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Counter Strike

Shooting Games

Counter Strike is a shooting game on in which there is a war between terrorists and Special Forces. You shall select one character as a terrorist or a police. Use your mouse to control your gun. The fights between soldiers and bad guys happen in building, desert, parking area, snowy road, white house and train station. You have 100 bloods and bullet proof clothing. The enemies will appear behind windows, boxes, walls and roofs. You should shoot them and kill them as soon as possible, or they will shoot you and reduce your blood if you have any delay in action. Every time you are shot by the terrorists, you will decrease 10 bloods as a penalty which means that you can be shot 10 times at most, and then you will die and lose the game. Whenever you run out of bullets, reload it quickly. Pay attention to every detailed position. The enemies may come from every direction. Kill terrorists by yourself now!

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