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Crosstown HS

Fighting Games

Crosstown HS is a fighting game on in which you will assaults with two scoundrels. One day, you—ALEX, are walking on the street. It is 3 o′clock in the afternoon. When you walk to the gate of a great building, here come 2 scoundrels. Both of them are in blue clothes and one of them wears sunglasses. They want to rob you, but you decide to fight with them. You can move your position by pressing the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. To punch, you can press the A key. You can also kick the scoundrels by press the S key. To jump, just press the D key. If you want to run for some direction, just press the F and a hold the arrow keys at the same time. Your power will be indicated on the left top of the screen. If you lose all your power, you die.

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