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Puzzle Games

Bantumi is a puzzle game on It is a simple strategy game in which your goal is to gather more beads than your opponent. When the game starts, you will see 14 bowls in the playing field. There are several beads in each bowl. The bowls from 1 to 6 are yours and 7 is your score bowl. 8 to 13 are your opponent’s bowls. 14 is your opponent’s score bowl. During each turn, you take all the beads from one of your bowls and move anticlockwise, dropping one bead in each bowl except your opponent’s Kalaha or score bowl until you run out. If your last bead drops in your own score bowl, you get to move again. If your last bead drops in your own empty bowl, you get to pick up all the beads in your opponent’s bowl opposite. The game ends when all the bowls on one player’s side are empty. The remaining beads are moved to the other player’s score bowl. The winner is the player with the most beads. Are you clear? Play now.

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