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Beach Catfight

Fighting Games

There are a few hoties gathered around to play a catfight, your mission is to win combats to collect sexy pictures of the defeated girl. They are so sexy that will surely appeal to you to try your best to collect the full collection of the girls in bikini. Attack moves sorted in three types from higher by press DOWN ARROW KEY, a lower punch by pressing RIGHT ARROW KEY, while a jab by RIGHT ARROW KEY. It is the UP ARROW KEY to perform a feint in order to pretend to attack the opponent. At last the SPACEBAR is used to dodge, when you realize the opponent is coming at you. Beach Catfight is an action game on Any combination of different attack moves will make a combo, which you must do it before your player finishes the move, and the another attack key must be different from the first one. A combo may be composed of several attacks. Good luck!

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