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Cave Escaper

Adventure Games

Cave Escaper is an adventure game on in which you will go through lava caves. There are lavas everywhere inside the cave and only several ladders can be used to move on. But you don’t dare this bad condition and start your adventure. You can use the UP key to jump and climb. Press left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Make use of the down arrow key to crouch. And you will press down and space to place dynamite. Reach the ladder with the arrow to win the level. The blocks on your way can be blown up or pushed. If the ground has cracks in it, it can be blown up. Watch out for lava! If you fall down into the lava, you will be burnt to be ash. When you encounter large gaps, you can swing with your grappling hook across them. Your hook will catch on ground but not blocks. Are you clear about the situation? More difficulties and challenges are waiting for you. Try it now!

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