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Bolle Bolle

Skill Games

The music of the game caught me off guard! So powerful and lively, just the same style of this cute flash game! Though you may don’t know exactly what on the earth Bolle means, (Neither do I!) move with the music and let’s go bolle, bolle! Use the arrow keys to move and press the spacebar to knock all those freaks along your way! It seems not so gentlemanlike, but who cares!? Remember, we are in the Bolle world now, a crazy world! Those who knock you out of your way (if you are not careful or quick enough) are not gentlemen either! So just get rid of the guilty feelings and have fun! Just one more thing, the planes you see on the screen are real things. What I mean by real is that they can do you harm too. I thought they were cute decoration and that’s how I ended my first life in the Bolle world!

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