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Bomb Hippos

Skill Games

Bomb Hippos is an arcade game on in which your task is to feed some hippos. Once it starts, you will find that there are four hippos that are all very hungry. Things seem to become desperate, but then, just as they were about to throw themselves in front of a motorboat. The military contacted them. You need to compete with the other hippos to diffuse as many bombs as possible before they explode. Your task is to help the hippo to catch as many bombs as you can in the hungry hippo’s mouth by lunging towards them. You need to time it just right so that your hippo’s mouth doesn’t close before you reach the bomb. Eat the suicide bombers for extra points. Use the key stated on the menu screen next to your hippo to make your hippo lunge towards the passing bombs. In this case, use the space bar to see how it works. The winner of the game is the player whose hippo has diffused the most bombs.

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