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Heavy Tow Truck 3

You are going to be a driver of wrecker in the miscellaneous game Heavy Tow Truck 3. Your objective is to move to the assigned destination. At the beginning of the game, you can select the colors of your truck. Then read the map to get the position of your destination. Control your truck’s movements with the arrows. Follow the red arrow on the screen. Avoid crashing into other cars. This is a free game on

Renegade Racing

Play free game Renegade Racing on

Awesome Cars

Awesome Cars, a sport game on, will make you a racer in the game. Your goal is to drive your car as far as you can. Tilt with left and right arrows, jump with the space bar and press the space with left arrow to make the car flip to accelerate. Collect the coins along your way. When jump, ensure a proper landing to avoid the car blasting off. If you run out of fuel, the car blasts off too. Go to the shop to upgrade when necessary.

Crushing Cars

In the game Crushing Cars, you are supposed to drive a trunk to crush all the cars along your way. Move forward and backward with up and down arrows, and balance with left and right arrows. The more damage you make, the more score you win. You can get certain amount of time bonus and health bonus. There are nine levels. This sport game is on Have fun here!

Truck Rush 3

Play free game Truck Rush 3 on

Theft Super Cars

The goal of sport game Theft Super Cars is to drive your car to the destination as fast as you can. There are policemen hunting you. Try to get rid of them. Shift among the keys Z/X/C to use different weapons to attack. Move forward and backward with the up and down arrows and tilt with the other two arrows. The space bar is for Nitro. The game is free for you on Have fun!

Mad Truck Challenge

Join the free sport game Mad Truck Challenge on to have fun! The mission for you is to race your car as fast as possible. Move the car with the arrows or WASD. Press the key Z to use rockets to damage others and X for Nitro. Press the space bar to jump. Collect the coins and bonuses on your way forward to strengthen yourself. You can use the money to buy new equipment after each level.

Drag Racing V3

Drag Racing V3 is a racing game. Challenge this game with your friends right now! You can choose arrow keys to control. Enable you to switch gears with the gear shifter. In order to change gears, hold ctrl and space bar must be released. Drag racer must restart to apply these settings. provides this free game. All games here are free. Just enjoy yourself. Let’s begin!

Truck Rush Seasons

Play free game Truck Rush Seasons on

Steam Punk Truck Race

Visit to play the free sport game Steam Punk Truck Race! Avoid the obstacles and attack along your road. Control your movements with arrow keys, boost with K or Z and use the umbrella with X or L. Press P to pause and R to resume. You can upgrade your truck with the money you win in the game. Now, drive fast and run to the final line! Just enjoy yourself.

American Racing 2

The challenge in the racing game American Racing 2 is beginning. There are 12 championship races. You score points in each, depending on your final place in the race. You can view race results in the flash, and also the overall results. There is your event calendar in the game. And you can select an event to play. Press WASD arrow keys to move. Use x or ctrl or shift to boost. Visit to enjoy this free game!

Dream Car Racing Evo

Dream Car Racing Evo is here for you on Join this free sport game for fun. At the beginning, you should assemble your motor. Then click Race to start your journey. The left and right keys are for leaning. The up arrow is for acceleration and the down key is for brake. You can use the keys WASD alternatively. Press the space bar to boost. Collect the coins and power-ups along your course. Enjoy yourself!

Remodel Racing

In the sport game Remodel Racing, you are expected to surpass all your opponents. Use up arrow to move forward and long hold it to accelerate. Down arrow is for reverse. Press left and right arrows or A/D to tilt. Press the space bar to jump. Collect the coins along you way. Running into your opponents earns you bonus to boost. You can upgrade your garage at anytime through the menu. There is more free games on!

V8 Muscle Cars 2

V8 Muscle Cars 2, a free sport game, is brought to you by You are expected to race your car into top three to upgrade to the new level. Move forward with the up key. Tilt with the left and right arrows. Collect the coins with the key T to get nitro to boost your car. Avoid colliding with others. Driving off the road will decrease your speed. Ready? Let’s race now! Good luck!

Truck Loader

Truck Loader is a puzzle game from In this free game, your objective is to get all the boxes into the truck. Move your machine with the arrow keys or WASD. Move the mouse to move its magnet hand. Left click and hold to fetch boxes. Then move the box by moving the mouse. Release the click to drop. Leave the truck when mission is done. Your points depend on the time you cost.

Thunder Cars

Realize your racing dream in the game Thunder Cars! There are many beautiful cars, good racers and mainly two kinds of matches: rookie series and veteran series. Each series consists of eight levels. If you want to upgrade your car, you must perform well and get a high score. Use arrow keys to control your car. Press “ctrl + X/N” to accelerate. You should finish the task required. Come to to play more free games!

Grand Truckismo

A race begins in the sport game Grand Truckismo! Join it on Long press the up arrow to accelerate your car forward and press left and right arrows to tilt. Use Z/N/C to boost with nitro and press X/M or the space bar to jump. Collect the nitros (labeling N) and coins along your way. Smashing other cars and buildings earns you 50 dollars every time. You can upgrade your car after each level. Now, start the race!

Offroad Truckers

Offroad Truckers is a racing game on In the game, you are supposed to race your car to the destination! Race the car forward with the up key. Tilt it with the left and right arrows. Collect the bonuses on your way. When there is a bonus skill ready, it will show at bottom screen. For the bonus skills from left to right, press E, Z, X, Ctrl and Enter keys to use. Blue bar is your HP.

Monsters Wheels

Your objective in the racing game Monsters Wheels is to surpass all your opponents. Use up and down arrows or WS to control the movement of your car, and left and right arrows or AD to tilt. The space bar is for nitro boost. You are supposed to collect medicine bags and speed-ups along your way and perform flips to make money. Press Shift key to turn over your car. There are more free games on!

Ice Cream Racing

Visit to enjoy the free sport game Ice Cream Racing. You are supposed to drive a car forward to escape the monster. Control the movements of the car with the arrows. Jump the car with the space bar. Collect cookies on your way forward. You should also collect the power-ups to help you to crush or surpass other cars. Read the To-do list before your start. Now, time to race! Good luck!

3D Racing

3D Racing, which is a racing game on People love to watch car racing games, it is exciting and you can see many types of cool racing cars in the racetrack and those handsome racing players. In this game you can choose the racetrack, car styles, and the 3D racing game makes you feel the game is more reality. Just use your arrowkeys to control your racing car, are you ready for being the next Scott Dixon or Sébastien Bourdais?

Army Truck

Play free game Army Truck on

Dirt Drift Racing

Welcome to Dirt Drift Racing. Here your mission is to race against clock in the desert. There is no certain rule, and the only rule here is to become faster and faster. To control the car, you need to use cursor keys, and try not to crash. There are 8 different cars for you to choose: F1, Cooper, NSX-R, DELTA, STRATOS, GT-4, and S15 Q’s—pick up your favorite. You can find this skill game on Good luck!

3D Car Racing

3D Car Racing is a sport game on in which you will drive different racing car to join an automobile race. There are five tracks in Snowy Mountain, city and town road, autumn road, beach road and Village Street. The scenery in these places is charming and beautiful. You can select different car and decide what color you like. Different cars have different acceleration, top speed and handling. Every time you complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name into the best times score table. When you steer the racing car, you can use the left and right keys in you keyboard to turn left and turn right. Make use of up key to accelerate and down key to brake or reverse. The car is always very sensitive, so you should control them in delicate operation. When the car leaves main lap and move to the sides of the track, it will go forward in very slow speed which means you will lag behind from other racing cars. Don’t let your car hit the rocks in the two sides of the road. If you are clear about all these, play it now.

Monster Racers

Monster Racers is a skill game on In this garage you can tune each vehicle by changing its color, scheme and character who will ride the car. You are going to try your adorable racing car in this excellent motor racing game in 3D, with very nice graphics and easy control. You can choose the genre of your character in the game, the color of your clothes and your motor! Then you will race with a few opponents. Use UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, DOW ARROW KEY to slow down or to reverse, and LEFT and RIGHT KEYS to change direction, have a nice ride!

Rich Cars 3

Rich car 3, a racing game on for free, has gathered previous copped cars. It’s time to take vengeance now! You mission is to drive forward the destination within a limited life and avoid the policemen as possible as you can. Use arrow keys to move your car, Z to release missiles, X to emit the nitrogen and Space to jump. What are you waiting for? Jump into the car! Let’s begin our fantastic journey!

Hot Wheels Racer

Hot Wheels Racer is a sport game on in which you steer a race car to finish a track as soon as you can. You can select your favorite race car first. Once the game starts, you will drive your car in an air road. There is an advertisement on McDonald in its two sides. And there will be a countdown in the screen. When your race car gets to the start line, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to accelerate, brake, move left and right. There are many obstacles on the road. You should avoid all the obstacles while trying to collect the Nitro bottles. Once you have collected Nitro, you can press space bar to give your racer a boost. Race you friends for the fastest time possible. Hitting an obstacle will decrease your speed. You can practice it many times to get your best record. Do you see the finish line? Go.

Crazy Orcs Racing

Orcs, too, are fond of playing fresh stuff. Merely a car will surely stimulate their interests in racing games. There are a few opponents with you in the field, together steering the fine auto with a trip to the finish line. Don’t be that fast, lest you will roll over on the racing lane. UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS is for forward and backward. Changing Direction is just press Enter. Balance Left to lean on the turning with Left arrow KEY. More Gore, more score! Crazy Orcs Racing is a Racing game, available on Good luck!

Snow Drift Racing

Welcome to Snow Drift Racing. Here, you only have one thing to do: speed up, again and again. First, you need to choose your car. There are many choices: Cooper, Stratos, WRX STi, Delta, etc, and you can choose according to their power, grip and handling. After that, you start your race. There is no certain rule in this skill game, and you just need to be careful when turning around corners so that you will not slow down. There are bonuses on your path, get them when you pass by. Try to use less time if you want to get a good score. You can enjoy this game on Have fun!

USS Racing 2

Play free game USS Racing 2 on

Garbage Truck

Play free game Garbage Truck on

Racing Track

Car racing is dangerous because high speed is easy to result in accidents. So being a car racer is not as easy as many people think. Do you want to experience that kind of life? Racing Track is a skill game on in which you will control your car to compete with computer players by racing several tracks. The challenge is that it is not that easy to operate the car—you may go out of the track many times which is a waste of time. Anyway, try your best and good luck!

Kart Racing

Kart Racing, which is a racing game on Sports car racing is a form of circuit auto racing with automobiles that have two seats and enclosed wheels. They may be purpose-built or related to road-going sports cars. In national rather than international racing, sports car competition in the 1950s and early 1960s tended to reflect what was locally popular, with the cars that were successful locally often influencing each nation’s approach to competing on the international stage. Be careful the oil on the road and the minus point! You can take the points and the clocks, just avoid the minus things.

Military Monstertruck

Have fun in Military Monstertruck, a skil game available on the gate free flash Operate your monstrous vehicle in order to arrive at the military camp before the stop watch runing out. Use the arrow top to accelerate, that of bottom to slow down. The arrow of right-hand side allows a forward tilt, that of left backwards, the bar of space reverses the mechanism. Good luck!

Boat Racing

Boat Racing, which is a racing game on We eer heard about car racing, moto racing... etc, one day we saw a news that a boat racing is coming soon. You and your friends are very exciting and signed up the race. Use your Z,X,C, arrow keys to control your boat, you have to avoid those stones and the barriers to not hit them and take the bonus on your way to the goal. Hurry practice here and win your friends, be careful those barriers!! Best of luck.

Bumpercars Championship

Bumpercars Championship is an arcade game on in which you play bumper car in the carnie .It’s a well-decorated pleasure ground with bright light, green lawn and large space. A bumper cars championship will be held in the center of it. All the spectators are cheering around the competition range .You will drive your lovely red dodgem and complete with the other players. Use arrow keys to control your car, attack the tail of other dodgems which have purple color with the head of your car. Look out for the energy meter in the top of bumpers, rush to decrease your opponents energy and try your best to keep your own. Turn right or left quickly to avoid being hurt. Never get surrounded by the other bumper cars, if not you will easily use up your energy. Enjoy yourself now!

Truck Race

Join Truck Race on to have fun. In this free racing game, your mission is to race over all your opponents to get to the finish line. Select a truck and a track to begin the game. Accelerate forward with the up arrow. Turn left and right with the left and right keys. The down key is for brake. Do not get away from the track. Observe the traffic rules here too. Are you ready? Let’s race!

Bumpercars Demolition

Bumpercars Demolition is an arcade game on in which you drive bumper car and complete with the other players. Choose your car with different appearances and performances. The red car is particular in speed but its brake is not very good; the white dodgem is outstanding at its propulsion and speed, but short at resistance; the silver dodgem is good at both propulsion and resistance but it is too slow compared with others.; the gray’s comprehensive conditions are very good. Rush to bump other dodgems while shunning from attack from others .Look out for your energy meter and replenish bonuses appears in the carnie. Shoes can add your force of car, hot wheels can raise speed and the star in bubble can promote resistance.

Mud Bike Racing

Use arrow keys to move your bike. Avoid clashing with rival bikes to prevent damages to your bike. Collect red cans on your way for extra fuel. Collect tools on your way to repair damages to your bike. To proceed to the next level and to win the race, you have to be ranked within the first 3 bikes.


Play free game Trucksformers on

Truck Mania 2

Play free game Truck Mania 2 on

Extreme Racing 2

Usually racing is some competition where speed is the most important element. Now you will experience a very different racing—Extreme Racing, a skill game on in which skill is given priority. The rule is simple, and you just need to try your best to stay on the racing track for 90 seconds. You use your right and left arrow keys to do it. Try to avoid all the oil spills and traffic cones, and of course, other racing cars. Good luck!

Big Truck Adventures 2

Truck drivers make a living by delivering goods for people. Many people think that it is an easy job because it just needs driving. Actually, however, it is not that simple. You don’t believe it? Ok, try Big Truck Adventures 2, and then you will know how difficult it is to be an excellent van driver. It is a skill game on, and your mission is quite simple—delivering the cargo to the checkpoint in the least time possible. To achieve this goal, you need to boost, but do this with caution—you might lose your merchandise if you drive too fast. Rotate your lorry if necessary. Good luck!

Extreme Trucks I

Extreme trucks 1 is a skill game on in which your mission is to drive your truck along the mountain road which is a real challenge to drivers. You can accelerate, rotate the car to the left or right, and brake. Adjust your van’s state according to different road conditions such as mountain area, bridge and river. If you destroy your lorry, you will lose one of the five lives. Have fun!

Toy Cars

Toy Cars is a sport game on in which you join a toy car race. You take part in a rally between radio modelers. The rules are simple – the one who comes to the finish line first is the winner. Every round consists of five laps. Remember that your car is red colored. You can use the arrow keys in your keyboard to steer, accelerate and brake. The match field is covered with white snow and it is a round track. At the center of the field, hollies grow like umbrellas. You can not steer the car off road, or it will greatly slow down. Don’t lag behind and try to win the first prize for high score. You should practice it for many times to become skillful. This is a good chance to testify that your toy car is the best. Are you ready? Have fun!

Power Racing

Power Racing is an arcade game on in which you are a lovely driver. There are a lot of roadblocks on the road. You need to avoid them. If you are on the oil stains, you can hardly keep balance. So, you will hit the roadblocks or the other cars. You can see many golden coins and silver coins on the road. Get them! Your goal is to get the higher score. Press Arrow keys, you can drive to left or right. Press space key you can jump over the oil stains. If you hit other cars, or hit the roadblocks, it means game over. So, be careful! In this game, you will feel funny and relax.

Craze Truck

Crazy Truck is a skill game on In this game, you will control a modified truck on the street where be set many obstacles and signs. You’ll be given only one column of gasline which is shown on the left top of the game playing window. You can use the space key to fill the gasline to your truck so that you can get the energy to challegen levels. The arrow keys are for you to adjust the condition of the truck to speed up or fall, left up or right up. It usually starts with a slope, you have to make your truck pass with suffficient energy by press the arrow “up”. Otherwise, you will down to a pile of discard cars or fire or something can destroy your truck. The arrow “left” can help you to up the head of the truck when you’re going to drop to the dangers. A sign with an excalmatory mark means that you have to stop you truck by press the arrow “down”. And if you see a wall piled with big stones, press “right” to make your truck fall and stop in case of crash. If your energy shown at buttom is used out, you lose. An advice for your win is to well control the speed of the truck.

Blade Racing

Welcome to Blade Racing! LEFT ARROW KEY is to left turn the car, and correspondingly to the RIGHT ARROW KEY. While the SPACEBAR is used to make your car jump high. On your way, you should collect all barrels of patrol and gasoline to earn some extra scores. In this action game, which is on, the only thing you should mind is how to dodge the coming obstacles, any other things like when to accelerate and brake the car, can be cast out of your consideration. Good luck!

3D Furious Driver

3D Furious Driver is a racing game provided to you by Join this free game to relax yourself. Choose a level to start the game. Accelerate your car forward with the up arrow. Change directions with the left and right keys. You are given 60 seconds to get to the finish line. Collect the clock on the way for time bonuses. Do not crush into other objectives or your speed will be slow down. Collect coins for upgrading.

Big Truck Adventures 3

Play free game Big Truck Adventures 3 on