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Case of Crabs

Adventure Games

Case of Crabs is a puzzle game on in which you play as a detective to chase down the murderer who murdered the author. At first the author, who took a box of crab came into your office with a knife stuck in his back. You should get the things which will be helpful for you to look for the truth. Once you find the pivotal matter in your office you can go to the next place to search the clues. When you meet people you should talk with them to know more about the information of the murder. Sometimes they are too busy to answer you that you should find what you need from the matters surrounding you. And then the map of the town will turn up with the places you clear and the places you can go. Maybe you are too careless that you beat up the boss of the town and it becomes more difficult for you to find the murderer. Listen carefully to the instructions of every matter you meet!

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