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Cosmic Defender

Arcade Games

Cosmic Defender is a shooting game on in which you fight against invaders and save your brothers. You will steer a fighter plane in the game. Aliens invade the Earth and abduct a lot of human beings. You must destroy the invading aliens and save your brethren from abduction. You can fire at the enemies planes and use smart bombs to kill them. Smart bomb can destroy everything on the current screen. You may also use a Hyperspace skill to teleport you to a random part of the map once you are in great danger. Try to eliminate all Abductors, Mutants, Bombers, Saucers, Missile Pod, and Missiles. You will get different points for eliminating different enemy planes. Shoot an abducting alien and your friend will fall to their death if dropped from too high. Save your friend by catching them mid-air and landing them safely for maximum points. For every 5000 points you get to use another smart bomb. For every 7500 points you get an extra life. Good luck!

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