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Don’t think it is merely a ball-bounce game, for break bricks or just turn some unbreakable bricks into green. It is a puzzle game rather than an action one. Some time you should calculate the exact time and spot, when and where to take off the brick or to the next place. Your objective throughout this course is to turn every power platform on. Power platforms remain red before it is turned on to become a green one. Try to turn all these platforms on to complete the level. Bounce is an action game available on, for totally free. Use the LEFT ARROW KEY and RIGHT ARROW KEY to move yourself around the level. During the course there are objects to help you, and there are object to hinder you progress. Make sure the next spot where you plan to land is not the platform with sharp spikes, nor to pass the space with black hole, which will suck you in forever. Bouncy platforms give you a boost when you bounce on them. You can rest on walls. Good luck, and have fun.

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