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Crimson Warfare


Crimson Warfare is an adventure game on in which you try to shoot the foes. In the game, the world has fallen into darkness; nation after nation fell to the power of confederacy. You are the hero must stand against evil. The main aim of the game is to send your troops to attack the enemy. If a unit reaches the enemy base, it will damage him. Once the enemy’s health reaches 0, you win the game. When the game begins, first highlight any of the building sites and choose which building to construct. Certain buildings need to be built to make other buildings need to be built to make other buildings available. Each building has different properties, deploying troops, researching upgrades, etc. click on the building you want to use to see its available options. You gain money every few seconds, the more income, the more money gained. You can use hotkeys-a, s, d, f, space to control.

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