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Big Brown Bary

Shooting Games

Have you ever thought that one day you might be the hero saving lives? Now you have the chance. Big Brown Bary is a shooting game on in which you fight with the nasty terrorist Bary. In the game, the big brown bastard and his goons have set up fort in their big blue house and are terrorizing the children who came to visit. Your weapon is Pico who is experienced in handling hostage situation and ready to shoot anything that moves. You guide him through the house and take down the bear that armed with a shotgun. You will need to take over in the bushes. When the bear is reloading his shotgun or trying to find a better place to stand, you will take this opportunity to come out and attack. When you are behind the bushes, Bary can’t hurt you, neither do you. When Bary is hurt he will no doubt take shelter in his house. Be extremely cautious! Look for items in the room that can be used against him. Finally, watch out his goons. They are a sneaky bunch! Good luck!

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