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Birdy is a skill game on flash games .net in which you are acted as an eagle. Once it starts, you will be set in an air which is full of temptations and danger. Your task is to feed the eagle and stay alive. There is only rule: bigger birds eat smaller ones. But in order to grow, the eagle must eat. You can control the eagle with keyboard arrow keys you can use ←、→、↑ and key to turn left、right、up and down for avoiding being eat by other birds which bigger than you or cat in the ground. As more you eating, you will grow bigger and eat bigger birds instead of being eaten. You totally have four chances to continue the game. Are you ready? Play now.

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A little bird is hungry and now your job is to help the bird get enough fruits! Click up arrow key to help the bird fly. Eat all fruits and then the exit to the next level will show up. Be careful that some objects are dangerous. The little bird is too young to hit the dangerous walls. Birdy Fruit is a free skill game provided by Enjoy more games here! Have fun and good luck!

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