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Amoeba Amoeba

Fighting Games

Amoeba Amoeba is a fighting game on This game contains depictions of cartoon violence. It is not suitable for players aged 12 and under. This is the world’s most realistic Amoebean fighting simulation. Do you have what it takes to become the Amoebean Champion? Can you handle the love? You will use fast punch, fast kick, fierce punch, heavy kick, special attack, and block in this game. There are four characters, all of which have different attributes, such as age, height, and weight. The first character is Granny. Fast and agile, Granny has been a feared opponent since her career began 15 years ago. The second is Butcher who uses his feminine charms to bewilder opponents. He looks good, smells better and hits hard. The third is Winslow Green. Raised by shaolin monks and later finding employment at a dog zoo, Winslow combines his two loves to create a deadly fighting style. The last character is Beast that is just an ordinary beast. The arenas scroll left and right, so if your opponent is too close, you can back away. Good luck!

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