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Combat Instinct

Shooting Games

We human beings are fighting with invaders from the outer space. But a giant explosion of out fleet kept the victory in distance. Survivors are rare. Half of the fleet was flying out of the sky. Counting down the last few seconds of their lives, our fighters chose the emergency mold… Do you feel excited about the story? Now you can be the hero. Combat Instinct is a shooting game on in which you are being exposed to extreme radiation and are required to find a Decontamination chamber with 200 seconds. Each destroyer of our fleet contains one. But as usual, there are some aliens who want to fry your ass. So watch out! Kill all the aliens show up. Headshots do more damage. Remember that your shotgun has to reload every single shot, so clicking 10 times per second won’t work. Also, you can avoid getting hit by taking cover. The game consists of several stages, so try to hold on. Good luck!

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