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Bio Ball Boom

Action Games

Bio Ball Boom is an action game on in which you try to eliminate all bio balls released by aliens. UFO brings many bio balls to the Earth. They just drop the bio balls on the ground and fly away. You are a space soldier and fully equipped with advanced weapons and devices. Your present location is at the foot of the Great Wall. Though so powerful, you are not able to attack the UFO. Your only mission is to kill the bio balls they released. You can raise up laser beam on the ground to cut one big bio ball into two small ones and then it will become easier to kill small bio balls. Once you eliminate some balls, there may be special items appearing on the ground, like boots, clock, fuel, etc. Try to collect these items for bonus. Boots can increase your moving speed. Clock can prolong the existence of laser beam. Fuel can make the laser beam raise higher. As levels progress, there will be more UFO and more bio balls. Once you are hit by a ball, you will lose a life. When you run out of the two lives you have in all, the game is over. Good luck!

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