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Boulder Cannon

Shooting Games

Boulder Cannon is a shooting game on in which you fire your gun at rock monsters. Once the game starts, you are holding your cannon in a terrible forest. Numerous rock monsters roll towards you and want to kill you. You must protect yourself and shoot enemies using your weapon. You can adjust the angle for shooting. And there is a power gauge at the bottom of the screen which determines the distance of your shooting. Try to explode all rocks before they hit you. Once the cannon is struck by a rock, your health will decrease. The game is over when your life value becomes zero. The more rock monsters you eliminate, the higher score you can get. Survive as long as you can. Good luck!

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Gem Cannon Deluxe

Join the shooting game Gem Cannon Deluxe on to have fun! It’s free! In this game, you are supposed to clear all the gems on the screen with the cannon. Adjust the cannon and target with the mouse. Press the left mouse button to shoot. You are expected to make combos shot to win a better score. So, pay attention to the layouts and try to make chain effect. Good luck and enjoy it!

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