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Celebrities Get Punkd

Skill Games

Celebrities Get Punkd is a shooting game your target is to shoot at the celebrity correctly. You should firstly choose your celebrity to start the game. You can move your mouse to adjust the shooting angle, and hold the left button to accumulate shooting power, when you release the button, you can shoot to the celebrity. Pay attention to the shooting power bar, on the left side of your screen, it will help you to judge which is the best power to shoot. You can press the “P” key to pause game, press “M” key to mute/un-mute sound. Each level you totally have 2 kinds of weapon (Grenade and Molotov), and each weapon, you have 3 bullets. If the entire weapon use out, it means game over. So try to use a suit angle and shooting power to shoot. Good Luck!!

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