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Clone Commando

Shooting Games

Clone Commando is a shooting game on The military intelligence agency is a specialist defense unit used for covert operation in sensitive hostile territories. In the MIA’s last mission uncovering WMDs, its top commando agent 001 was captured. He subsequently managed to escape, not before a sample of his DNA was taken. MIA suspects that this DNA was used to create clone copies of agent 001. Your mission is to destroy all clones of yourself and the enemy’s base camp. You will be armed with a Glok 2000 automatic sniper rifle and will be wearing Kevlar body armor. You can shoot anything that moves and have to eliminate all the clones and the base guards. Also destroy any hovering surveillance cameras and parachute drops. You can only afford 22 missed targets and your mission is over. Use the mouse to move the crosshairs and left click to fire. Click on the reload button when you run out of ammunition. Good luck agent 001!

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