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In some remote mystic land, hides the secrets of magic powers of darkness. War has begun. Only the bravest ord of worriers will conquer all the land and live with it, its secrets. Have you ever thought that you will be the only man? Conquesia is a puzzle game on, in which you will discover what is behind. Your mission is to clean all the board. Remember that every character can be placed by someone of the same kind or the same color. The skull can eliminate a character from the board. Castles and towers are special because they can be placed anywhere, no matter who is around them. But they can’t be removed with the skull. You can seek help from the magician to discard a character that can’t be placed on the board. But don’t use his power too often otherwise you will lose. When you finished a vertical or an horizontal line, it will be cleaned as a reward of your performing. Good luck!

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