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Book of Mages

Puzzle Games

Book of Mages is an adventure game on in which you need to fight in the chaotic period. When you are entering this game, you are opening the book of mages. At year 50, some gifted people discovered how to control fire and water. They formed fire and water clan. The mages of each clan discovered different ways to control fire and water, and thus, the two clans were divided again, into 6clans. They are dark fire clan, chaos fire clan, red fire clan, sea water clan, ice water clan, poison water clan. At year 100, there often were fights among the clans. At year 140, book of mages broke the peace between clans. Mages challenged each other to increase their ranking in the book. Year 190, during this chaotic period, you, a talented young man named Wilson came here, and you need to go the six clans to join them. Magic master of these clans will teach you basic magic. You need mana to cast a magic. After finish your tasks, if you win the masters, their ranking will be yours!

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