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Cow Throw

Action Games

Cow Throw, which is a skill game on There is place called "Happy cow land", those lovely cows were planning to go to see the outside world and traveling around the world, but they have no idea that the outside world is not as lovely as what they were thinking about. One day, they walk to the desert, they can not see anything there, until they met a monster, the monster said: You rushed into our home, we are going to punish you! The punishment is throw them out as far as the monster could. Let’s see what happen...

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Super Bro Throw

Skill game Super Bro Throw is waiting for you! Join it on! Your task is to bash the naughty kids in the games by throwing your red brother. You are the blue one. At the beginning, you can set the control model to move your hero with WASD or the arrows. While you are over the red one, left click to pick it and hold to adjust strength. Move the mouse to target. You can walk on hazards but never throw your brother on them! Move fast!

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