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Big Bobs Burger Joint

Skill Games

Do you know how things operated in the kitchen of a fast-food joint? Try Big Bobs Burger Joint, and begins your day as a chef. In this arcade game on, your mission is to prepare all the items on the order ticket. To begin your task, you need to pull down a tray, and remember the place drinks such as cola, Sprite on its right side, while fries go in the middle and burgers on the left. Don’t mistake the position, or you will have to throw away the snacks, and that’s awful. To make burgers, you need a big bun, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, a big burger and a slice of cheese. You need to follow several steps to cook burgers and fries. If you are stuck, take recipe book as reference. Don’t let your customers wait too long, or they will be unhappy and leave. The stars at the bottom show how happy your customers are, and the less stars the unhappier they are. The clock keeps track of your day. Have fun!

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