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After Glow

Skill Games

After Glow is an Arcade game on in which you will be a pilot to steer a fighter for catching certain objects. The levels are separated into five areas: easy, medium, hard, insane and all. In each level there will be a strangely shaped scene with the fighter placed in the middle. The match field might be triangle, stars or other forms and it sometimes may give off electric waves. What you shall do is to catch all the orbs in each level. Your score will be based on how long it takes you to get through each of the areas. The lower the better. Be careful not to hit the walls as you will get penalized depending on how hard the impact is. The more orbs you can collect in a row the more time will be removed from your time. You must collect all orbs in order to move onto the next level. Usually hitting the wall will increase your time. Sometimes there will be a round bomb appearing, touching this bomb is also deathful to you. Drive the fighter in slow speed because it is not easy to control it. Let’s play it at once.

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