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Skill Games

Bingohtrail is a puzzle game on in which you direct the ball and make the journey longer at your best. There are three modes with different degree of difficulty you can choose. If you are a novice, you may choose the first level, the blue frame with one star. But if you are a veteran, you can choose the second or third level. They are much faster than the first one. Once the game started, you will see a distance meter in the upper-right corner of the screen; it shows the distance you have gone and how long do you left. Use up-arrow key to go forward, press space-key and up-arrow key in the same time to jump over a precipice. Use left/right-arrow keys to get left /right, in order to avoid falling into the precipices. Make your eyes precede the ball and keep your actions up with your view. The road forward is changing all the time and you may get failed easily. Be careful.

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