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Craze Truck

Car Games

Crazy Truck is a skill game on In this game, you will control a modified truck on the street where be set many obstacles and signs. You’ll be given only one column of gasline which is shown on the left top of the game playing window. You can use the space key to fill the gasline to your truck so that you can get the energy to challegen levels. The arrow keys are for you to adjust the condition of the truck to speed up or fall, left up or right up. It usually starts with a slope, you have to make your truck pass with suffficient energy by press the arrow “up”. Otherwise, you will down to a pile of discard cars or fire or something can destroy your truck. The arrow “left” can help you to up the head of the truck when you’re going to drop to the dangers. A sign with an excalmatory mark means that you have to stop you truck by press the arrow “down”. And if you see a wall piled with big stones, press “right” to make your truck fall and stop in case of crash. If your energy shown at buttom is used out, you lose. An advice for your win is to well control the speed of the truck.

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