some items. Silver coin award you 100 points. Gold coin adds 200 points. Ruby increases 300 points for you. Saphire gives you a 400 points bonus. And Jade is 500 points. Gold means 1000 points. After you get 10000 points, one extra life will be awarded to you. You may also pick up some magical items. Frozen mirror can frozen all characters except Kaka for a period of time. Invisible potion will make Kaka invisible. Magic Watch gives you a 10 seconds bonus. Sword Gun can be used by Kaka to shoot bullets. When Kaka gets a magical item, it will show up in the bat at the bottom. You can activate the magical items to use them. Go to help Kaka now!

Funny Zoo

Funny Zoo is a fighting game on in which you are in control of a lovely boy to fight against a naughty monkey. It happens in a zoo. There are many other animals, like bear, dog, rabbit, elephant and so on. Green trees grow here and there. The sunshine is bright in the sky and a group of wild gooses fly back and forth. An old woman is clearing the ground with a broom. A father buys a balloon for his lovely daughter. Everything is so fine. You are angry with what the monkey has done, so you decide to beat it. You have rocks, cans, water bombs as your own weapon. The monkey hangs itself in the tree at the center of a pool with its tail. It will also throw rocks at you. You must knock down the monkey before you are defeated. You must pay attention to the wind that will affect the strength of your attack. You can also cure yourself with a medicine box. Are you ready? Good luck!

Shooting Fish

Shooting Fish, which is a shooting game on Fish are aquatic vertebrate animals that are typically ectothermic (previously cold-blooded), covered with scales, and equipped with two sets of paired fins and several unpaired fins. Fish are abundant in the sea and in fresh water, with species being known from mountain streams as well as in the deepest depths of the ocean. Fish are of tremendous importance as food for people around the world, either collected from the wild or farmed in much the same way as cattle or chickens. Fish are also exploited for recreation, through angling and fishkeeping, and are commonly exhibited in public aquaria. You need to make a certain amount of money to go to the next level, each kind of fish has its own value, before you reach to the next level, you could use your money to buy some equipment for fishing. Let’s find out more kind of fish in this ocean…

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead is an adventure game on in which you kill Corpses in the street of your city. The perfect occasion for a bout of drunken excess has turned into a meat market more horrible than you could ever imagine. Hordes of zombies are marauding the local nightspots, taking chunks out of anyone who crosses their shuffling path. You will need to dodge and batter your way through countless corpses to reach the safety of warm beer and bar snacks. Make your way to three different pubs – you will have thirty seconds to get to each one – any time left over will be added to your score. Don’t let the undead come between you and a well-earned pint. You should avoid getting bitten and blat as many putrefying cadavers as you can, swipe successfully to earn 25 points per pop. You can chop the corpses into pieces by your hatchet. This is one pub crawl you will never forget! Good luck!

Flash Runner

Flash Runner is a skill game on in which your mission is to lead your player finish the competition. To start the game, you first choose your athlete. Different runners have different speed. You choose your way by aiming with the mouse. The father you place the mouse from the character, the faster he will go. You can jump over small obstacles like trunks, but you can’t change your direction or speed when you are in air. Collect items that can help you raise your speed. Don’t fall into the water or you will to restart from that point. Stay on the road to run faster. Good luck!

The Lost Sword

The Lost Sword, which is available on, is an exciting action game. In this game, you have to destroy all of the bloodcurdling monsters such as death’s-head, vermin, hedgehog and so on. Destroy all of the rocks and find the lost sword, and meanwhile you need to find the fire balls. The map is shown on the top right of your game screen. Press " Q" to switch sword and "A" to attack. Press "E" to switch gun and "D" to defense. Move around with your arrow keys and press space bar to jump. Your health is located at the bottom of screen. Go ahead and shift the enemy’s head! Good luck and have fun!

Udder Maddness

Udder Maddness is a skill game on in which you try to milk cows as soon as you can. Cows in our farm have eaten something unknown and they are producing instant milk. The objective of this game is to milk them before it is too late. Don’t forget to empty your bucket before milking more. Once the bucket is full, it can not hold any more milk. You can use arrow keys to move left and right and press space bar to milk cow and empty bucket. There is a gauge at the top of the screen which indicates how much milk the bucket has contained. The meter beside each cow will tell you how much milk this cow has produced. The more milk a cow has inside its body, the bigger it will become. If you don’t milk a cow in time, its body will grow bigger and bigger and finally explode. Once two cows die, the game is over. Try it now.

Jump Ball Jam

Jump Ball Jam is an arcade game on in which you will jump to scramble the basketball. You will use your brave, skill and judgment in this game. Maybe you like playing basketball with your friend; you can ask your friend to play this game with. Once it begins, you will find that two boys are standing in the middle of the basketball court. They both look very nervous and strong. Three. Two. One. The basketball is hit to the sky. And then the two boys jump up to get the ball. You can use objective to knock your opponent in order to get the basketball. In the process of the game, you will find that you can use some weapons which are limited. There are ten rounds here. Do your best to defeat your opponent.

Rigelian HotShots

Rigelian HotShots is an arcade game on in which you try to get as many points as you can. In the game, use the arrow keys to control the fireball. Hill thrill suckers to earn points. Hitting walls or getting caught in traps gets you killed, so make sure to operate clear. If you loose health, you can recharge by catching other fireballs as they pass by. Like with flipper, if you want to get a good score, you’d better make sure to go for the bonuses! Navigate a level without loosing a single health point and you’re rewarded with the “zero damage-bonus”, effectively doubling score. If you complete a level hilling every single thrill sucker, the “zero miss-bonus” is yours to the sweet sound of your score times three. As a reward for getting both “zero damage” and “zero miss”, you get the “perfect level-bonus”. Navigate a level without hilling a single thrill sucker, and you suffer the “zero hill-penalty”, cutting your score in half. Good luck!

Tele Shooting

Tele shooting which is a shooting game on In a normal office, Peter always have a lot of works to do, unfortunately, he has an annoying secretary who always bothering him and very impolite to him. This secretary always talking on phone and not doing the right things, and she always gossip Peter’s privacy, it really annoying him! If it happened on you, what you gonna do? Do you have any idea? What Peter thinks about is that throwing telephones on her! Do you want to join him or help him? Let’s throw the telephones on her annoying face or imagine that she was someone you hate!

Thing Thing Arena

Thing Thing Arena is a shooting game on in which you hold the gun to shoot the enemies. Before the fight, you can create the character by selecting the head and body. There are several mode of the game. One of them is survival mode, which you try to survive a never ending onslaught of enemies. The other one is zombie survival. In this mode, the enemies are undead. They’re faster and they drop less health. You also start with less health. But you have a seemingly endless supply of ammo for your “Zombie Special”. The third mode is supper survival. This mode is more enemies, more firepower, and less health. Even the most seasoned Thing-Thing player will sweat with this one. You’ve got 20 rockets, and 30 grenades! The last mode is stinky bean survival. It’s you against the most pathetic life form on the earth, Stinky Bean. They’re too stupid to comprehend pain, and they work in numbers. Beware the bean!

Magic Jet 2

Very long ago people has ability to fly. But something really dangerous and unusual happened to them. A horrible plague spread in their mainland. And only few courageous persons throw down a challenge to this situation. Will you keep out of problems and die alone or be the National hero whom save lives for thousand people! Don't let ugly monsters rule your country.


Pika, which is a kid game on The concept of the Pokémon universe, in both the video games and the general fictional world of Pokémon, stems from the hobby of insect collecting, a popular pastime which Pokémon executive director Satoshi Tajiri-Oniwa enjoyed as a child. Players of the games are designated as Pokémon Trainers, and the two general goals (in most Pokémon games) for such Trainers are: to complete the Pokédex by collecting all of the available Pokémon species found in the fictional region where that game takes place; and to train a team of powerful Pokémon from those they have caught to compete against teams owned by other Trainers, and eventually become the strongest Trainer, the Pokémon Master. These themes of collecting, training, and battling are present in almost every version of the Pokémon franchise, including the video games, the anime and manga series, and the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pirates of Caribbean

Pirates of Caribbean is a fighting game on in which you play as a swordsman to fight with your adversary. Your adversary and you are standing on a rotational mill wheel in the afternoon. Behind you are a beautiful scene of the sunset and the village under the sky looks so peaceful and immemorial. The audience can only see your silhouette without discerning your faces. And you are really swordsmen, who will always obey the rules of swordplay. What you need to do is to smash the one standing in front of you and to be the last champion. Both the implement of you two is the warriors’ glory sword. So just take it in your hand and stride towards your adversary. Good luck!

Matrix Rampage

Matrix Rampage is a fighting game on in which you will fight with lots of enemies. At the beginning of the game, you will meet opponents who are carrying with various tools or weapons. You should focus on fighting in case that you will be hurt by the enemies and lose health score because if the health score declines to zero you will die and the game is over. Some enemies will carry desks, chairs or even trashed to throw at you, so you should avoid them promptly and defense yourself. You can press the arrow keys to move left/right or up/down. You can attack them to gain scores by pressing the key of A. You can also lift something like trash or chair as a weapon to attack them and win scores. If you manage to kill 10 opponents, you will go to the next level. Sometimes you will find a medicine cabinet fortunately and you can press the key of S to lift it and get 15 points to heal yourself. Your mission is to survive as long as you can before being overwhelmed by the agents. Play now.

Ma Balls

Ma balls, which is a sport game on People like to play ball games, no matter basketball, baseball or football. Be cause that is the most easy thing which you can play anytime you want and sport makes you healthy! But there are a lot of rules in those kind of different games. In this Ma balls game, there are types of many balls you can play, and there is only one way to play is throw the balls by touching the ones that are bouncing, and after that try to dodge them, add more fun to the game by collecting the bonus items. Enjoy it!


Metallicide is a shooting game on in which you will become a pilot to steer a fighter and shoot enemy planes. You must kill the enemies as quickly as possible. When the game starts, you will steer your fighter in a certain area. There are some obstacles for you to hide and block the bullets or bombs from the enemies. You can pick up power ups in the game. There are Shield, Tri-shot, Guided, Shock, Split, Speed, Rotation, and Reload in the game as power ups. The enemy aircrafts may be normal fighters, wide-shot bombers, suicide planes, or boss fighters. They all shoot at you and try to defeat you. You can employ strategies by using the walls on the map. You can use the arrow keys to move around and press space bar to fire at the enemies. Are you ready? Shoot now.


If you are familiar to animation industry, then you must know Naruto, which talks about the brightest pursue in the world—fighting with the darkness and evil. Do you want to become one of those heroes and have a remarkable battle? Nahuto is a skill game on in which your mission is to kill your enemies without hesitation. There are four enemies throwing daggers to you, so you need to move nimbly to avoid being stabbed. You can throw your weapons at them for revenge. Kill all of them before you use up your lives. Good luck!

Hacky Sack JR

Hacky Sack JR is a skill game on in which your mission is to keep kicking the ball and get the bonuses. Seems simple, right? You can move the character right and left, and also can change the character when you are playing the game. You can play different tricks, such as high and low kick, left and right kick, head butt and jump head butt. If the ball falls, pick it up. Don’t forget to get the bonuses, and stay away from some dangerous objects with an “X” mark. Good luck!

Snowball Warrior

Snowball Warrior, which is a shooting game on A snowball is a spherical object made from frozen water or snow, usually created by scooping snow with the hands, and compacting it into a roughly fist-sized ball. The snowball is often used to engage in games, such as snowball fights. The pressure exerted by the hands on the snow is determinant for the final result. Reduced pressure leads to a light and soft snowball. A higher pressure causes the snow to melt, turning into liquid water. Once the pressure is removed, the water turns again into ice, leading to a more compact and hard snowball called an iceball, which eventually can be considered harmful during a snowball fight. The process of melting and refreezing is called regelation. A snowball may also be a large ball of snow formed by rolling a smaller snowball on a snow-covered surface. The smaller snowball grows by picking up additional snow as it rolls. The terms "snowball effect" and "snowballing" are named after this process. This technique is often used to create snowmen.

PC Breaker

A great stress relief game, your computer used to stop working when you are using it ? Typing a 300 000 words document without saving it, and your PC turns off itself or display a blue screen ? It make you nervous and you want to break it out ? Here is the perfect game for you ! Just use your mouse to click on the computer, and break it in small pieces ...

Soul Of The Katana

Welcome to Soul Of The Katana! Your mission is to kill all the enemies you can see and collect as many coins as you can. In this fighting game, you can make vertical slash, horizontal slash and kick slash. If you do combo attacks, you can get more points. Try to minimize your health damage if you want to continue the game as long as possible, and every 100 coins give you an extra life. You can find this game on Just wave your katana and be a real warrior. Good luck!

Black Ops

Black Ops is an adventure game on The North Koreans are in pursuit of a deadly weapon of mass destruction program. The threat must be neutralized. We have three informers on the ground that will brief you on the mission. At first, you shall be trained. You can jump into trees and hang from certain branches. This will help you gain height. You must also crawl through tight spaces. When you don’t have any ammo yet, you should keep distance from the enemy. When the enemy guard is walking away from you, sneak up behind him and stab him with your knife by pressing the left mouse button. You can change weapons using the number keys. After the training, you will be assigned to finish three dangerous missions. You will hold machinegun and pistol to kill all enemy soldiers. Press the s key to duck for avoiding the bullets from enemies. Good luck!

Mission Midwinter

Mission Midwinter is a skill game on in which you help Santa on Christmas Eve. You can use the mouse to control the sledge and deliver the appropriate package to each house via chimney. Mr. Claus must deliver gifts to the houses of good children and coal to the houses of the bad children. Delivering the wrong type of present to a house will result in a loss of elf points. The bad kids are out to sabotage and distract Santa by hurling snowballs at his sledge. Avoid them for as long as possible. As Christmas Eve wears on, more of the little sods will be coming out to play. In some cases, Santa can use his special Goodifying Ray to prevent the bad children from doing unnecessary damage. While you are out delivering, Santa’s elves will be working on upgrades for the Ray and other things. Your target is to keep the sleigh flying for as long as you can and correctly dispatch gifts and coal to earn elf points. Visit the Elf shop and max out the upgradeable features. Good luck!


A game to play solo or by two, you are taking the role of a character who can not stop jumping everywhere in the apartment, breaking all thing in the room. The goal of this game is make your opponent break more stuffs than you, so he will lose more money than you. Game control with the keyboard, arrow keys for player1, ZQSD keys for player2.

Bee Commando

Bee Commando, which is a fighting game on It is a bee fighting game, we can see those cute yellow bee fighting with each other, you have to use your wisdom to win your enemie. Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants. Bees are a monophyletic lineage within the superfamily Apoidea, presently classified by the unranked taxon name Anthophila. There are nearly 20,000 known species of bee, in nine recognized families, though many are undescribed and the actual number is probably higher. They are found on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat on the planet that contains insect-pollinated flowering plants.

Lamb Chop Drop

Soar through the air and collect the stars in this high adrenaline skydiving viral game created for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Splatberry Pies

History of Splatberry pies: the munchies will eat almost anything, but they do not like meat pie splatberry. To help the muchie to avoid meat pie splatberry in fall. The goal of the play is simple, you are a kind of currant and must avoid the meat pies which fall from the sky. For that, you must move from right to left with your mouse, you have 3 lives (2 + that with which you begin the play). If you lose all your lives, you lost. If you manage to survive until the end of the 58s, you gained!!! Good luck!!!

Babycal Throw

Babycal Throw, which is a skill game on There is a strange thing happening on a small island in 2400 A.D. People there love to play a game is that throw the cans, if your throwing can could hit someone’s head, then you can get points. If you want to be a nice citizen not to hurting other people also okay, but, other people wouldn’t think the same way like you, they will throw their cans to you, too. So... Why not enjoy this with them? Best of luck and walk faster!

Turkey Flying

Get ready for a gobbling good time! Pull and stretch the rubber turkey to see how far you can fling him. When in the air click to flap his wings and fly further. Grab the floating corn to power-up your flap meter. But watch out -- there are many hazards along the way like pointy-pointy forks, burning candles, gooey pies, steaming gravy and jelly traps. Oh yeah, watch the re-entry from space or you'll end up a crispy mess!


In this skill game you control Sultan, a puppy. You need to catch the asked number of bones before the end of assigned time. These bones fall from the sky and you have right A to place you in lower part to recover them. Sultan moves with the right and left arrows of the keyboard. The number of bone as well as time is indicated on the right.

Happy Land

Happiness is the eternal pursuit people won’t stop chasing. Do you yearn for a place where happy faces are the only acceptable expression? Let’s go to Happy Land, a skill game on In the game, the rule is very simple. All you should do is to punch the faces the moment they look sad. When the sorrowful expressions change into joyful ones, you get your points. There is the challenge—the faces are moving randomly and change quickly. You should stare at them in case of any miss. Try your best to teach as many woeful faces as possible how to smile!

Star Dominion

Star Dominion is a classic game on, but it also a story about political conflicts in the outer space. There are two power groups. One is the Coempiire, the other is the Arnorians. If you choose to be the Coempire, then it is you who started the war. Your aim is siege of Zartur, and to achieve this goal, you have to go though several procedures which are also known as stages such as “first attack”, “economy undermining”, etc. And if you choose to take part in the Arnorians, then you need to escape the Zartur. Your final goal is to complete the revolution. As for fighting, you just choose soldiers, robots, tanks or other weapons as you like, and order them to attack or build constructions. The map will spread out itself, following where you are. As it is a flash game, you just need to aim and click. Easy, right? Then good luck!

Shit War

Do you remember the famous snowcraft game? The game that you throw snowballs on your enemies ... But this time Flash Games show you a similar one, the difference with snowcraft is you are not throwing snowballs, but shits ! Yes, you are fighting against your enemies with shit in your hands !

Spiderman City Raid

Spiderman City Raid, which is a skill game on Marvel has featured Spider-Man in several comic book series, the first titled The Amazing Spider-Man. Over the years, the Peter Parker character has developed from shy high school student to troubled college student to a married teacher and a member of the superhero team the New Avengers. In the comics, Spider-Man is often referred to as "Spidey". He is everyone’s hero, especially the childrens. Let’s try to feel being a hero spiderman! Enjoy it!

GoldenGate Drop

You are a worker who is in top of the Golden Gate, the famous bridge in Californian, San Francisco. The goal of the game is to carry out the maximum of points by throwing water bombs on the passengers and on the vehicles. Attention some make you lose points (grandmother; organizes; gull) and organizes it and the monster truck will make you lose. Move with the arrows and aim and draw with the mouse. Good Luck.

Fit To Be Pie'd

Fit To Be Pie’d is a skill game on in which you try to throw as many sandwiches as you can to win the competition. It is a big living room and the players are two mice, a little hedgepig and a big green crocodilian. There are expensive sofas and a real fireplace with fire burning in it. You can jump to everywhere you can stand to avoid the sandwiches. In the competition there are no friends or enemies as the throws are ruleless. May be this time the hedgepig throw one to the crocodilian as you do but next time it will throw the sandwich on you. So take care to just believe in yourself only. The secret of winning is to throw as fast as you can. Good luck!

Battle of Worms

This game is in the category ?action?. It comprises 3 levels, 2 on the ground and the last under the ground. The goal of this play is to do an utmost of points in the assigned time, which is of 1mn30 by levels. For that, you must recover the villagers who prom?nent themselves, using your dragon and take them along on punts forms or a scale (for world 3) or then by killing the monsters which are put on your way (small easy way; to kill them to aim at the head if not it does not go if you to draw to them on their body). Well on, you have a gauge of life which goes down when you are made touch, but you will find on your way of the icons which will help you: the icon in the shape of shield (with a cross above) gives again you life, the icon forms some out of star returns to you invincible (but for one period). If not, controls are super simple: the arrow directional ones the top and of bottom enable you to go down or to go up in the airs, the arrow directional ones of left or right-hand side enable you to change direction, and space touches it enables you to send balls of fire to kill the enemies.


Flameout,which is an action game on No one likes to be controlled and be locked in the jail. One day Lennon has bewitched by a monster king, he locked Lennon in a flame, he is trying his best to escape out of the flame, but there are so many wild animals and monsters trying to attack him, can you help him by controling your keypad? Use your spacebar to shoot the fire to those wild rude monsters, he really needs your help, please, otherwise Lennon will die. Best of luck!

The Paratrooper

The Paratrooper is an arcade game on in which you try to help more paratroopers to reach his target avoiding the birds. Use left and right arrow keys to move left and right. The interface divide into two parts and there are two propjets in each stage to help you. Try to take the propjet to move faster so that you can avoid the birds. You target is a boat which moves from left to right, you should estimate the point of fall or you will fall into the sea. In each stage you have three chances to get to the target. After the stages you clear, the birds fly faster and faster to make it harder to win the game. Just try how many paratroopers you can help.

Clown Killer 1

Clown Killer, which is a shooting game on Clowns always a character to make people happy, they always wearing a very heavy make up and a very big red mouth in front of everybody. They seem very kind and easy to be closed. But some of clowns are not as kind as them, some clowns are crafty and have a bad heart, they always bully kids even old people. Now your duty is kill those bad clowns to revenge those weak people such as kids and old people, you are our hope, do not dissappointed us. Best of luck and be careful!


Demolish all office buildings by swinging your demolition ball at it! Swing your mouse from right to left.

Rip Roarin Roadent

Click on the chopper and throw Pip an fra sa possible! Score points by making Pip bounce off everything in the farm!

Warlords Heroes

Welcome to Warlords Heroes! Here, you can realize your dream of being a hero. Your mission is to kill all the enemies and go through as many levels as you can, so that you can save the world. At first, you have only simple fighting movement, and the difficulty of enemies is low. After finishing levels, you get gold to buy bonuses which includes extra life, extra fighting move, armors which can protect yourself, henchmen who can help along the journey. If you find some regions difficult, try different routes. You can enjoy this fighting game on Good luck!

The Gunsmith

The Gunsmith is a fighting game on in which you try to destroy the illegal weapon-factory as quickly as you can. You crash into the illegal factory in a desert and your weapons are a pistol with limited bullets and some dynamite. The enemies you meet may take a pistol the same as you or cannon. And the clothes they wear are all red uniforms. And there will be shit and mines putting on the ground to stop your advance. Enemies always jump over shit and mines. If you are out of ammunition, you can kill them with your knife when they jump. If some enemies are too difficult, kill them with dynamite or wait until they have to reload. In every level is a hidden cheat. If you finish the gull game, you will get all cheats. Have fun!

Metal Armor 2

Robots can help people do a lot of things such as housework and streamline work. Have you ever thought that robots can also go on a venturous journey? Mental Armor is an adventure game on in which you will guide the little robot through the dangerous journey. You can make it move forth and back, and also jump to get money above. Try to avoid devices that can give out explosive balls, landmines and other dangerous obstacles. You can also let him punch all the obstructions on his way. Good luck!

Borsuk Quest

Display this screen by pushing escape. To run by using right and left arrows. Jump with shift key. Jump higher while holding up arrow. Make small jumps by holding down arrow. Crouch using down arrrow. Fire with control key. Trade with old man by pressing UP ARRPW KEY. Drink health potion by pressing KEY H. Defeat enemies to earn weapon experience. Watch out because once you lose experience, you die. You gain rage each time you kill enemies. While enraged, you hit enemies harder and your vitality restores over time. Borsuk Quest is an action game on Good luck!

Dis Orderly

Dis Orderly is a fighting game on in which you will face a lot of people to deal with. You are a small staff member in your company. One day, when you are doing some cleaning, your boss asks you to go to his office. For there are a lot of people who are wondering around your company, they may make trouble. So your boss orders you to deal with those people. You may get a lot of money or a promotion for doing well. By press the A key, you can attack someone or grab your enemies. By press the S key, you can pick up something, throw something, or open something. You can make a desperation move by pressing the D key. You can walk left, right, up and down by pressing the LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOEN arrow keys. If you click double tap arrow, you can run.

Samurai Asshole

In ancient Japan, samurais were definitely loyal to their masters. Their duties were to protect the masters regardless of cost. Compared to their masters, nothing from them was important, even their cherish lives. Samurai Asshole is a skill game on where you are the warrior revenging for your master who died at a dinner held by three local religious leaders. Rage is burning inside you, and you swear to kill the three leaders for your master’s sake. In the game, you can wave your falchion of vengeance towards your enemies. Cut them apart then you can go on. Be careful about your surroundings, there may appear some defenders unexpectedly. Try to move around and use buttons to attack, to jump and block when you are attacked. You will lose your game due to your death. Do remember: slaughter foes quickly, and protect yourself carefully.

Marvin Spectrum

Marvin Spectrum is a skill games on in which you will be a runner in a laboratory. Your task is to pass the test. Once it starts, you will be located in a laboratory, you have to jump when you encounter the upward arrow, and duck when there is a downward arrow, you must dive when you see two arrows. In the process, the speed of your running will be faster and faster, so you have to smarter and smarter. When you pass the level A, then you will come to level S, and then D, F. Please match the color of the gate before you through it. When you are on level A, you are blue. Then on level S, you are green. And on level D, you are red. At last, on level F, you are purple. So the difficult of the game is bigger and bigger. Both of your hands will participate in the game, it’s very funny.

Turtle Shot

Turtle Shot is an action game on in which you shoot a turtle out as far as possible by using a big wooden hammer. You are an angry giant and a grey crazy dog is your pet. This day, you and your pet walk around the forest to look for something interesting. An idea comes to your mind. You find a tree stump and put a turtle onto it. You want to strike this turtle using your hammer so that the poor turtle can fly in the air as long as possible. Maybe this is a good method to help the turtle get to its destination quickly. Your crazy dog also has interests in this and wants to offer some help. When a poor turtle is placed on the tree stump, there is an angle gauge and strength gauge appearing in the screen. You can press the space bar to fix it. When the turtle is flying, your pet will chase it and run after it. Once there is a panel appearing, you can press some certain arrow keys combination to make your dog hit the turtle ball with its head so that the turtle can fly farther. Try to go as long as possible. Have fun!

Ninja Power

In this play, you will go the blows using keys I, O and P, and you will move thanks to the numeric keypad of your computer (portables to abstain from, therefore). You incarnate a ninja which must (oh, as it is original) clean up the various enemies with the screen, knowing that they have a minimum of intelligence, and that they will jump you above as soon as you venture too much close to their territory? What is to be noted, in this play, in fact graphics originals do not use (for most of the time) only two colors.

Dig Out

A good advergaming designed for Sunny Delight. In this game, you are a kid who is crazy about movie. However, you have no money to go to the cinema. In this way, you have to work for earning money. Your job is to dig out the driveways for your customers. Use your arrow keys to move. To shovel some snow, press ?S?; to drop your snow, press ?D? by the edge of a driveway. You should also keep an eye on your thirst meter. If you get too thirsty, you should buy some Sunny D.

Jungle Assassin

Welcome to Jungle Assassin, a fighting game on Here, as a brave and mighty assassin, your mission is to kill as many French soldiers and Indians as possible. The only weapon you have is a dagger, so you should use it wisely and bravely. You can jump to higher log stairs or crouch to avoid enemy attack. Be careful not to get hurt or you have to restart the game. Try to be more nimble if you want to survive. Good luck!

Birds Feeding

Emergency! Mummy bird is outside to find food, and baby birds now need water immediately! They need someone to feed them! now! Birds Feeding is a skill game on in which your mission is to feed nestlings water to keep them alive. You have to take care of three fledglings that will jump out randomly, and you need to give them water the moment they appear. When they really get the water, their mouths will close—that add your points. Watch out the time and be more nimble—the birds will be thirsty to death if you are slow. Have fun!

Greedy Pinatas

Greedy Pinatas is an action games on in which you will swing your club. Today is your birthday. You have prepared some juicy fruit for your friends. But when the birthday party begins, you find that the juicy fruit have been stolen by Piñata—your pet. It will be a chicken, a pony, a bird or a frog. You are very angry. After the party, you decide to take back what is yours, so start swatting away. As you swat your way to the Piñata, you will encounter his friends—each tougher than the last. Some Piñata contain packs of new strappleberry and grapermelon juicy fruit. Eating 3 of them will boost your fruit power. Use the UP arrow to jump and the DOWN arrow to duck. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow to move your position. Press the space bar to swing bar. Get a high score and you can enter your name on the High Score Table!

Christmas Game

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Santa Klaus

Do you still believe in Santa? In this game, you are Santa and drive a plane. Your objective is to fly as long as possible and catch the presents floating around you in the sky. Each packet brings you something different depending on its colour. Take very much care! You have to regularly fill in your tank. For this purpose, fly over the peak of the firs. You drive the plane with the arrow keys of your keyboard. The space bar can be used to boost the plane. Be carefull because the packets can be very small! An animated band below the game frame shows you if you catch a packet or not. Good luck.

Merlins Christmas 2

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Wile E Rocket Ride

Wile E Rocket Ride is an arcade game on in which you will control wile E ride a rocket to chase the Bibi bird. The background of the game is on a desert and the background will change in different levels. Once the game starts, Wile will ride on a red rocket. And when he is rushing ahead, you can use the up and down arrow keys to control him avoid the flying birds. Those birds can slow down you speed. Besides, don’t fly to low or contact with those stones. They may also decrease your speed. At the bottom of the screen is shown your speed. The faster you get the more colorful the bar become. And your distance meter is shown next to it. Advance to next level by reaching the destination in a limit time. You are total life is 3. You can watch them at the left upper corner. The red rocket stands for it.

Harry Potter Trainning

A funny flash game of Harry Potter, you need to control Harry with the arrow keys and avoid the balls to enter the circles behind you.

GusVs Bus2

When Gus tries to catch that bus, it's no game. But just like in Gus vs. Bus, can he skate fast enough and still make it over all of the obstacles to get it?

Bump Copter 2

Bump Copter 2 is an arcade game on in which you will control your copter with the arrow key fly to another side to get the flag down. In this game you can change your helicopter colors as you like such as the pink, the blue and the white. Once the game starts, your copter are stop at the left side of the screen. You are in a high mountain. Some white winds move swiftly behind you. A big stone is front of you. It move up and down to obstruct you fly ahead. And different levels have different number of stones. Press the space bar to shoot the stuffs. Your healthy bar is at the upper screen. It’s a colorful bar. Once you have contact with the stone, the color will become gloomy a litter. Besides, if you get to another side before the bonus exhaust, you can gain extra points.


Robokill is a shooting game on where your objective is to get to the red room with stars from your current location. On your march, you will meet many enemies who will try their best to kill you. Shoot them without hesitation. Don’t let them get close to you or you will be vulnerable. You can go to the shop to buy some items such as first aid kit that can help you recover from damage. Good luck!

Red Apple Revenge

Apples are healthy and nutritive fruits that people like to eat. And maybe you are one of those who believe “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. But have you ever thought that apples will have their own revenge? Red Apple Revenge is skill game on where you lead your red apple to an unusual fighting experience. Move your apple left and right, try to avoid those nasty shits which will cause your apple one life lost. Eat up cakes and kill the birds. When you see a worm, blast it! You have totally 10 lives. Tell the world that apples are not weak and stupid, on the opposite, are very strong and wise!

Stickman Sam 1

Stickman Sam 1 is a shooting game on in which your will have a gun to shoot at the little rounds. At first you will have opportunity to begin your training. You can move the mouse to move the crosshair in order to fire at the objects. You will have a gun in your hand and you can use it to destroy the objects. When you get into level two, you need to improve your aim. Maybe the exploding debris hit you. So when you are shooting, don’t forget to move in order to protect yourself. Perfect practice makes perfect. Here is a little extra challenge. You have less time to finish the mission. If you get stuck, practice until you are able to move forward. You can give your best shot. And then you will have a better pistol which has limited ammo. If you run out of ammo, use the basic pistol.


Peon is a fighting game on where you are on a mission to lead the uprising. You need to kill all the knights in the yard to approach yourself to freedom. You have an axe as your weapon, and when you meet any enemy, wave it to slash. Try to finish your business as quickly as you can for there is a timer to record your performance. As you get experience, your shield ability, fighting ability will increase as well as other index. When you get enough experience, you can make the special attack and advanced movement. Good luck!

Bloody Blade

Bloody Blade is an action game on in which you kill as many Evil Ninjas as you can before they kill you in a ghost forest. You are a well trained warrior and you obtain a sharp sword in the monster valley. After you return back to your hometown, you find all your parents have been killed by the mobster Ninjas. You swear that you will revenge on the enemies. So you run fast towards the ghost forest which is the den of the mobsters. There are strange trees growing in this forest. And you have to kill all the enemies before darkness falls. All evil ninjas hide on the trees. You must fly and jump from one tree to another for hunting enemies. You can use the arrow keys to move around. Press A to attack or cut and hold A for a magic ball attack. Don’t fall down on the ground or your health will decrease. You can collect light balls for bonus. Good luck!

Santa's Gift Jump

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Kill Bill

You play the bride from the famous movie, use your sword to slice and dice enemies. Hit the button "hrat" to begin.

Stalingrad Sprint

Stalingrad Sprint is a shooting games on in which you will use your gun to play the game. In this game, you can image yourself is a solder. One city of your country was invasion by your enemy. To defend this city and saves these residents, the supreme headquarters order the team to which you are belongs to carry out the task. Your team and the enemy team encounter in a major street. Then, the fight starts. You, as a soldier, decide to win the battle even if sacrificing your life. There are some grand buildings at the sides of the road. But all your allies are unafraid of death, they all expose on the street. The sound of gunfire is lingering on faintly. The goal of this game is to look how long you can live. Move yourself with pressing the LEFT and the RIGHT arrow keys. To shoot, press the SPACE BAR.

Playing Field 2

Playing Field 2 is an arcade game on in which you take various characters and use different weapons to kill enemies in various places. Your only objective is to kill. Yes, it’s a cruel task. But you have to do and finish it for high score. Maybe this is also a kind of way for you to revenge. You will begin the slaughter in a forest with your fist. Many stickmen want to escape from your control. They run here and there. And you can smash them into pieces by your big fist. When you kill enough enemies to unlock another field, you will see worms, tanks, ghosts, witches, monsters, ogres running for escape. Don’t have a little pity. Kill them all. This time you may use laser, machinegun, and rocket launcher to eliminate them. You can also hit TNT box to explode. As levels progress, you may be sent to other planet by taking a spaceship and then you start your slaughter there. Are you ready? Kill now.

Hazard Lanc

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Streets of Fire

In this game, you are playing as a little fire very cute, but who wants to burn anything on his way. The big problem is that you can not burn for long time, you need to drink some nitro to keep your body in fire ! Just go and burn !


Rocketman is an arcade game on in which you try to get as many points as you can. The aim of the game is to guide rocket man to the end of each world. Control his rockets to jump from platform to platform, get to the last platform of each world to continue to the next. The radar is how you control rocket man. Move the mouse over the radar unit to select the power and angle of the launch. Check your launch settings and click to launch. The status bar displays important information, study it at all times. As your progress you are awarded more airbrakes, boost power, and even lives. Try to save the airbrakes and boosters for harder jumps, and improve the accuracy of your initial blast off. Press space bar while you are in the air to activate the airbrakes, and then cause you to stop instantly and fall straight down. Press and hold the mouse button mid-flight to ignite your booster. If lifts rocket man up and can help him reach platforms easier. Use these sparingly because you have a limited supply of fuel. Many of the platforms are hazardous to rocket man health. Some will burn rocket man when he land on them, others will crumble if rocket man stands on them too long, learn to identify each one. There are lots of pickups scattered throughout the game. Collect flowers for bonus points, and booster meteors for extra fuel. Rocket man can earn extra points by how well he makes his jumps. Have fun.

Spank Booty

Spank Booty is an arcade game on in which you act as a parent who will punish your kid who did wrong things. Once it starts, you will see that your kid have taken pants. There is also a hand in the right of the screen. You can grab the hand by playing your cursor over it and hold down. Then you can use your left mouse button to hit the hip of your kid. Then spank the booty as fast as you can. Because the time is limited, you have to use the time efficiently. When you hit once, then you could hit another time, and the third time.

Virus Hunter

Virus Hunter is a skill game on in which you act as a virus hunter and your object is to kill computer viruses, which appearing from the left of the screen ceaselessly. Viruses are becoming more and more rampant and going to infect other computers, and your job is to aim at the viruses and click on them, try you all to act fast as the viruses moving very quickly, viruses which you hit will disappear from the screen. The green railing under the woman measures her health state, and the orange railing in the top right corner of the screen measures your residual time, either running out of your health or time will end the game. But kill virus will increase your residual time and support you to kill more virus; you can also check your score in the lower-left corner in the screen. Are you ready? Click and point now!

The Game Of Disorientation

Arrows: Move around. Carefully.


Tank's war has started! Test your skill and accuracy and destory the enemy tank. Instructions: The ultimate 2D Tank War Game ever and it couldn't be more exciting and enjoyable to play. The aim is to blast your opponent tank as soon as possible, before your opponent gets you. There are over 12 different types of artillery to choose from, from scatter bombs to air strikes and realistic features like tank fuel, engine sizes etc... Stuffed with option to play against up to 4 human or up to 4 computer controlled opponents,or why not try a mixture of both. From Hot dessert terrains to Snow packed mountains... This game is one not to go unplayed.

Pelican Lost

Pelican Lost is an arcade game on in which you direct the pelican to shun from the obstacles from sky and the earth, the pelican can take the flying fish to raise its health level. Use space key to shit on the cars, vultures, helicopters and others. You have to hit the number which was shown on the right above column, and then will you pass the level. Before you play the game, you’d better check out the help section to get more information about the game, there you can see which is useful to you and witch one is an obstacle, understand the game entirely can lead you to a high score. If you are ready, click on the “start” button. The game is easy to play. Enjoy yourself now……

Waterfall Leap

Waterfall Leap is a skill game on in which you are in control of a fish to complete leaps. The objective of the game is to swim and jump onto the “Beaver Brother’s” (Bob, Bill and Bryan) tail to be flicked over the waterfalls. Once the game starts, you can repeatedly press the right arrow key to increase the swimming speed of the fish. As the fish approaches one of Beaver brothers, you shall press spacebar in time to make the fish jump onto the tail of Bob, Bill or Bryan, then the fish will bounce into the other side of the water by the tail. For completing the match, the fish has to jump three times. Try to finish the match as soon as possible. The fish should jump early to land near the end of the Beaver’s tail for the best flick. Are you clear? Join now.

Overkill Apache

Overkill Apache is a shooting game on in which you are in control of a fighter to join the battle in the desert. When the game starts, you will see endless desert and yellow sand. But quickly numerous enemies come into your sight. Your task is to eliminate as more enemies as you can. Try to move up and down to avoid the bullets from the aircrafts of your opponents. You can collect the boxes in parachute to gain bonus. You will gain ammunition, health, shield, and speed from the bonus. Sometimes you can also upgrade your weapon and ammos. You can shoot out missiles and bombs then. The enemies all hold powerful machineguns. They may steer fighters, armored cars, motorbike, tanks, gunship, and helicopters to fire at you. Try to survive. Good luck!

Petty Theft Bicycle

Petty Theft Bicycle is an action game on in which you are playing as a thief to avoid the policeman’s capture. At the beginning, you steal a bicycle and ride in the city, with the policeman everywhere. There will be many obstacles on the road which including the fire, the hostages, the cars and so on. Along the road, there are several houses. You wouldn’t be dead while hit on the house, but they will stop you. So keep away from them. While playing, you can see the city map on the top of the screen, so that you can locate where you are. There is also paraphernalia to use which are including hamburgers, chips, soft drink and so on. You can add your life if using them.

Shotgun Orc

Avenge thoughs who killed your brethren. Instructions: Your orc friends have all been wiped out by your enemies. Then suddenly a strange portal opens before your eyes. Out pops a weapon of great destruction. 'All Right! Revenge! Yeah!' Press SPACE bar to shoot. Press R to reload. Use the ARROW keys to move, press Up to jump.


Alien is an arcade game on in which you will act as a little fish with big eyes. You are alike an outer space animal. For some reason, you are wandering about destitute the earth. Now, it is time to go back to your home star for you. You are in a spaceship which is in the air. The whole earth is in your under foot. You can see the lights of the city. If you want to go back to your home, you must transfer from one spaceship to another. The only way for transferring is jumping. You can jump from one space to another. You can press the SPACE BAR or the LEFT button of your mouse to make the alien jump. If you can not jump on another spaceship, one life loses. You have 12 lives to play the game.

Monster Munch

Monster Munch is an arcade game on in which you will act as a lovely monster. You come out of your house and find that all the things are covered by snow. The scene is very beautiful. But you are hungry; you need food to feed yourself. There is no other food besides the snowflakes falling from the sky. But not only have the snowflakes fallen from the sky, but also the falling ice and the snow balls. The goal of this game is to eat as many snowflakes as possible. You can move to left and right by pressing the LEFT and the RIGHT arrow keys. When you are under a snowflake and it falls on your head, it means you get 100 points. But make sure to avoid the falling ice and snow balls, or you will lose points. You got 5 minutes.

Magma 2

Magma 2 is a skill game on Once the game starts, you can use the arrow keys to move Magma and the spacebar to place lava bombs. There are a number of mushrooms and stumps in each map. The lava bombs can explode them away, which means you can place lava bombs near blocks to open the paths and to find the sacred stones. Find all three of the stones and place them in their matching podiums in the center of the level. Don’t let the monsters touch Magma or it will cost you a life. The quicker you find the stones and return them the more points you will receive. Find the power-up items to increase Magma’s bomb blast. There are three lives for Magma in all. If you run out of all lives, the game is over. Good luck!

Kaola Lander

Kaola Lander is an arcade game on in which you will help a fearless koala, Jo-Jo, go to Sydney for a barbecue. It’s also an exciting game, the frame is very beautiful and we can a lovely koala in the screen. Jo-Jo wants to go to Sydney and he had to travel through Perth, Darwin, Cairns and many other cities. You object is to help him control the fire balloon, collect shrimps to increase Jo-Jo’s energy and help him land safely. Use the arrow keys to control the direction of the balloon. You can press the up-arrow key to raise the balloon, left-arrow key to go left and right-arrow key to go right. There are totally 10 levels in this game, each level you have 4 lives。Once you run out of your lives, the game is over. Play now.

Graveyard of DS

Graveyard of DS is a fight game on in which you try to survive in the city as long as possible. At first you can choose your hat to create an image you like. The small person is really lovely as there are many different hats such as paradise, thief, sports player and other images. And you are put on the street with on one else. It is late at night and only streetlights are working to give humans light. And there will be small red people run towards you around-the-clock. Once you are touched by them, you will lose your health points. When you kill 100 enemies, you will get a prize to choose between 3 god-powers which can increase your energy. Have fun!

Reel Gold

Reel Gold, which is an action game on Gold is a very precious mineral, people loves the golden shiny color it makes a person shine in a party. Gold is getting more expensive than before, one day an old cow boy found a place where product a lot of gold, he is trying to reel those precious gold and sale to people in the market or departmentstore. Would you like to help him? Don’t worry, you will also get your bonus. Use your left and right arrow keys to move the cowboy’s car, use your up and down arrow keys to pick up the gold. Best of luck!

Rudolf's Revenge

Rudolf’s Revenge is an arcade game on in which you try to hit Santa as high as you can to collect as many presents as you can. It is Christmas Eve and Santa need to collect gifts which are hanging in the half sky for people. On the ground, Santa is standing beside a wapiti which is calculating the angle of kicking the Santa. Pay attention! Its thoughts are very important. And in the trees both side there are many elves hiding and they will try to hit Santa the second time to let him fly in the sky a longer time. Left click while come into Santa is flying, in order to activate the elves in the trees. The Santa will become happier if he can fly as high as possible and pick up more presents for the kids in the house. Have fun!

Stoneage Panic

Welcome to Stoneage Panic! Here, in this fighting game, your mission is to kill all the moving things and meanwhile find out new weapons to arm yourself. When you meet some other guys, beat them with your fist, and as you are going, you will have more weapons such as branches, bones, slingshot, stones, etc, and then you can beat your enemies with these tools. You can find this game on Good luck!

Under Construction 2

Under Construction is an arcade game on in which you experience earthquake and have to across many trenches under ground. You are walking on a bustling street; there are three yellow road signs which mean under construction. Earthquake make you fall to subterranean, you walk forward, skip narrow trenches by jumping, and can through wide trenches by pressing green button on the wall which will upraise a board. You must go back to fetch a key to open a door, then you can come out. The up arrow key means jump, the tab key means pressing button, and the left and right arrow key control your walking directions, once you escape from subterranean, you’ll win.

Scooby Doo Plane Trip

Play free game Scooby Doo Plane Trip on

Harry The Hamster 3

Harry The Hamster 3 is an arcade game on Harry was enjoying a trundle around the garden in his hamster ball, but now the evil cat has him trapped and is getting his nasty servants to attack. Can you get Harry safely through 6 levels? You can use arrow keys to move and press space bar to jump. Jump on the baddies’ heads to splat them. You must splat all of the baddies to get the code to open the lock and get to the next level. If Harry runs out of energy it is game over, so look out for food to replace it. You can use the map to find baddies and food. Your score points increase for crushing baddies, bouncing on top of toadstools, and squishing shit (ugh!) And you will lose points for crushing plants and using food. Hitting baddies will make Harry lose energy. Go to help Harry now!

Bomby Bomy

During the long history of human civilization, the way used by people to control a canon is almost the same. People put shells into the canon and then aim the targets and at last fire. Can you imagine that there is a totally different way to shoot shells? Bomby Bomy is a shooting game on in which you bounce the bombs to bomb the upper creatures. The canon will release cannonballs automatically so you have to move quickly in order to bounce the projectile. Try to stay away from those unexploded bombs because they will kill you. Watch out for the Hippo, he eats bombs but he don’t like the taste. Good luck!

Defend the Flag

Defend the Flag is a shooting game on in which your mission is to defend the flag. Kill enemy units before they reach your flag. Pick up whatever ammo dropped by enemies. When you are surrounded by enemies, you can use weapon punch. Don’t waste your ammo, and fire your last bullet at short distance. As you go on levels, weapon reload time decreases. Good luck!

The Green

In The Green, a shooting game on, you are on a mission to kill all the enemies. The rule is simple: finish all the enemies and go on to the next level. You can run forward, go backward, and jump—try to be nimble enough to avoid harms. Click your mouse to shoot bullets, and you’d better give combo attack so that you can kill those yellow guys quickly. Enemies will emerge gradually, so you have to be efficient. Good luck!

Chrome Wars

Chrome Wars is an awesome action game on in which you will play as a robot. Choose the attributes, name and color scheme as you wish. While the name and color won’t do squat for his damage or toughness, his attribution will determine your combat style. Make sure you use some grit to last a few hits, and power can definitely make a big difference in a fight! After that, the right mix of every other attribute will add to your robot’s unique way of fighting. Once you’re done, pick up a fight, gain credits for your fights, go to the bot shop to buy upgrades, and hold on as long as you can! There are more robot out there to face than you can imagine! Go ahead and show off your fighting skill...

One Man's Doomsday

Have you ever thought what life would be if you were pursuing by endless enemies? Will that be as excited as those described in action movies? One Man’s Doomsday is a shooting game on where you can find out what it feels like being catching up by bloody foes. In the game, you can shoot your enemies dead using a gun which you can pick up on the road. When you think the gun is useless or you need a new gun, you can throw it away. You can get in a tank which may protect you from some raid. You can still move and shoot when you are in the tank, but don’t stay in it too long, the enemies may burn it. When you see a first-aid kit, take it, for it can help you relieve. Do remember that you are immune to enemies’ assault by jumping and rolling. Try your best not to be killed, the game is over when you are dead. Just be careful!

Sorority Panty Raid

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Barbarian Onslaught

Barbarian Onslaught,which is available on, is a challenging action game. Use the left and right arrow keys or A and D keys to navigate. Run towards the ledge and press the up arrow key or W key to leap across. Kill the monsters by pressing space bar, tap it repeatedly for a flurry of fast attacks, or hold it down for slow but powerful strong attacks. Try to avoid the arrows or defeat them with your sword by carefully timing your strokes. Check your health bar on the top left of the screen. Lift a barrel tap space bar, and then throw it by holding down space bar. When your rage bar is full, you can perform a rage attack, instantly killing an enemy by holding down space bar but that will use up all your rage. Walk over food to regain health. This is your chance to show your fighting skills. Good luck!

Aragon Dragon

Dragons are some amazing creatures that can fly, breathe fire, have great power, and live only in myth. It seems that there is nothing that dragons cannot achieve. Now you have a chance to play with a very cute dragon. Aragon Dragon is a skill game on in which your mission is to help your clumsy serpent survive all the levels. In each stage, you have to help the dragon get all the point balloons and at last get the key to the next level. Don’t let him land on any ground otherwise he will be killed by the lightening. You have plenty time to finish each stage. Have fun!

Toy Massacre

Woodsy the psychotic toy has built a lovely block castle. Unfortunately the other toys in the room want to destroy his creation. What would he do then? Toy Massacre is a skill game on in which your mission is to stop other toys from stealing blocks by chopping them into pieces. If a block is taken, chase down the offending toy, kill it and then drag the block back to your castle. But in the real world, you’d better treat your toys well—not do such violence on them. Good luck!


It snows outside? Go out for a teamwork snowball war? Be hurry so! You have a team composed by 3 little men with red clothes, your objective is to eliminate your opponents one by one by throwing snowballs on them. The number of enemy team increase by level, and they will become more and more smart. Be careful, a snowball in coming to your face!

Balance War

Children like playing seesaws. What about adults? Balance War is a skill game on in which you will play seesaw to get fruits. There are two persons on one seesaw, when you start the game, one person will be bounced up, and you should move the seesaw to get him so that the other person can jump in turn. If you miss your player, you lose one chance. The height the players can get increases as you keep them jumping. When your player hops high enough, he can pick the fruits and get points. But not everything is good, so you should take care. Good luck!

The Gem Digger

Dig through these colorful gems! The first 2 levels are only warm-ups. After that you will face the real challenge! Move: arrow keys or A,S,D Dig: Enter key + direction Drill: Shift key + direction.

Cow Bandits

Pick up cows with your ship and drop them into the grinder. Careful not to drop them!

Bio Ball Boom

Bio Ball Boom is an action game on in which you try to eliminate all bio balls released by aliens. UFO brings many bio balls to the Earth. They just drop the bio balls on the ground and fly away. You are a space soldier and fully equipped with advanced weapons and devices. Your present location is at the foot of the Great Wall. Though so powerful, you are not able to attack the UFO. Your only mission is to kill the bio balls they released. You can raise up laser beam on the ground to cut one big bio ball into two small ones and then it will become easier to kill small bio balls. Once you eliminate some balls, there may be special items appearing on the ground, like boots, clock, fuel, etc. Try to collect these items for bonus. Boots can increase your moving speed. Clock can prolong the existence of laser beam. Fuel can make the laser beam raise higher. As levels progress, there will be more UFO and more bio balls. Once you are hit by a ball, you will lose a life. When you run out of the two lives you have in all, the game is over. Good luck!


Soakamon is an arcade game on in which you will help Freddie to fight against his friend to win the water-fight only to get the last Poke Doll. Once the game starts, press your left and right arrow keys to let Freddie move. Then click on your left mouse button to power up and let the balloon go out before you soak yourself. At the two side of the upper screen are your humiliation level and your enemy humiliation level. Once you have hit your enemy the level will be add. And when the level is max, you can throw the piss balloon to your enemy. Each stage you will fight three times. You can go to the next stage by winning two times in the water-fight. Hope you can gain a high score! Click and point now!

Head Blast

Head Blast is an action game on in which you will head a boring guy as far as possible. You and your fellows are playing football at a football field. A boring guy bothers you again and again. Your fellows become angry, so you decide to punish him and teach him a lesson. You will use your head to head him away and your friends will help you. When the boring guy flies to a position that one of your fellows stands at, he will add a kick to this guy and keep it go on flying. There are also some special items in the game. The bigger players upgrade significantly increases the power of your own team mates on the field. Power upgrades increase both the speed of the initial headbutt, and also increases the maximum horizontal speed (terminal velocity) of the boring guy. Do you want to know more? Join it now.

Starfrosch 2

Starfrosch 2 is a skill game on in which you will be a frog. At the beginning of the game, there are lots of blue flowers and yellow stars in the screen. You will start in the entrance. Your mission is to collect the stars and avoid the flowers. You will win ten points for each star. But if you eat the blue flower, you should start again. You have only three chances to start again. You can use the arrow keys to move and find the exit to go to the next turn. You will see some capsules in your way. If you eat it, you will become smaller, which can help you to avoid the moving flowers. Besides, you should know that the yellow stars are sparkling and sometimes some of them will change into blue stars. You can’t collect the blue star because it will hurt you. The goal of the game is to test your agility. Good luck.

Happy Christmas

A storm has blown away Santa’s presents! Need some brave man to help the Santa! Happy Christmas is a Christmas game on in which your job is to help the Santa get back all the stolen gifts, put them back to the sledge again and defend them against crazy squirrels. You jump to get the presents. You can throw snowballs if necessary. Don’t touch the debris flying around for they will hurt you. Try to be a nice helper! Merry Christmas and happy new year!

A Whiff Of Christmas

We've created a truly ridiculous new Christmas themed game to get you into the spirit of things. It involves Father Christmas, a sleigh full of presents, some evil, flesh eating elves and a reindeer with a flatulence problem. What more could you ask for...? Plus, every fortnight we're giving away a brilliantly fun, mini remote control helicopter, so submit your score for the chance to win.


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Bomb It 2

Bomb It 2 is a skill game on in which your mission is to explore the way by blasting obstacles and meanwhile collect useful items. The bomb you placed can destroy only the adjacent obstacle. So in order to avoid being hurt by your own dynamite, you need to hide at the clinodiagonal block. Bonuses such as machine guns, cakes will appear sometimes when the blocks are damaged. Watch out your time and don’t be hurt by your opponents. Good luck!


Amorphous is a skill game on Here, you have two modes to choose from. The single nest mode requires you to reduce the Gloople numbers to zero before dying. The bounty run mode requires you to dive in an endless Gloople nest in an attempt to collect the highest bounty score possible—the longer you last, the more Glooples will join the battle. To destroy your jelly-like enemies, you need to guide the character around the screen by moving the curser. Your player will always attack facing the curser’s current location. So use your indicator wisely. Don’t forget to read tips while you are playing. Have fun!

Slingshot Santa

Slingshot Santa, which is a skill game on Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply "Santa", is the legendary and mythical figure who, in many Western cultures, brings gifts to good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24 or on his Feast Day, December 6 (Saint Nicholas Day). The legend may have part of its basis in hagiographical tales concerning the historical figure of Saint Nicholas. But now those two guys are try to shoot him out and see how far is the distance.

Skeleton Park

You are the little Frankenstein, you should help the skeleton to get all of his bones, by avoiding the dogs in the park.

Red Baron

Welcome to Red Baron! Now you are going to fight against enemies and win fame. You are armed with your honorable sword, so you can attack those bastards with various movements and if you can, try combo attacks as soon as you see the sparks. Protect yourself to minimize your hurt. There are many bonuses such as a whole turkey, drumstick, coins, and they will give you health or points. You can find this fighting game on, a very good online flash game site. Good luck!

GAPC Santa

A flash game for Christmas! Help Santa get to GAPC to deliver the holiday gifts! Get Santa to the bottom of the hill without losing all his gifts and you win. Mouse controlled.

Seven Night

Seven Night is an adventure game on in which you fight against hazardous monsters. You are an elite soldier in the game. Once the game starts, press A, D, W, S to move ahead or back, go up and down. When you contact with those monsters, use K and J to jump and attack. At the left upper corner is your healthy meter. It will deplete slightly when you contact with those obstacles. In addition, you can press the K and J keys at the same time to use the special attack. But it will reduce your healthy level as a result. And when the healthy bar reduce to the lowest level; you can not use the special skill. You have three chances to relive. If the healthy bar is completely consumed at the last chance, the game is lost. And pay attention to your back, the monsters can be appearing from your back. Let’s start it!

Arrow Knight

Help the knight through the forest to finish his journey,watch over your arrow it's limited. Enjoy! Up arrow : jump down arrow : quickly down space bar : normal arrow Z : 3 arrows at once c : Fire arrow.

Urban SWAT

Urban SWAT is an arcade game on in which you are in control of a girl to kill some flies and make points. When the game starts, the maid will stand on the floor of her room. Many flies disturb her nap in the noon. She is angry and decides to kill all the flies in the room. There are sofas, chandelier, and desk lamp. You can use your mouse to control the maid and click to use the swatter. But you can not destroy any furniture or lamps in the room, or the game will be over. You can get bonus points if you can kill more than one fly at a time. The more flies you help the maid kill, the more points you can get. Try to get a certain number of points to move to the next level.

Phantom Assassin

A heaven-like rich village has been attacked by a group of bandits--blood is spoiled everywhere, bones can be found in every corner of the street. The villagers are raided by those son of bitch. The lead robber enslaved all people and killed all men and the chieftain. Please kill the leader and bring order to our village. You will find many people need your skills, who are marked by an exclamation mark. Talk to them, and they will give you some information. Phantom Assassin is an action game on, good luck and enjoy!

Gus Vs Bus 2

When Gus tries to catch that bus, it's no game. But just like in Gus vs. Bus, can he skate fast enough and still make it over all of the obstacles to get it?

Zaphod & Aztec

ZaphodandAztec is a skill game on in which you help two aliens Zaphod and Aztec to collect creature from the earth. At different stage, you are asked to capture different creatures like the little chicken, cows or the human being. You can click on you left mouse button to pick up, be sure that your targets are directly in front of you. Because of these characters are move so fast. You should click quickly in a limited time and don’t capture the wrong target. Pay attention to the converse before every stage started. And be careful not to pick up any government agents. If you do that, the game will be lost. Are you ready? Click and point now!

Daffy studio adventure

Get Daffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. Keep on the path as you move around the skinni walkway. Levels start to get somewhat harder. move - arrow keys. jump - space bar


You work in an industrial bakery and you must prepare the parcels for forwarding. You thus receive 3 kinds of different breads to arrange in cases (1 per kind of bread) on the left of the screen. You using the arrows of the keyboard direct; the key spaces is used to you to catch or deposit bread. The more you fill of cases, the more you gain points, the more you pass from levels! Easy way: If you catch a gilded bread, it can be deposited in any case, it is a joker.

Choose Your Weapon 1

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Spin Stadium

A funny spin game, choose your character among Ed, Edd or Eddy, and then use your spin to eliminate the others that spin across the screen. You can even make combo to earn more points.

Snack Attack

Snack Attack is a skill game on in which you have to give all the snacks Jed wants for a ride to the race. Jed will give you a list and you need to get him everything on it or else you’ll be thumbing it home. At the snack bar, select the combos that will fill Jed’s requests. If you get him everything he wants, woo hoo! If you drop his food on the stairs up, boo hoo for you. You should balance yourself while avoiding obstacles. It is not that easy actually because it need your excellent controlling skill. Watch out the stairs and tires. Good luck!

Bleach Versus

Bleach Versus is a fighting game on in which you will fight against several Deaths. First you choose your player and then you choose your opponent. You can move right and left, jump and attack. You can play tricks but only when you have enough energy, so watch out your health bar carefully. There is no certain rule in this game, you try to win your enemy and without being killed. Good luck!

Xevoz Showdown

Xevoz Showdown is a fighting game on in which your mission is to defeat all the enemies. Before start the game, you can choose the character. You can make your player move right and left. You can also make him jump to pass gaps or avoid bullets. There will be many enemies. Attack them without hesitation. Try not to get hurt. Watch out your health, if you run out of your health, you will lose your game. Good luck!

Tire Toss

Tire Toss is an arcade game on in which you try to toss a tire as far as possible. There are three kinds of tires in this game, they have different weight. Choose a tire you want to toss, and then the game starts. You are on a road in the wild, it is large tracts of forests and green space by the road side, and insects are humming. You uphold a tire and run forward, when you reach a wood pile, you try your best to throw it far away. Click the screen, you start to run, and use your left mouse button to control the speed. Your scores are recorded at the down right of the map. Wish you good luck!

Elite Forces Defense

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


As close to Staggy 3 as you'll get. Made by the same people behind Staggy this is pretty sweet!

Air Hockey 2

In the 14th and 15th century, hockey was loved by English gentlemen, and now it is spread all over the world. Are you fans of hockey? Do you play it weekly? You may say yes to all these questions. But have you played hockey on a table? Air Hockey is a sport game on where you play table hockey with your opponent. The rules of the game are not as complicated as real hockey game, but the essence is the same—hit your balls into your opponent’s door. You use a plate as your bar to rebound the ball trying to break the door opposite you and meanwhile prevent the ball from entering your door. Of course all these are done on the table. Focus your attention and good luck.

Stickman Sam 3

Stickman Sam 3 is a shooting game on in which your will have a gun to find where is the cheese. Before the game starts, you will have to know that you have to take an assignment. You will have a conversation with someone and be told something about the assignment. Once it starts, you will be located in the filed. There are mountains behind you. In the process of your running, you will encounter some enemies who are also taking guns. You can move the mouse to move the crosshair in order to fire at your enemies. They will also fire at you, so use the w key to jump in order to avoid being shot. There is a big light on the tower. If you are spotted, the mission is over. You have to go back to the drop off point.

Go Fishing

How nice it will be to go fishing on a sunny day with your loyal pet! Now you have a chance to realize it in Go Fishing, a skill game on In the game, you move your boat and roll down your fishing rod, when you have caught some sea animals, roll up your hook then you will get your points. You have only two minutes in which you should angle as many fishes as possible. The animals you can get are eels, dorados, sea horses, lobsters and other big fishes. But don’t touch sharks which will eat you and your pet. Not to put your hook in the shells for they can do nothing but wasting your energy. Word to be wise: get bigger ones in that they will add you more points.

Rat Shot

Use a rat as a projectile! It抯 not cruel, they enjoy it really. Slam the bottle with the hammer to project the rat into the air.

Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble is an arcade game on in which you try to get as many points as you can. There is a very lovely picture in the game. For example, there is a lovely cartoon cat. There are two flares burning. You will play the game under blue color background. There are two choices in the game. One is that it has only one player, the other is that it has two players. In the game, you should use keyboard left and right arrows to move the cat left and right and use space key to catch the ball. When you play the game, it will have the sound to coordinate you. Are you ready? Have fun.


A game with the very simple design but which can be rather fascinating. You incarnez a small racing car (move it with the arrows of your keyboard) and try to destroy the large block which is trotted in your screen (by using key CTRL to draw). Do not touch the blocks under penalty of exploding.

Polar Rescue

Polar Rescue is an adventure game on in which you try to help a lovely penguin go through various difficulties and dangers. In the far distance is great snow mountain. Our penguin hero will start his adventure from here. There are many ice spikes on the way. Once the penguin hits one of the spikes, it will lose a life. You can use the arrow keys to move the penguin. Press the spacebar to jump and shift key to shoot. Sometimes you may encounter monsters like a crazy dog, then kill them by using your snowball gun. Try to collect as many snowballs as possible to keep your ammunition full. You must learn how to use the floating rocks and avoid traps on your way. There are many springs that can help you jump high. Pick up yellow stars for bonus points. When you run out of all penguins, the game is over. Good luck!

Cow Throw

Cow Throw, which is a skill game on There is place called "Happy cow land", those lovely cows were planning to go to see the outside world and traveling around the world, but they have no idea that the outside world is not as lovely as what they were thinking about. One day, they walk to the desert, they can not see anything there, until they met a monster, the monster said: You rushed into our home, we are going to punish you! The punishment is throw them out as far as the monster could. Let’s see what happen...

Avatar Arena

Create your own character and challenge the world’s best bengers. Different combination will perform a series of combo attack, for instance SPACEBAR or DOWN ARROW KEY, DOWN, SPACEBAR or UP, DOWN, SPACEBAR. Get them into proper sequence, and you will gain more fun with miscellaneous charges. While defense is performed in different key combination like Back or Back, Spacebar or Down, Back, Spacebar. Chi Attack: Hold down, and repeatedly press Spacebar to fill the chi bar. Avatar Arena is an Action game, available on Good luck!

Jeu de singe

Jeu de singe is an arcade game on in which you will act as a monkey. It is a sunny day. The sky is blue and the white clouds are floating in the sky. There are a lot of coconut palms on the beach. And the coconut palms are full of fruits. You, a clever monkey, is sitting on the top of a tree which is on the riverside. Just at this time, a rogue alligator is approaching you quietly. It opens its mouth, and look at you greedy. To escape, you can move to left or right by pressing the LEFT and the RIGHT arrow keys. To kill the crocodile, you can throw a coconut by press the SHIFT key. Or you can press the SPACE BAR to throw a leaf of the coconut palms. If you can hit it, it dies and you get score.

Kill Kenny

Kill Kenny is a shooting game on where you shoot to kill the Kenny. You can use mouse to move back and forth to dodge the knives. The door on the building opens randomly to expose Jimdo who will offer you a gun. You must be in front of the door to get your weapon. With the gun, you should aim it and click on Kenny to fire. You must be directly below and aiming straight up at the one you want to kill. You win by avoiding all 500 knives and you die when get 5 hits. Each time a knife falls, you get 100 points. Each time you die you lose 100 points. Each time you shoot one of your friends you get 1000 points.

Catch the Fly

Catch the Fly is a skill game on in which you need to move your mouse to beat the annoying fly. Once the game starts, you are located in a kitchen. And a housefly is flying around here. Move your mouse from side to side to catch it. This is a time limited game. And the objects in the kitchen can be overthrow if you have failed to beat the fly. For example, the glass, the pot can be shattering. You can bust the window when the fly stops at the window. Once you have click the tap. It will running water until you click it again. The speed of the housefly will become faster each second. Try your best to catch it.

Lawn Pac

In this game, grandma has left you in charge of her yard, you should make sure it?s always cut by using your lawnmower to cut every square inch of her yard before you run out of fuel. Use your arrow keys to move the lawn. Additionally, rain clouds will make grass grow back so be quick.


In Khronos, a fighting game on, your mission is to defeat the army of darkness. To win the battle, you need achievements which can be gained by making combos, killing enemies faster or using certain defensive strategies. For every six achievements you have, you will automatically have one Award which can grant you one additional character whom you can select to fight for you. But choose your hero with caution—they have their own power and weakness. Become a true ruler of the darkness!

Beat the Cheese

Beat the Cheese is a skill game on in which you whack rabbits using a ham as more as possible. Once the game starts, there will be eleven holes in the board. A number of rabbits stretch out their heads out from the holes and make faces at you. You should beat them by using a ham in your hand. Just click your mouse to give a beat. If you succeed to whack a rabbit, it will feel pain and stretch out its tongue. If you miss, they will disappear quickly and no expression changes. Try to whack more rabbits to get to high level. But if you miss too many times, the game is over. Good luck!

Beaver Brothers

Beaver Brothers is an arcade game on in which you help the beaver brothers to collect all the red diamonds and avoid to be attacked by the falling gunnysacks with “SANO” on them. There are many red bricks on each floor. Simply move your mouse and click. Direct the nutrias with your mouse to the red bricks and click on the upper floor to go up, the older brother of the two beavers which in a red hat and blue coat always go early than the younger. And he will pull his brother go up and down .Each of them has a tool in the front bag .Look our for the jute bags falling from the sky, if you are hit, you loose one life; you have three chances in each level. When you collect all the bricks, you are able to go to the next level.

Cave Escape 2

Cave Escape 2 is an adventure game on in which you try to escape from a collapsing cave. You are a stick person scientist exploring a cave. While in the depths, you come into contact with a rare mineral that gives you psychic powers. Suddenly the cave starts collapsing! You must complete all five levels of the game to get out of the cave alive. Dodge the rocks! You can click and hold the mouse to charge telekinetic bombs. Hold X to levitate rocks for a limited time. Once the game starts, there will be numerous huge rocks and small rocks falling down upon you. You have to move left and right to avoid being struck by them. Whenever you have no time to dodge, you can release a bomb to explode all the falling rocks around you. Or you can use the psychic powers to levitate the rocks for a while. Good luck!


Some people may feel weak before a time bomb, because they can’t stop that running click and that means they can’t control the situation. Are you one of them? Bojo is a skill game on in which you try to collect bombs before they explode. You can run forth and back, you can also jump, but you have to tell the little person in the game to stop when getting to the desired position otherwise he keep on running. You have five lives, and every time you fall down or let the bomb explode, you lose a life. The most attractive part of the game is when you finish a level, you can get a level-code with which you can continue your game next time without start from the beginning.

The Savior

The Savior is a fighting game. Your target is to defeat the enemies in each level. You can attack the thief to get random stone for upgrade your weapon. To upgrade your weapon, you must collect required stones. You can press the Space Bar to see what kinds of stones you needed to collect. Each upgraded weapon has different limit break. You will get experience by perform a successful attack. When you are level up, please don’t forget to distribute your points. You can rollover the plus sign to see attribute descriptions. The stamina bar will recover automatically if you don’t run. When you die, you will auto revive once to full hit points. You can get different bonuses by completing all level difficulty to. In this game you can press the “A” key to move left, press the “S” key to move right, press the “W” key to jump. You can also press the “J” key to attack, press “K” key to run, and press the “L” key to activate limit break which is available for upgrade weapon only, when you want to view or close the status menu, you can press the Space Bar. When the experience is max, you will level up. You can rollover the stone to see its name. Ready? Go!!

Stag Knight

Stag Knight is a fighting game on in which you are a brave knight to fight against numerous enemies. You walk deep into the forest and find you are trapped. The way is blocked by two huge rocks. You can’t move on. At that time, many opponents holding different weapons come towards you. The enemies attack you with sword, laser knife, gun, and other weapons. You can use arrow keys to move left and right. Press space bar to attack the enemies. You can use your sharp sword to cut the body, heads, arms, legs of the opponents. After you kill some bad guys, you can collect gold box, medicine icon, and weapon icon for bonus. You can recover your health, obtain bigger sword, and gain money from them. Try to kill as more enemies as you can. Are you ready? Fight!

Crazy Penguin Catapult

People may have the impression that penguins are some cute and awkward animals. But have you ever thought that they can also be very naughty and crazy? Crazy Penguin Catapult is an arcade game in which your mission is to fire the catapult and help the penguins catch polar bears. Actually the game is very simple and interesting. You don’t need many techniques but do need patience, because the level mission in every round may take you some time to finish. Have fun!

Frisbee Dog

Scientists say that dogs have equal intelligence to a 4-year-old child. That’s to say this species is rather clever. What can your puppy do? Frisbee Dog is a skill game on in which you help your huntaway get Frisbees or balls. You click the dog to jump. The longer you hold your mouse button before releasing, the higher your purp will jump. Try to collect things like Frisbees and balls. Don’t touch other objects like turtles because they will kill your lovely dog. Good luck!

Mouse Mash

Mouse Mash is an action game on in which you are in control of a cat to kill as more mice as possible by mashing them with its claws. This game contains excessive amounts of violence and gore. The cat is named Fuzzy McFluffenstein and the mice are called Mr. Paranoid here. The game happens inside a house. It’s deep into the night. The female master of this house falls into sleep upon her computer desk because she is so tired for work. But the desk lamp is still working. Numerous mice go out of their holes to hunt for food in the house. They run here and there and climb on walls. They destroy a lot of furniture, plates, and devices. Fuzzy McFluffenstein must kill them all within the time limit, or it will be punished by its master next morning. You can use arrow keys to control the cat and move it to jump on mice and earn more time. If the time runs out, this lovely cat will explode. Help it mash mice and keep alive longer. The mice may on the desk, floor, fridge, computer, kitchen, and all other places. Mash them now.

Breakout 2

In Breakout, your are going to make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to ultimately steal across the yard and over the wall. There stand guards, so you need to sneak up behind them to knock them out. But be careful, they will hear you if you run. Try to avoid search lights by hiding in the shadows. You can crouch, walk, jump, reach up and crouch walking—change your posture in accordance with different situations. You can find this adventure game on Good luck!

Field Command 2

Field Command 2 is a shooting game on in which you join the battle and fight in Iraq. You shall get ready to make life and death decisions because you headed to Iraq and are being thrown right into the thick of it. Here you have many important missions. Your rank at the beginning is Corporal. And on your first mission you are jumping deep behind enemy lines, you must infiltrate the nearby anti air and artillery base and so as much damage as possible. If you are discovered you will most likely be overwhelmed so stealth is the key. You have landed ten miles south west of your objective, you must lead your platoon north as quickly as possible as it will be nightfall soon and you do not want to miss the cover of darkness. You just have 14 soldiers following you, no tank, and no other support. Mostly the game consists of choosing the option you think is best, but occasionally the game becomes a first or third person shooter so be ready at all times. You may use laser, rocket launcher, machine gun, submachine gun, rifle and sniper gun in the game. Do you want to know more? Join now and good luck for you!

Hang Bang

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Portal Wars

Portal Wars is a fighting game on in which your mission is to defeat your enemies by any means. There is no certain rule and all you need to do is to fight with your sword. You can slash, jump to do kick and super slash, etc, just to kill your foes to win the game. Be careful not to be hurt by others or you will lose health. Try to get more scores by performing ninja skills. Good luck!

Sleigh Away

Sleigh Away is an arcade game on in which you help Santa get back his sleigh at Christmas Eve. One of Santa’s naughty elves has stolen his sleigh full of presents. You must help Santa get his presents back. Use the left and right arrow keys to move Santa across the bottom of the screen. You can fire a magic star towards Santa’s stolen sleigh. When you hit the sleigh, a present will be released. Collect the present to receive extra points. But you must avoid the baubles. You lose a Santa if a bauble hits you. Once you have lost all three Santa, the game will end. But you can collect the candy for an extra life. It is snowing and a lovely snowman stands watching you. Christmas is coming. All kids are looking forward to the gifts from Santa. Why are you still hesitating now? Go to help Santa at once.

Stealth Hunter

Stealth Hunter is an action game on in which you should control the man to finish the mission and you should skill enough. Sneak around, snap some necks, plant some C4, whatever you need to do to survive and complete an assigned mission. There are 22 missions in total. If you have trouble with a level go into the menu and look at hints. Use the arrow keys to walk around. Use your radar to navigate around guards. If you are spotted, the mission is a failure and you must restart. Walk directly into a wall and hold the walk key to press up against. Slide along the wall using the arrow keys perpendicular to the wall. When a red exclamation mark appears above your head, you can press spacebar to use objects such as swithes and doors. Pressing the spacebar while against the wall will make you tap against it. Curious guards who hear the tap will come investigate. While standing near a guard press spacebar to break his neck, Press the Z to plant a C4 explosive charge. Press the X key to detonate charges. Some objects will be destoryed if caught in the explosion. Certain objects can be pushed around by walking into them.

Bow Adventure

Bow Adventure is an adventure game on in which you are a warrior to rescue a beautiful princess. This game is created from a story. Princess Yaya has been kidnapped by the evil wizard Grizwald and is being held captive in Castle Doom (how original!) Your task, dear hero, is to save her from Grizwald’s evil clutches and destroy his minions on the way. Climb up Castle Doom’s walls and try not to get yourself killed, as Princess Yaya would not appreciate that. Good luck and beware of traps and other terrible things along the way. You can use the left and right keys to move around and press the up key to jump. Make use of the down arrow key for shield. You have a bow and many arrows and you can use mouse to aim and shoot. If you power up, the arrows will be shot out more quickly. Avoid being shot by devils and bitten by bats. Good luck!

Charlie The Duck

Charlie The Duck is an adventure game on in which you are in control of a duck to go through a dangerous forest. There are many platforms, trees and rivers in this forest. You can use arrow keys to move this duck around. There are many coins and stars in the air. Try to jump and collect them for high points. Watch out for the bees flying here and there. If you are stung by a bee, you will lose a life. And you should also avoid hitting frogs on the ground. Once you lose all three lives, you will have to restart the game. You can try to jump over the animals to kill them and gain points. Some coins are inside the bricks, so you shall try to break the bricks and get the coins. Try to go as long as possible. Good luck!

Mercenaries 2

Welcome to the Mercenaries 2, a shooting game on Here you may face the option: be a man or a mouse? There is no certain rule in this game. Your mission is to kill all the enemies who want to kill you. The indicator will tell you from which direction your enemies will come, so you’d better prepare for the war in advance. You can throw grenades, but remember that your dynamites are not endless. Use them wisely. Sometimes when kill some foes, you will see fire energy ball, go and get it—you will be more powerful after you get it. Pay attention to your health bar. Good luck!

Day of Slacking

Day of Slacking is a skill game on in which you play a girl or a boy to get the nice things in our daily life. It’s a game for slacking which wants you to forget the stuff of press in our life. The rules are simple. Grab nice things which will make you happy, such as beer, burgers, football, or ice cream and so on. Avoid bad things: bosses, phones, sticky notes which will make you crazy. Meanwhile, watch that stress-o-meter on the right. It has five lines to divide it into several parts. They are stressed, hot sweaty, chilled, very relaxed and king of slackers. The more nice things you grab, the higher you may reach. Once you touch the bad things, the bar will fall down quickly. Don’t get stressed, and try to last until the gun goes down! Control your slacker with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Food Bash

Food Bash is an arcade game on in which you throw food to shoot your opponent. It happens in a small restaurant. You get ready for a food fight. You will fight against your favorite cartoon stars. Once the game starts, your opponent will run left and right to dodge your attack. Meanwhile he will shoot you with various foods. You can use your mouse to aim and throw. Press space bar to dodge the foods shot at you. The first one to splat the other five times wins. You may throw tomatoes, potato, green pepper, cakes, and eggs at your opponent. As levels up, there may be more than one cartoon star appearing in the screen you need to fight against. Fairies will also appear in the battle. Do you want to have a try? Join now.

Body Ladder

Welcome to Body Ladder. Click on their heads to use your psy power. Use a bat to smack them, click anywhere to swing. Go up the way to the top. Stack enemy bodies slaying them in the same area, climb your pile to the stars. Your psy power regenerates over time, use it when you’re starting to get surrounded. Every time you are hit by a zombie you will lose a health block! See how high you can get. The higher you get the more you will be rewarded with new, more powerful weapons. Press down or s to throw a grenade! You can find this skill game on Good luck!

Elite Corps Jungle

Elite Corps Jungle is an adventure game on in which you will become an elite soldier to kill invaders. It is someday in the future. A small meteorite falls from the sky down deep into the jungle depths. Nobody pays attention to the meteorite fall because of all the general confusion of interstate conflicts. A few years later, military satellites discover strange activity in the jungle. Your government sends elite commandos to find out what is going on and to try and clear up the situation. On the way there horrible things occur and only two persons survive: a sportswoman who flied to Sochi for the Olympic Games and an elite commando. You are one of them. So you must kill all enemies and survive. You have a machinegun to shoot invaders. But they also have shooting weapons and may throw bombs on you. So be careful and find out the truth. Try to go as far as possible. Ready? Come on!

Armed With Wings 2

Vandheer lorde is an emperor, reigning the rebellious region for a long time with his mutant arm, and the evil magic power. Though the rebellion army fell by his deceptive hand, much to his annoyance, a wrong doing return to haunt him. Armed With Wings 2 is an action game, available on Use KEY Z X and C to create your own 3hit combo. These attacks can be stringed together in any order. KEY A and S are much stronger attacks. However, they use up energy. Energy will recover over time. Depending on which sword you are using, you will do different powerful attacks. Good luck!

Shark Attack

Shark Attack, which is a skill game on Sharks are a type of fish with a full cartilaginous skeleton and a highly streamlined body. They respire with the use of five to seven gill slits. Sharks have a covering of dermal denticles that protect their skin from damage and parasites and improve fluid dynamics. They have several sets of replaceable teeth. Sharks range in size from the small dwarf lanternshark, Etmopterus perryi, a deep sea species of only 17 centimetres in length, to the whale shark, Rhincodon typus, the largest fish, which grows to a length of approximately 12 metres and which feeds only on plankton, squid, and small fish through filter feeding.

Kerry Bush Bash

Kerry Bush Bash is an arcade game on in which you work as the moderator which is to block both President Bush and Senator Kerry from attacking each other. The goal of each level is for you to use the moderator’s paper to protect both presidential candidates while they engage in a heated debate. It is the presidential debate locale of 2004 and it is live show to audience all over the world. You are sitting between the two candidates which both take a bottle of redeye with them. Once they start to speak they will squeeze the bottle to attack each other. The paper on the desk is your weapon to stop the attacks. There are many rounds until the selection is over. Just click the start button to begin a moderator’s job. Have fun!

Kitchen War

Are you tired of washing dishes? Now you have something new about plates. Kitchen War is a skill game on where you challenge yourself by holding dishes thrown at you. There are five persons washing pans and throw clean dishes to you. You should move right and left to get those plates and put them on the shelf behind you otherwise they will drop on the ground and turn into pieces. You lose your game for four misses. You can cast dishes to those washing guy, but whether hit or not will be the same to your score. You advance to the next level by getting certain amounts of pans. Are you ready to mess the kitchen?

Putnik the Pumpkin

Putnik the Pumpkin is a shooting game on in which you are in control of a magical pumpkin to fire at Halloween creatures. It is at Halloween. All Halloween creatures have been cursed. You must save all creatures with your magical pumpkin seed. And you have to save them before midnight or they will disappear forever. Once the game starts, you will control your pumpkin to move left and right along the main street of the city. Many houses are built in the two sides. You should rescue Mummy, Zombie, Ghost, Volcano, Frankie, Skellie, and Devil Child by shooting pumpkin seeds at them as they move toward you. Avoid being shot by them or your health will decrease. You can collect some items for bonus on your way, such as a red heart for Health, a seed for Ammo, and a bullet icon for Reload. Once you fail to save all creatures, Halloween will be cancelled forever. It’s terrible, right? Do it now.

Eva y Adan

As we know, Garden of Eden is a very vast so it is difficult for Adam and Eva to find each other. As a hearted person, you decide to help Adam. Eva y Adan is a skill game on in which your mission is to help Adam find Eva. When you find Eva, you can enjoy her company and get points as well. But don’t be caught by the gorilla, he will make you lose one of your three lives. Try to pass diamonds which can give you more points. Good luck!

Jingle Balls

Jingle Balls is a Christmas game on in which your mission is to cheer up Dennis, a real brat who can’t stand Christmas fairs and is awfully bored. To achieve by helping him stir up trouble all over the fair. Each round is limited to 3 minutes. Try to bowl over as many people as possible and to get as many gifts as you can. To gather gifts and to replenish your supply of snowballs, just run over the respective items. Have fun!

Crazy Flasher 3

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Bomb Jack

People are afraid of bombs because of their potential danger. Have you ever thought that there is someone whose job is to collect bombs? Bomb Jack is a skill game on in which you will help Jack gather as many bombs as possible. Do remember that only red bombs can be picked up, and don’t touch the black ones which will kill Jack. Also, you should avoid showman and snail because touching them will cost you one life, and you have only three tries. If you want to jump higher, you can take bounce button. Collect money to get more points. Good luck!

Banana Barrage

Banana Barrage is an arcade game on in which you will help Donkey Kong to throw the banana into these barrels. Once the game starts, the monkey is located at the left down corner; next to him is a power-up bar. You can press the right and left arrow keys to aim, and use the space bar to toss the bananas in the barrels hanging in the jungle. Hold the banana longer, then you can throw the banana more far. Moreover, each barrel will be there for a limit time, you should be hurry to throw. And at the right upper corner is time counter. Manage you time. You total score will be show next to the time bar. You can challenge the next level by filling all the barrels at the current level. Don’t waste your time.

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island! In this adventure game, your mission is to finish all the quests and missions. You can use potions and scrolls. You can use the items in your inventory. Depending on the equipped weapon, the nature of the attack will change. You need to pay great attention to that because you could find that very tough enemies are immune to some kinds of attacks. Fighting and solving quests can give you wealth and points which can raise your level. When gaining a new experience level you will receive some bonus points which can help you free to distribute characteristics and abilities of your character. During the adventure you will conquer, buy and trade great treasures and equipment, carefully read the pop up messages appearing if you want to evaluate them and discover their powers. You can find this game on Good luck!

Asteroid Belt

Flying in the space is not that easy, sometimes it is more dangerous than normal flying. Why? Because there are a lot of asteroid belts which, if were battered against, can destroy the space ships. Asteroid Belt is a skill game on in which your mission is to navigate your way through many asteroids. Try to avoid as many minor planets as possible. And if you like, you can shoot them into pieces. Once you meet the target score for a level, you will advance to the next one. Be careful because you have only three chances each time. Good luck!

Jump on the Couch

Jump on the Couch is an action game on Conrad and Sally are naughty brother and sister. They like jumping on the couch when their parents are not at home. Conrad even hopes that Jumping on the couch was an Olympic Game. Today their mother and father go out again. It is a good chance to show their skills in jumping on the couch. There is a big couch in the room with other curtains, flowerpot, desk lamp, mural and cupboard. You can select Conrad or Sally to play. Use the arrow keys to walk to or away from the couch when on the ground. You can let them show flips by using arrow keys when in the air. The W key is to cannonball on the couch. The E key is to do the splits. To dismount, you can land on your feet on either side of the couch. Don’t get caught by mom! Keep your eye on the fish inside a fish tank. He will warn you when mom is coming. Jump off the couch and land on your feet before mom catches you. And you must make sure you land on your feet. Landing on your head hurts and will end the game. Try to collect goodies when you are in the air, such as gifts, candy, and balloon. Goodies give you lots of energy, and make you jump higher. Have fun.

Get Home

Get Home is a skill game on in which you try to get home early involving a few drinks. Before the game, you should choose you role to be act as a man or a woman and then start you way to home. Once the game begins, you will be located at roadside in night screen. Afterwards, you should start your way to home which is full of temptation and danger. You can use (←) and (→) key to turn left and right to avoid the extra booze and instead picking up the food as it comes towards you. Each time, you have four chances to finish your route in limited time successfully. Control you booze intake and you will be rewarded by getting home and then getting lucky with that special someone. Have fun.

Cake Quest

People risk their lives for treasure, for fame, have you ever thought that one day they can risk their lives just for cakes? In Cake Quest, you can find your answer. It is a skill game on, and your mission is to collect all the cakes stolen by the bad head cook. Be careful not to fall into the water. Or you will lose your game. You can utilize the spring to get higher tabnabs. Good luck!

Fesses Chasseurs

Hunters hunt for animals especially precious ones for more profits. Have you ever seen someone hunt for naked people? Fesses Chasseurs is a shooting game on where you shoot at unclothed savages. You can turn left and right and walk forth and back. At every place you will have given enemies and bullets. For example, in the first scene you should shoot one barbarian and have only five bullets, and you can go on to the second scene only after you finish your mission in the first spot. Don’t let those brutes touch you because they will beat you black and blue. They have much more strength than you. Good luck!

Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh is an arcade game on in which you control the character to clean the room. Grammy is on her way round, and your room is a mess. If you want to go out later you will need to clean up your side before she arrives. You have to tidy up your side of the room by picking up objects and cleaning them away in the right place. But you can throw rubbish over the other side of the room. The rubbish is such as paper, socks, pants and CDs. As usual, Megan is being a menace. She will open your window or door, and throw more rubbish in. Get to it before you get swamped in litter. Use the arrow keys to move character, while the spacebar for picking up and tidy throwing objects.

Bow Man 2

Bow Man2, which is a shooting game on We can see the bow and arrow game in Olympic games, you can see those players’ eyes were so concentrated. You can tell how they love this game by their resolute eyes. Now, use your mouse to shoot out your arrows, you can choose play with your partner or computer to be your enemies. You have to shoot your enemie by your arrows, you don’t need to treat him too kind, otherwise he will kill you, too. So, try your best to shoot him, best of luck!


The boss from the car wash is forcing you to catch and fire balls over a wall to appease his love of all balls, walls and healthy competition. What do you want? A good story or a good game? Athelete is a skill game on in which your mission is to get the ball thrown by your opponent. You can play with the computer which makes the game more difficult or just play with your neighbor. If you miss the ball, it will fall on the ground, and as a result, the ground will sink a little. That’s bad for you because you may fall off the game area without enough floors. So try to get every ball. Good luck!

Happy Smile

Happy Smile, which is an action game on Happy and Smile are cats, they are very wise and calm down. They had been training for few years, now they are cat killers now. Their boss loves them very much, because they never failed in any mission, as the 007 cats. Now, you got the mission is control them, A arrow is gun attack, S arrow is jump, D arrow is get close. Use your up, down, left and right arrows for moving the happy and smile’s position. Do not make the boss shame, otherwise he probably kill you, too...

Turtle Bridge

You must pass from the parcels has a person located of the other with dimensions of a river but there is no bridge, the only solution is to jump of a tortoise has the other. But the problem it is that the tortoises plunge sometimes to go to eat, therefore attention not to be on a tortoise at this time! Use simply the arrows right-hand side and left to move you and thus make outward journey return between two banks.

Chicken Run 2

The farm is an absolute hell! Chickens can’t stand the cruel torture any more, so they decide to run away. Chicken Run is a skill game on in which your mission is to help those helpless chickens run out of the damn farm. You launch the chicken onto a trampoline and then it can jump to freedom by itself. Take the power bar at the left corner of the screen as reference—too soft a shot or too powerful a shot both lead to failure. You can rotate the direction of the chicken according to where the trampoline is. Good luck!

Beat The Rush

Beat the rush is a skill game on in which your mission is to beat the rush and get to the big gig on time. In the game, your friend has got you exclusive tickets to the gig of the year. The only Catch Doors close in three minutes and you are on the other side of the centre. Use arrow keys to move your character around the classroom. Time is tight and it seems that everyone would love to stop you for a chat. Give your friends as much space as possible as you don’t have time to talk. Try to make it to the door marked ”exist” without losing too much time in conversation. Good luck!

StickRPG Combat

Sometimes you may come home exhausted and frustrated, and you can’t vent your anger on your families. What could do then? Why not play some flash games such as StickRPG Combat, a fighting game on in which your mission is to kill as many stick men as possible. You wave your bat to kill your enemies. You can kill them one by one or kill some of them at a time, it’s up to you. When you have killed one foe, somewhere else will appear another one. That’s to say, you will have countless enemies and the only way you can survive is to fight, and only fight. Watch out your health bar. Good luck!

Mirrors Edge 2D

Mirrors Edge 2D is a skill game, in this game your target is to collect as many icons as you can and reach the destination as soon as you can. You will see many red volumes on the road, and when you touch it, a dialog box will opened automatically, it will give you enough information and guide around for the next challenge. You can press the “S” key to jump, press the Left arrow key to run leftward, press the Right arrow key to run rightward, press Down arrow key to squat down. Attention, the key of this game is to being a runner to keep moving, to use what’s around you to develop your advantage. Low walls should not slow you down too much. You should learn to use ledges to keep going forward, or hold jump to catch some air. When you want to climb upon the wall, you should try to hold the direction towards a wall and you will cling to it. If you hold up and towards the wall while hitting the wall, you can climb up a short distance. More over you can wall jump. Good luck!!


You are a fly and you are in a kitchen full with sweetened things which you adore so much. You must go on these spots to eat them and do thus the utmost of points, but attention has not to make you kill by the queer has fly. To move it is necessary to use the arrows of the keyboard and Espace with a direction key to make a jump.

Star Wars

Star Wars is a fighting game on in which you will fight against four enemies. Once the game starts, you have 200 points and will see four opponents appear suddenly. There are three monsters with masks and a wizard wearing a grey robe. You should seize the chance to attack one of them. You can click and handle the sword to attack them. If you manage to hurt the opponent wearing white or red mask, you can get 100 points for each. You will win 200 points if you kill an enemy wearing black mask. 300 points will be given to you if you successfully hit the wizard in the grey robe. Please remember that if you will lose 20 points if you fail to hurt the enemy. The time is limited and you should strive to win most points in one minute. Good luck.

Buccaneer Battle

Pirates will fight for treasure, sea control, women, and many other things. Do you want to experience a privateer battle on line? Then welcome to Buccaneer Battle, a fighting game on Here, you will challenge another group of see robbers to defend your rights. You can give slide attack and sword attack, fire the cannon and pistol. The only rule in this game is to win and meanwhile, minimize your damage to get more points. Enjoy!

Super Hacky Sack

Super Hacky Sack is a skill game on in which your mission is to kick the sack and earn points. You can use high kick, low kick or even head butt to kick the ball to get scores. If you kick the ball multiple times or kick it really high, you can get bonuses. If you kick the ball into balloons, you can get different point values. Stay away from the green X balloon. Keep an eye on the time, you have only 60 seconds to score as many points as possible. Good luck!

Snow Rider

Many people love skating, but what about doing snow ride pursued by a polar bear? Will you be afraid? Now you have an opportunity to figure out what it really likes. Snow Rider is a sport game on in which you will race with a fierce polar bear. You have to keep your speed otherwise you will be caught by the animal behind you. That’s terrible! You have to jump across the trunks or the stones. If you fail to do so, you will slow down. And then you are easy to be got. Who will be the king of the snow ride, you or the bear? Good luck!


Koko were approached by TFM&A to be their official viral marketing partner for this year's Technology for Marketing & Advertising exhibition at Earl's Court in London. They wanted us to create a game based around the old classic Pacman, and the result of our labour is the awesome 'Cognition'. Players take control of a visitor to the exhibition and it is your job to collect all the cogs, once a level has been cleared of the cogs, you must then take the visitor to one of the seminar theatres in order to progress to the next level. Sounds simple we know but things are never as they seem, the exhibition is full of angry security guards who are looking to kick you out of the venue and you can't let that happen.

Rage 3

Rage 3 is a action game on Here your mission is to get rage by killing others. You can move forward and backward, jump and crouch. You can give melee attack or shoot your gun. You can change your weapons when they are unlocked. When you see a gate, there is a key, open the gate and continue the game. Try to not be killed by those white guys. Good luck!


Do you envy Harry Potter because of his magic power? Have you ever dreamed that one day you were born with amazing power that could fight against the evil? Zowie is a skill game on in which you are the little hero using magic to kill the bad guys. Your weapon is a magic book with which you can turn your enemies into stone and catch them. You can move all the directions and jump to higher floors. Be careful not to be touched by those dark spirits or you will lose one life. Too many misplays will lead the end of the game. There are different levels for you to enjoy yourself. Good luck!