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Bat Out Of Hell

Skill Games

Bat Out of Hell is an arcade game on in which you will help a band give complete performance at a grass arena. The band is playing music and a white and black puppy is guitarist. The music is touching. But unfortunately black spiders and bats escaped from the hell. They move slowly toward the band and want to attack the players. Our band still doesn’t know anything about the danger and nobody has time to notify the band. So the situation is urgent. You have to drive away the spiders and bats and create a safe environment for the performance. You can drag the spiders to the lower left angle so that a spider king will eat those small escaping spiders up. Drag the bats to the upper right door so that they will be burnt out by hell fire. If you can ensure the safety of our band within a time limit, you win the game. If the band is attacked for four times, the game is over. Don’t hesitate! Do it now!

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