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Castle Keeper


Castle Keeper is a fighting game on in which you will defend a beautiful castle. Your castle is at the foot of a mountain. Fertile soil and diligent workers and farmers make here a paradise. But unfortunately the king of your nearby castle wants to conquer you. So you have to fight back and defend the beautiful land. The war begins at the time of sunset. Enemies start their attack. Infantries holding sharp swords and adamant shields move to join the war. You only have archers to fight at the beginning. But afterwards you will have warrior, knight, ice arrow, fire arrow, cannon, lightning, and megalith, rain of arrows, hurricane, and board full of big nails. Warrior and knight will fight automatically. Ice arrow will damage and slow down the enemy for 10 seconds. Fire arrow will damage and burn the enemy for 10 seconds. Megalith will be released out of the castle and damage all the enemies in front. And the invaders also may attack at night and as time goes on cavalry also join the battle. It’s your duty to go on fighting. Use up and down to add or remove archers and press left and right keys to change the angle of shooting. Fight now!

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