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Arcade Games online

Arcade games online is a purely free classic arcade games website. Our aim is to provide you the best classic arcade games which you can play to your home or hostel and share with your friends. We have loads of retro games from metal slug, mario, galga, sonic, street fighter 2 to pac man. All the arcade games online on this site are proven console and arcade classics. All the games on this website have best quality of graphics and audio and very easy to play. We try to update this page daily and update our users with new arcade games.

Castle Commander

Visit to join the arcade game Castle Commander. In this free game, you are going to command a troop. The goal is to kill all your enemies and take up their spots. Click at your base and then click at another base, your man will move there to fight. The blue number represents amount of your man while the red ones your enemies. Upgrade your base timely to make your army stronger. Now, time for battle!

Give Up 2

The arcade game Give Up 2 is free for you on The mission of this game is to guide the character to the portals. Move the character with the right and left arrows. Jump with the up key. You can press the up arrow consecutively to jump it higher. Do not crush the hero into knifes nor get it hurt by droppings. Try to finish each level as soon as possible. Mind the timer at the right bottom corner!

Lucky Bounce

Lucky Bounce is an arcade game provided by In this free game, your objective is to get a score as high as possible by falling 10 balls. Click at the top area to release some balls. The balls will fall down and bounces when clashing to others. A clash result to a score and the numbers on the balls will change. More bounces, more points. You have 10 balls in each game. The numbers represents the folds of the score you get with the balls falling on it.


Play free game Transcripted on

Rasta Gran

Play free game Rasta Gran on

Space Station Jason presents you this free arcade game: Space Station Jason. You and your cargo are lost in a galaxy in the game. You must collect them and find your way home. Move with left and right arrows and jump with the space bar. Press the space bar consecutively to jump higher. You can also move the mouse on the menu on the top of the screen to set your own way of control for the game.


Play free game KillGore on

Mighty Spidy

Play free game Mighty Spidy on

Nyan Cat

Play free game Nyan Cat on

Vex 3

Vex 3 is an arcade game presented by The mission in this game is to help the little black character to arrive the destination. The little character needs to have nimble movement to overcome all kinds of difficulties. Move with arrow keys or WASD. Just from side to side to get to high place. Avoid dangerous objects. This game is totally free. Just have a good time here!


Play free game Lostars on

Infectonator Survivors

Play free game Infectonator Survivors on

Pacman de l hiver

Pacman de l hiver is an arcade game on The mission of this free game is to help the little red hat to collect all the stars in the maze in each level. But there are snowmen guarding the maze. They move around in the maze. You should never touch these snowmen. Move the hero with the arrows. Collect the gifts to get special skills. Enjoy yourself here! All games here are free!


Gravinaytor is an arcade game provided by Your task is to help the monk to get out of the scene. Use arrow keys to move the monk. You are supposed to get to the hole with down key and blue light. The hole can deliver you to the next scene. You should find the way to the hole with all your efforts. Are you ready to have fun? Let’s begin! There are more free games on this website. Entertain yourself here!

Robot Riot

Play free game Robot Riot on

Little Loki

Play free game Little Loki on

Invader Zim

Play free game Invader Zim on

Christmas Snake

Christmas Snake is an arcade game provided by Your task is to control the snake to eat gifts as many as possible. Move the mouse to control the snake’s movement and touch the gift to eat. Avoid the head touching the body, otherwise you lose. You earn 10 points by eating every gift. Are you ready to have fun? Let’s begin! There are more free games on this website. Entertain yourself here!

Twin Shot 2

Play free game Twin Shot 2 on

Keeper Of The Grove

Play free game Keeper Of The Grove on

Tetriz Challenge

Visit to play the free arcade game Tetriz Challenge. You will love it. This is a computer version of Russian Blocks. Move the falling blocks right or left with the right and left keys. The up arrow is for rotating the blocks. Press the down key to get a soft drop and the space bar is for hard drop. More rows disappearing at the same time result in higher score. The blocks will fall faster as you level up!

Tims Time Travel

Play free game Tims Time Travel on

Sonic Adventure X Ep2

Challenge this arcade game Sonic Adventure X Ep2 at Click on the icon at the bottom to open your journal and see your current objective. Click to move and attack. Shift + click to keep attacking at the same position. There is a mini map at the bottom right. Click to see the map. Find bonus boxes and take the useful objects. Your inventory is at the bottom. This game is totally free. Enjoy it!

Beaver Creek

The arcade game Beaver Creek is provided by To win this game, you are expected to control the frog to kill all the beavers in the game. Click at the frog and there will show an arrow. Then, hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to adjust the shooting angle and strength. Release the press to shoot. Now, try to kill all the beavers with the least shot! Good luck!

New Super Mario World 1

Play free game New Super Mario World 1 on

Bouncy Bob

Play free game Bouncy Bob on

Go To Hell

Play free game Go To Hell on

Graveyard Maniacs

Play free game Graveyard Maniacs on


Spiderbugs is an arcade game on in which you try to play with ladybugs. There is a clearing in the forest. Several workers have just had their lunch at this place and a number of rice grains are left on the ground with several chopsticks which attract a lot of ladybugs to come and eat. Your task in the game is to play with ladybugs and shoot one bug with another one. You can first click on a bug and then aim at another bug of the same color. Release the mouse button to shoot and connect them. The bigger the distance between them, the higher your score will get. A green bar in the screen shows your life. Each time you miss a shot you lose life. You will gain life each time you connect two bugs of the same color. Your score increases according to how fast you shoot, the distance and the bugs’ color. There will be colorful bugs on your screen. Do you have interests? Come on!


Rayman is created by the French company Ubi Soft, and then Rayman become an challenger of Super Marios Brothers in the wolrd of video games. Please see the instruction at the beginning of the game.

Toon Shift

Toon Shift is a skill game on in which you are in control of a machine to classify workers for a factory. Once the game starts, there will be little guys coming out of the hatch who are the factory workers. They get to work by jumping in some kind of boxes. Your task is to sort them into the correct boxes. You can click on the arrow tiles to change their directions. They will follow the direction and move into related boxes by a conveyor belt. At the beginning, there is only one kind of worker. But in later levels you will see different types of workers, such as elves worker, monster worker, fruit worker and vegetable worker, etc. Be sure to get them in the right boxes. Keep your eye on the waiting room to see what kind of worker is coming in next. Now get to work. Have fun!

Desert Strike

Desert Strike is a shooting game on in which you should drive your war plane to reach your home base while shooting down as many enemy forces as you can. Once the game starts, your fighter are at the bottom of the screen. And you can use the arrow keys to move around your plane above the barren land. Avoid your enemies and their bullets. You can press space bar to shoot and use the ctrl key to throw a bomb. Sometimes once you have beat down an enemy battle plane, there are some colorful cube move around you. Collect it! Some of them can recover your healthy. Some of them can offer you bullets or bombs even a protective tissue. And be careful that some of your enemy is attack from your back.

Barbie is Hungry

Barbie is hungry, which is a kid game on There is a cute girl named, Barbie. She was trapped in an island, she was very hungry, no food, no water, suddenly Mr. octopus told her that there is a food festival recently, but Barbie has to jump very high then she could get those food. But for getting score, she can not eat those food we usually like such as hamburgers, coke, those would make her score minus, what she can have is those nice food as fruits, that could make her gain score. Would you like to help Barbie to get those foods, otherwise she is getting to starve.

Danger Wheels

Danger Wheels is an arcade game on in which you try to blow up the rival car in a special field. You can play the game in three stages. Once the game starts, you and your rival car will be located at opposite positions. Many bushes and trees block your way. You have to drop bombs to explode a way out and approach your opponent. Your enemy will do the same thing as you. Once you and your rival can get close to each other. You can press space bar to drop bombs at your opponent. And use some methods to block its move and then it will be blown up by your bombs. Be careful – your enemy is as clever as you. You can also pick up some items for extra speed, extra power of destruction and extra time. Huge tires on your way can not be demolished. You have to drive around them. Ready? Go.

Ball Punch

Usually, you punch to fight something unfriendly to you. Have you ever punch balls so to make it hit something else? Ball Punch is a skill game on where you use your fist or hand to prevent the naughty ball from fleeing. When the ball is coming, you click the fist to hit it back. The longer you hold before releasing your mouse, the more powerful the bang will be. You get scores when the ball bounces back destroying different colored faces. Interestingly, your fist will change into palm or become bigger or smaller when the ball touches different faces. Don’t miss the ball three times otherwise you will lose your game.


Tryst is a skill game on in which you try to help a boy finish a long trip. The boy will run in the path of the forest. There are many flowers on his way. You can move him to collect the flowers for points. Beware of the rocks – once the boy hits one rock, he will be slow down. Some animals like wild pigs want to cross the path and the boy can also not hit them. Some naughty girls near the trees of the forest will jump out and fight against our boy. You must help the boy to defeat the boring girl. It is so long a trip that sometimes it is sunny and sometimes it is rainy. To finish the trip, the boy will also have to jump over some rivers and lakes. There are many ices on the lake. And also the boy can not hit other obstacles on his way. Try to get to the destination and have a tryst within the time limit.

Obnoxius 1

This game is easy to handle, but hard to master! Just drag one of the Obnoxians by mouse from one corner to the other… But be aware of the blocks, they may cut off your way. Later on, they’re gonna move, so be careful when dragging around the 50 levels!

Whack Your Boss

Play free game Whack Your Boss on

Zelda 2

Zelda, which is an arcade game on The most romantic holiday is a Valentine’s day, single people always like to find a mate or a lover before it and celebrate with their lovers. In this game, Link also doing the same thing. He is a hero who ever saved Zelda’s life, he likes Zelda of course. But seems Zelda doesn’t like him, be cause she wants he to proves her about his sincerity, she asks Link to get her some flowers, but seems not that easy as we thought. Would you like to help Link to get his lover and celebrate the Valentine’s day?

Puncho Puncho Plus

Puncho Puncho Plus is an arcade game on You are an evil cat in the game and want to destroy all sunflowers on the grass. You can use the arrow keys to move the cat and press A key to punch the flowers with fist. Once a new sunflower grows out from the soil, you shall move the cat quickly towards it and attack it. Under your fierce strike, the sunflower will cry and throw out a red egg which you can pick up for bonus points. You can use the space bar to release a turbo attack. Sometimes the red egg may give you a big bomb to explode all the sunflowers in the map. The more sunflowers you can kill, the more points you can get. Are you clear? Join now.


You are a small dyno. You fall down in a field of stars, blue bubbles and pink bubbles. Your objective is to collect 20 stars but to avoid the pink bubbles that kill you, by using the blue bubbles that protect you as long as you are in it. For that purpose, just move the mouse to move the dyno and go over the stars and blue bubbles to take them. But take care! That's not easy. You have only 3 lives and as long as you are in a blue bubble, you are safe, but you can not collect stars... In addition, it goes fast. Good luck!

Night Raptor

Night Raptor is an arcade game on in which you play as a battle plane to rescue the survivors and destroy the base of your enemies. It is one part of the universe and you are flying above the cities. The red aliens fly towards you want to hit you off, so you need to shoot them. The modern factories under foot sometimes blast some lights off to shoot you, so you need to destroy them either. You mission is to save the people survive in the battle; they are wearing blue uniforms and shaking their hands to call for help. The brown boxes are the goodies you need to collect, too. There will be some weaponry and recharge shield floating in the half sky and it benefits you as you can get better weapons or have an increase in your energy. Good luck!

Bubble Pop Deluxe

Bubble popping action in this arcade puzzle game. Time is against you and the bubbles just keep on coming! How long can you survive? Control the launcher at the bottom of the play area and match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop. Look out for multiplier bubbles, idiot guides and fireballs, which will help you in your task. Fill up the combo bar for extra bonuses. Don?t let the bubbles get to the warning line or its game over. Controls: Move Mouse Left: Rotate to the left, Move Mouse Right: Rotate to the right, Left Mouse Button: Shoot bubble.

Warrior Quest

Maybe you are angry about someone whom you can’t beat such as your boss. If that is the case, then you can play Warrior Quest to vent your rage. In this fighting game, you can choose to complete with the computer or fight against your opponent. There is no certain rule, all you need to do is to defeat your enemy and win the points. As general skills, you can blast fire, give combo fire kick, and fire down kick. When you have enough energy, you can blaze blast invisible kick and perform combo kick. Fight like a loin! You can find this game on Good luck!

Pinball Deluxe

Enjoy the thrills and spills of a classic pinball game in our action packed remake. Take control of the flippers and try and keep the ball in play for as long as possible. Use the bouncers and bumpers to bounce your ball around the table and go for the target blocks and ramps to achieve a high score. Light up all target block and hit the centre section 3 times and its pinball madness as the multi-ball teature kicks in! Can you keep control of all 3 balls and beat the top scores?

Heavy Metal Girl

An extraterrestrial attack is set up! Your goal, all to exterminate them with an electric guitar!! The buttons are simple, the fleches left and right-hand side of the keyboard to move on the left and on the right, that the top to jump and esapce to send a gust... notes with the guitar and TO ENTER to put the pause! One needs three blows to kill an enemy and much of enemy an object gives when one beats it like one filled up to increase the range of your waves. This play is for everyone, the musics are very rock'n'roll to see same metal thus those which do not like that risks of step apprecier. Good game! (Google translation)

Plant Tycoon

Plant Tycoon is a virtual gardening sim game where you nurture plants and experiment with increasingly rare and valuable species. You start with a couple of dollars, a handful of seeds, some soil and water. Grow plants, organize and harvest seeds. Monitor the plants health, age and maturity and be careful of dehydration and infestations. Sell some of your creations to fund your research and to buy better supplies to use in your Nursery. There are over 500 species of plants for you to discover, and each new species brings you closer to the ultimate goal of solving the genetic puzzle and discovering the 6 Magic Plants of the island of Isola.

Power Force

Power Force is a shooting game on in which you are a flying warrior to protect our Earth. Aliens want to conquer the Earth, so they send a lot of spaceships to fight against human beings. All of our fighter planes and gunship have been killed during the war in space. Now the invaders have entered the airspace of our city. Numerous airships are destroying the buildings and our factories. Everything is in extreme danger. It is your time to stand out. You are the Space Warrior with powerful weapons. It’s only you who can save the world. You can shoot enemies by using your mouse. Laser gun is your first weapon. During the war, you can try to collect some other more powerful guns. You can fly left and right to avoid being hit by enemy fighters. You should also avoid being shot by bullets from aliens. Try to collect ammunition or diamond icons for bonus points. Go as far as possible. Good luck!

Boogle Killer

This is a very simple flash game. Those green bugs may randomly appear in the hole. Just use the mouse to hit them as fast as you can.

Bakuhatsu Panic 2

This is a story of a little hero saving our planet by catching bombs. You can use the mouse to move the role you choose left or right to catch those black, green and red bombs while avoid the white one. For the blue bomb, you should catch them when they turn pink after rebound. What?s more, you can get a bonus when you collect all 5 types of sushi.

Tamus on Moonyland

Some day, someone bombed the moon, and all the pieces fell to Moonyland. All the people on Moonyland get so sad. It is said that only Tamus can recover all the moon pieces. Now you have the chance to become Tamus the hero—try Tamus on Moonyland, which can be found on In this skill game, you will meet several levels. To go through them, you need to collect all the yellow stars in each level and meanwhile, keep yourself alive. Utilize the floating board to get across the river or gaps. Jump on the steps to take higher stars. Only when you pass all the rounds, you can recover the moon. The difficulty goes on as you entering higher levels. Good luck!

Bee War

A game for children, taking the principle of Space Invaders, but you are a nice bee which must prevent other malicious insects from being posed. You drive out them in their throwing apples above, but attention has not to be touched by what they send (apple cores, bombs,?) You have a bar of life and three lives. Good Luck.


Moles have invaded your garden and done several holes. You want to eliminate them. For that purpose, you have to wack them when they get out of one of the holes, by clicking on them with the mouse. The brown mole is 1 point, the yellow one brings 3 points. Objective shall be to reach the maximum score 25. However, you have only a limited timing (shown at bottom of screen) and it is not easy... Test your reflex!

Heli Attack 3

Destroy all enemy units to progress through snow, jungle, canyon lands and lab levels...featuring over 30 weapons. Use A to move LEFT, D to move RIGHT, W and S to JUMP AND CROUCH. Move MOUSE to AIM and CLICK MOUSE BUTTON to SHOOT. Change weapons with the MOUSEWHEEL. To DEFINE YOUR OWN KEYS select OPTIONS from the Main Menu.

Princess Maker 2

Princess Maker, which is a kid game on As we know it, a princess must be very beautiful, elegant and kind. And there is one thing the most important--- A daughter of a king. It is not easy to create a Princess as we used to know. There are some blocks on the screen as you can see, and you can see a bar which you can move it by your mouse and make the ball to break those blocks, so that you can see the secret under the blocks and see the princess’ face. Good luck with it and have fun!

Sewer Dweller

Sewer Dweller is a game played with the arrow keys and the spacebar of your keyboard, the goal of the game is to avoid the monsters to reach you by throwing dynamite in their face. You can throw explosive on the left and on the right of you, but also in bottom. The monsters climb on the various stages by using some elevators.

Cubi Kill

Play free game Cubi Kill on

Heli Attack 2

Helicopters come at you in waves in this game. Use your military brains and advanced weapons to defeat them. Use ARROW KEYS to move. Move MOUSE to AIM and CLICK MOUSE BUTTON to SHOOT. Hit END key to change weapon, CONTROL key to Hyper Jump and SHIFT to Time Distort.

Flower Shopkeeper

Play free game Flower Shopkeeper on

Pirates Second Blood

Pirates Second Blood is an adventure game on in which you will navigate a pirate ship with a Jolly Roger to fight other pirate ships and save your friends. You will start your adventure in Blue Ocean. Your weapon is not so powerful and nobody helps you. But don’t worry! You can earn everything by eliminating enemies and collect bonus items. You can collect cannons to fire faster and pick up power to fire further (longer distance). Save your comrades and they will help you repair your ship. And you need to get ammunition to win. Don’t hit rocks on the sea and avoid touching sea mines for it will damage your ship. When you shoot out one shell or bullet, you need some time to reload your cannon. Be careful during your reloading time for enemy ships will fire at you. Use arrow keys to navigate your pirate ship and press left mouse button to fire. Are you ready? Go now!

Funny Buttons

Funny Buttons is a skill game on The objective of the game is to win points. For this, you must touch as many blue and grey buttons as you can. But note that touching red or pink buttons decreases your lifetime. Don’t touch them. The method of playing is very easy. Just move the green button with your mouse in exact way to touch a maximum number of blue/grey buttons and avoid touching red/pink buttons. There are also some other buttons in the game. Purple square button can change the direction of their movement. Yellow square button can start to move from one side making a wall. Big yellow button makes your button bigger and vice versa. Red square makes all the rest buttons red. Blue square makes all buttons blue. Green square makes you invisible for some time, no button can hurt you. Heart-shaped button adds life. When time is up, the game is over.

Holy Cow

Holy Cow is a skill game on You are Harold… a dead cow. Before you can enter the holy gates of heaven, you must perform a number of good deeds by helping the depressed. Do you have want it takes to be a holy cow? You must drop blessings to those in need in the game. You can click left mouse button to get the next Raw blessings from the holy scroll. Then catch Raw blessings to turn them into true blessings. Finally you click left mouse button to drop true blessings on the depressed people in need of that blessing before they commit suicide. If a depressed person receives any raw blessing or an unwanted true blessing, that people will grow more aggravated. Unwanted true blessings and all other raw blessings may be dropped into the Holy Sewere. Stay away from the touch of the unholy cow. He will attempt to convert true blessings back to Raw blessings. The holy quota shows the required number of people to bless before advancing to the next level. The holy quota must be reached before the Holy clock completes a cycle. The game ends if time runs out or if the number of deaths reaches the holy quota.

Micro Tanks

Micro Tanks is a shooting game on in which you try to eliminate another tank by steering your own tank. When the game starts, there will be two tanks appearing in the screen. One is yours and another is your opponent. You can use arrow keys to steer your tank and press space bar to shoot. There are many walls and blocks between you and your enemy. So you must try to get close to each other at first. Then the battle begins. Numerous bullets fly here and there and bounce from this side to the other side. Remember that even though you are shot by the bullets bouncing on the walls, your health will still decrease. Once your health becomes zero, you lose the game. Make use of the obstacles to dodge bullets and protect your tank. Good luck!

Bowling Game

Ten-Pin Bowling is a sport with a simple aim?knock down as many targets as possible by rolling a ball down a wooden pathway. The game is made more difficult by gutters which run along either side of this pathway (called the "lane"). If a ball falls into this gutter, no targets will be hit, and therefore no score will be acquired.

Whack A Beast

In that game, you have to whack the beast poping out of the holes to get points. For that purpose, target with the mouse pointer and whack with the space bar. The yellow beasts bring 3 points, the green ones 2 and the red ones 1. Your objective is to get 50 points within 30 seconds. But take care! Sporadically, a frog and a jujube (small red hair ball) will also pop up, and if you hit them, you will loose 5 points! Ready for it? Go...

Fly Squirrel Fly

Play free game Fly Squirrel Fly on

The Fudd Couple

Play free game The Fudd Couple on


Prehistoric is an arcade game on in which you will be a primitive people who lost in the desert. There are many wizards in the game; they are your enemy, because if you reach one of them, you will be dying. You can use the arrow keys to run left, right and jump. Use the space key to use the special item (if you have found a special item). Jump and hit the brick under an enemy to neutralize him. Then walk to him to throw him off the stage. Then you will get score. Take a few steps before jumping to jump higher. Look for hidden bonuses. Every five level you will receive a password. At one level, you have three opportunities; your task is to get more score. If you finish five levels, you will find the road which can lead to home.

How Garden Grow

How Garden Grow is a skill game on in which you step into Cyber Chris’ muddy shoes and become a virtual gardener. On your journey, your watering skills and gardening knowledge will be put to the ultimate test. To control Cyber Chris around the gardens, you can simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Water the dying plants by walking up to them and then press spacebar. Cyber Chris will begin watering and the plant will grow. As you run out of water you will have to collect more. A pair of wellies will make you work faster. Level one is named the country garden. You will work and water crops. It is said that this summer you decided to set yourself a challenge by growing some sunflowers in your back garden. Let’s see how many you can keep alive. Do not lose any more than three sunflowers to progress to the next level. Do you have interests in other plants? Play it now.

Happy Spaceballs

Happy Spaceballs is an arcade game on in which you are in control of a happy spaceball to take risks. When the game starts, you can use the arrow keys move the spaceball and press the space bar to jump. You need to help the spaceball pick up all the popcorns for energy and then run into the end zone. When the spaceball is beneath the end zone, you shall press spacebar to pass the level. There are a number of aliens and the enemy spaceships in each level. You shall try to avoid hitting them and dodge the attack from them. Once the spaceball is hit by the enemy, it will lose a life and can not be moved for a while. Pay attention to the energy bar at the top of the screen. Are you ready? Go.

Aliens Must Die

Aliens Must Die is a fighting game on in which you steer a sophisticated fighter plane to protect the Earth. You will steer the aircraft in outer space. Many alien invaders want to conquer the Earth. So here you are the warrior to save human beings. You can move your fighter plane by arrow keys. Don’t hit alien ships or UFO for it will reduce your health. A female instructor will tell you what you shall do and the current conditions. Try to collect a blue square for a score bonus. When you kill an enemy spaceship, it will leave debris and you should collect the debris as more as possible. You can also pick up some items to recover your health and obtain more powerful weapons. Avoid being shot by red bullets from aliens. You must eliminate all alien ships to move to the next level. Fight now!

Cosmic Defender

Cosmic Defender is a shooting game on in which you fight against invaders and save your brothers. You will steer a fighter plane in the game. Aliens invade the Earth and abduct a lot of human beings. You must destroy the invading aliens and save your brethren from abduction. You can fire at the enemies planes and use smart bombs to kill them. Smart bomb can destroy everything on the current screen. You may also use a Hyperspace skill to teleport you to a random part of the map once you are in great danger. Try to eliminate all Abductors, Mutants, Bombers, Saucers, Missile Pod, and Missiles. You will get different points for eliminating different enemy planes. Shoot an abducting alien and your friend will fall to their death if dropped from too high. Save your friend by catching them mid-air and landing them safely for maximum points. For every 5000 points you get to use another smart bomb. For every 7500 points you get an extra life. Good luck!

Bomb It

Bomb It is an arcade game on in which you throw bombs at all around to explode everything. You are a robot in the game. And you can select one player mode or two player mode. The aim of this game is to explode as more as possible within time limit. And different levels have different background. You and your three fellows will destroy all by bombing. In level one, there are many ice creams blocking your way. At the center of the map is a big cake. Try to eliminate all ice creams as soon as possible by bombing. After the bombings, there will be many special items on the way, such as shield, liquid medicine, boots, bells, grenade, and supernatural gloves. You can collect them to gain bonus points and extra ability. In level two, all around is strawberries. There is a big strawberry tree at the center. You must explode all strawberries by throwing bombs at them. Do you want to know more? Join now.

Slack Man

Slack Man is an arcade game on in which you will help slack man to collect doughnuts before his boss aware that he is slack. Once the game starts, you are in an ordinary office. Your boss is nap at a corner. There are some doughnuts along the way. Use the arrow keys to move around and collect them all. Avoid contact with your colleague which wearing a glasses. He will run to the boss to report. You can pick up a green cup of coffee and press the space bar to execute a slack attack to him. Look at the photocopier can earn extra points. Your total lives are 3. Once your boss is wake up, he will run to caught you. But don’t let him caught you or you will lose 1 life. Advance to next stage by picking up all doughnuts.

Elastic Soccer

Elastic Soccer is a sport game on which gives you a new way to play football. You kick football by some elastic soccer player. Use the mouse to play the ball with the blue set of players. Click the blue player and then drag the mouse to choose the power of kicking. Pay attention, when the football go through players, the ball will be attracted and if you hit a green player with the ball you will lose your turn until you get the ball again. The AI of computer is relatively high; the goalkeeper can be controlled after pressing the “shift” key and move mouse up or down. Try to goal as much as you can in 3 minutes. You can individualize your team name at the beginning of the game.

Swing Cat

Some cats are on the swing ! This is a two player game, you can call a friend to play with you ! Use the key A and L for each side, and choose the right moment to move the swing to push the bricks.

Smash Out

Smash Out, which is an arcade game on We ever play the Touch honkey game and hitting bricks before, this game Smash Out is abit like mixed of two of those games. Use your mouse or spacebar to serve the ball to hit those bricks, and use yourr arrow keys or mouse to move your position to avoid the ball jump into the hole. You must be carefuly when the ball hit on the bricks, it will flip back and easy to get into the hole, so you have to avoid this happen. Can you do it? click PLAY!

Total Bullshit

Play free game Total Bullshit on

Dynasty Warrior

Dynasty Warrior is a fighting game on in which you act as the hero in three kingdoms, GuanYu; your mission is to beat LiDian in FuWangPo. Before you play, check the control instructions for rough understanding of the game, you can use key W to move upward, use S to move downward, A to go left and D to right. Use key J for fighting and K to jump, press U to illustrate/hide the menu, key I to use props, space-key to stop/restart the game, you can also change the control keys by clicking on the blank region. Just for your pleasure. Follow the arrows to get the outstation of LiDian, collect the bonus points with different functions along the road to keep the fighter’s energy. If you run out your energy in half way, the game is over.

DJ Fest

DJ Fest, which is a skill game on, it is a free game. Do you like music? I think everyone does. Have you ever seen those cool DJs playing music, shaking their head with the music beat? There are so many types of DJs, the one we’re talking about is club and hip-hop DJs. In this season, DJs are coming for the DJ festival for the skill competition, would you like to join them? If you don’t know how to do it yet, there are some introduce types of DJ, after reading them, you might be understood. Club DJ, using several turntables, CD players, or a hard-drive source, a club DJ selects and plays music in a club setting. The setting can range anywhere from a neighborhood party or a small club to a disco, a rave, or even a stadium. The main focus of club DJs is on the music they play and how they mix tracks in and out, sometimes just to add a bit of energy to a track. They build their sets by choosing tracks to control the energy level of the crowd and use beatmixing (or "beatmatching") techniques for seamless transitions between tracks. A hip-hop DJ is a DJ that selects, plays, and creates music as a hip-hop artist, performer or both of them, often backing up one or more MCs. So now, do you understand more about DJs? If still not, no problem, just choose the music you want then start it! Are you ready to join the DJ festival? Click “GO”.

Wak N Egg

In this game, you have an eggs-box in front of you. It is empty. When you start to play, eggs do appear suddenly in the holes, randomized, and disappear almost immediatly! When they come up, you have to wak them with the hamer. For this purpose, you just need the mouse. The pointer is replaced by a hamer. You have to bring it on the eggs and click to wak. Be fast and have fun!

Crazy Arcade

Crazy Arcade, which is an arcade game on Have you ever play the arcade game when few years ago? The game is a bit similar with the Bomb man. There are barriers and blocks hiding those chracter’s way. You have to help them to destroy the barriers and those annoying bricks. Press your spacebar then you can leave a bomb there, it will destroy those boxes. But you must be carefuly cause if you have a little careless, you will bomb yourself, too. Good luck!

Dance Revolution

Have you ever try the real dance machine in an arcade hall? Have you ever try it on line? This is a flash-designed dance machine, in which you dance with your fingers. Turn on your audio and then go?

Flying Piggybank

Flying Piggybank is a skill game on in which you are in control of a flying piggybank to catch coins in the air. There are numerous coins floating in the sky. You can also see a number of clouds. Once the game starts, you can use your arrow keys to move the piggybank with wings. The goal of the game is to collect as more coins as you can within the time limit. You should pick up the coins according to the order of the number. That means you shall first collect 1, then 2, then 3… Beware of the falling bombs. If the piggybank hits one of the bombs, it will stay still and can not be moved for a while. Follow the cursor in the screen since it can guide you to find the correct coin. Have fun.

Exofusion 2

Exofusion 2 is a shooting game on in which you move the craft to fire the enemies’ ships. Use mouse to move craft, and left click to fire. Your purpose is get to the end of the level destroying the most enemy ships possible while keeping yourself alive. The longer you fire your weapon, the weaker it becomes. Let go of the fire button to change it up, and then start firing again. At the end of each level you will enter the shop. There you can heal your ship, upgrade your stats, or purchases special weapons. The points you get will be equal to your cash. You can use these weapons anytime as long as you have enough energy, and each special weapon requires a different amount of energy. You can charge energy at the shop, the max is 100. Once you purchase all special weapons, you will be allowed to buy the holy laser.

Hyper Sphere

Hyper Sphere is a skill game on Your space station has been hijacked by a virus which has turned all on-board defenses against you. You must use the hyper sphere to collect all power crystals needed to destroy the virus and return control to humans. There are many checkpoints in each level. You shall move over to activate to continue the level from this point if you lose a life. The moving platforms take you to unattainable places. You can move over some trap doors only when they are closed. In some positions, turret gun will shoot in your direction. There are also plasma gun shooting plasma balls in different directions. Homing missile will chase you across the level as well as spider mine. You shall pay attention to all these. Good luck!

Save The Fallen

Play free game Save The Fallen on