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Crazy Monkey Spin

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First I will explain to you the name, why on the earth “Crazy Monkey Spin”? Ok, our hero is a Monkey named Mome and he likes spinning. More important, Mome will use this important skill to save his uncle Panda and other animals in the Happy Farm Zoological! (Those animals are not happy at all! You will see what I mean.) And then it is natural to call a spinning monkey “crazy”, right? (I think I have finished the job explaining the name.)Actually, Mome will be always spinning until you click your mouse to make him jump. Jump for what? Being the hero saving everyone! One more thing, Mome likes bananas, so make sure collect as many bananas as you can! (You have a banana card recording Mome’s bananas. How cute!) This great adventure flash game is presented to you by our website! I hope you like it!

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