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Beach Tennis

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Beach Tennis is a sport game on in which you can play beach tennis. For this game contains scenes of mild nudity that are not suitable for people under the age of 16, you must be over 16 to access this game. The object is to hit the ball over to your opponent’s court and onto the sand to score a point. You start the game by serving-simply and click the space bar once to toss the ball up. Then click and hold the space bar again to power up your shot, and release to hit the ball. Use the arrow keys to control the player and the space bar to make your shots. The position you stand determines the direction of your shot-stand. When stand to the left of the ball, your shot goes to the right, stand to the right and your shot goes left. The player who wins the point serves to start the next one. The first to 21 points wins the game. If you get more than 6 points ahead in Novice model, 3 points ahead in Expert mode, then the girls go topless!

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