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Crystal Clear

Puzzle Games

Crystal Clear is a puzzle game on in which you try to clear a crystal board. Once the game starts, there are colorful crystals on a board, yellow, blue, red, green, pink, orange, etc. You aim is to clear the board by forming groups of at least five crystals in the same color. You can not move a crystal if there is no free way to the destination tile. Once a new group of at least five crystals is formed, this group of crystals will disappear from the board. Broken crystals will explode and clear the area around them. You can move a heart next to a group of crystals to color them. And you can not move locked crystals. Once you move a crystal, there will be three new crystals added to the board. So please save your steps. Once the board is full of crystals without blank, the game is over. Good luck!

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