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City Rain

Puzzle Games

City Rain is a puzzle game on in which your mission is to choose a good place to put the buildings that fall from the sky. To change the building use A and D keys and to accelerate them use S or space bar. Remember that the constructions should progress in order to make the city grow. So, place a building on another similar construction. Observe the shadow projected on the board. If it’s green, it means this building can be installed there. Otherwise, it will be red. Remember to build your city observing the proximity, otherwise basic services as security, health and education won’t be provided because they have a range. Observe the indication. You must keep them green as much as possible to please the population. Be careful with the Sustainability bar, if you pollute too much it will start to turn red! That’s no good, it will upset your city population as well as Mother Nature! Good luck!

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