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Connect The Pipes

Puzzle Games

Welcome to the Connect the pipes. Here you mission is to connect the starting point to the end point. In order to do the job, you need to move the tiles around and replace them to the proper position. The quicker you finish the task, the more points you get. Sometimes it is difficult to find out the right path, but believe me, there is one. There are several levels for you to survive, and try to summit the score. You can find this puzzle game on Good luck!

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Two Pipes 3 is a puzzle game on This is a free game. Join it to have fun! Your mission is to send the hero into the tube across the map. Move the hero with the arrow keys. When it gets to the pipe entrance, press the down key to enter it. There are colorful walls. You must dye the hero first to clear the walls of the same color. Take advantage of the environment to complete your mission smoothly!

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