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Chicken Road

Skill Games

Chicken Road is a skill game on in which you help a chicken get food. Once the game starts, you shall guide the chicken across the roads and rivers with your arrow keys to get all the worms. Avoid being hit by cars, trucks, and other vehicles on the road or you will lose a chicken. There are totally three chickens for you. When you help the chicken across the river, the chicken can jump on the back of tortoise, crocodile and floating logs to reach the other side of the river. But you must move the chicken quickly since the water flows quickly in the river and the cars run at high speed in the road. The more levels you reach the more worms you will need to find in order to get to the next level. When you run out of all three chickens, the game is over. Have fun!

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Railroad Crane Parking 2 is a skill game on You will experience an extreme fun in this game. Use arrow keys to move, Q or E to control the crane, T for upload and Y for unload. Try your best to help the railroad workers finish their work more quickly. There are eight levels for you to conquer. Just concentrate your energy and enjoy it! Good luck!

Offroad Truckers

Offroad Truckers is a racing game on In the game, you are supposed to race your car to the destination! Race the car forward with the up key. Tilt it with the left and right arrows. Collect the bonuses on your way. When there is a bonus skill ready, it will show at bottom screen. For the bonus skills from left to right, press E, Z, X, Ctrl and Enter keys to use. Blue bar is your HP.

Supercar Road Trip 2

On there is a sport game Supercar Road Trip 2. Your mission is to reach the destination in the shortest time. Long press up key to accelerate to the highest speed, down key to slow down and left and right keys to tilt. Touch the blue arrow and orange arrow to do turbo and super turbo respectively. Avoid crashing into other things or driving away from the main road, or your speed will decrease. Upgrade your car after each level.

Princesses Road Trip Fun

Join our princesses in their trip to the beach!They are going to spend a relaxing day at the beach.You can help them by changeing their swimsuits,hairstyle and bring them cocktails on the beach.After you dress them up they will take some selfies to post on facebook and instagram.Have fun playing Princesses Road Trip Fun!

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