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Online Cricket Games

Cricket is one the famous and attractive game in the world. That’s why on the internet the cricket games are also popular. People like to play online cricket games at home. There are top quality of cricket games with name of popular cricket series like ashes, IPL, PSL and much more. You can also play cricket games online in different format like one day, test and t20. Users of cricket games can select cricket team by country name and as well as franchise name. They also select player and create player, when they play online cricket games. Fans of cricket games online select their shorts and boundaries, so it me these are very friendly user games. We hope you enjoy these cricket games.

Table Top Cricket 2

Australia and England are again in fight in ashes series. Play the game in tabletop cricket pitch. The game has two innings. Once you will bowl and then bat. You can position your fielders on the ground. Each innings has 4 overs. Go ahead and get the ashes trophy.

20-20 Cricket

Play with your team and prove your skills in T20 cricket format. The game consist of 15 overs of 6 balls per over. Choose your stroke carfully and hit the ball at proper time to get maximum runs. A little arrow at the bottom of the screen will help you to choose the correct short. Instructions: Use the arrow keys to hit the ball and shift key to add more power to your stroke.

Turbo Cricket

Its a flash version of exciting cricket game. Choose your team and beat the best in this flash cricket game. Instructions:Press Spacebar to attempt a shot. Get the angle & timing of the shot right to score runs. Score the required number of runs to win the game.

Fantasy Cricket

Fancy some fantasy batting practice? Get crackin'! Instructions: Arrows = Move Mouse = Power-Up/Swing Line up the arrow for the batter's swing with the bowler's bubble to increase your chance of scoring runs. Timing's everything!

IPL Desi Cricket

The IPL cricket is become very popular now a days. We present you IPL cricket in desi style. Play with your favourite teams and player in desi style.

Master Blaster

Master Blaster is a cool flash cricket game. You have only one over to reach the target. Be aggressive and win the matches. Instructions: Hit the SPACEBAR to launch the ball. Use RIGHT or LEFT arrow to hit the ball. Hit SPACEBAR again to play again.

Backyard Cricket

An interesting flash backyard cricket game. Be the champion cricketer of your backyard in this game Instructions: Use the mouse click to play your stroke.

Cricket World Cup 2011

Play against different teams in this flash world cup cricket game. Free the joy of winning the world cup trophy. Instructions: Use keyboard.

Indo Pak Cricket Showdown

Its India vs Pakistan. The biggest cricket rivals in the history of cricket.

Cricket Master

Cricket is getting popular and becoming famous all around the world. Are you in search of addictive sports game? Try cricket, its addictive, its awesome. Enjoy the flash cricket game. Instructions:Use arrow keys to play game and move through screens.

Pinch Hitter

Play the superb pinch hitter game. You have been promoted up the order to score some quick runs by hitting fours and sixes. Help your team to score some quick runs and try your batting skills to throw the ball out of the ground. Instructions: Use your mouse to select the direction where you want to hit the ball. Click the mouse to hit the ball. Make sure to time the ball to have a powerful shot.

The Power Bowler

The power bowler is flash cricket game. Get set and charge in and bowl out your opponents in this game

Cricket 20-20 Ultimate

Play another T20 ultimate cricket game in your browser now. T20 cricket is very popular now a days. Play the championship game and choose your group in the cup. Enjoy the thrilling action of this cricket game. start the game now and set the pitch on fire

Practice Cricket

Practise your best shots in the nets for the next cricket world cup!

Smash Cricket World Cup Hero

Smashtastic Cricket is a fantastic arcade style cricket game. Create your own batsman and play through career spanning 6 World Cups. The more your batsman score and win games the more experience they will gain. The skills of your batsman will increase as your player levels goes up. Instructions: Hold Down Arrow Keys to direct your shot then press one of the swing buttons. Z= Defensive Shot X= Ground Smash Shot C= Air Smash Shot