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Alkaline Trio

Adventure Games

Alkaline Trio is an adventure game on in which you will experience a very crazy travel in the heaven and hell. Once it begins, there will three men and one woman who are having a conversation. And then they go out the room. Unfortunately, the three men are hit by a taxi and died. Then they three go into the heaven and meet the God. They will have talk to the God. The God allows them to redeem themselves. If they can complete a task for him, he will send them back. The God will send them into hell. There, you will have to kill the lead of the underworld, the son of Sam, Belzieve, and the prince of darkness himself. Then the three men will take on a ship and go to the hell. One of the three has gone into the hell and completes the task. You can use the space key to kill the laser canon and evil.

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